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Republicans clash for Miloscia’s state rep. seat | Roegner

Two Democrats and three Republicans are running to replace Democratic State Rep. Mark Miloscia, who is running for state auditor.

Federal Way Democrats battle for state rep. | Bob Roegner

Over the next three weeks we will take a look at the 30th District candidates for the state House of Representatives.

Q&A: Washington elections, Federal Way projects | Roegner

You wrote a column about the Republicans trying to win the “big three” — governorship, House and Senate. Washington is a Democratic state. What are their chances?

2012 election will reshape Federal Way politics | Roegner

While public attention is focused on the 2012 election, some political movers and shakers are already speculating about the 2013 elections.

Unzipping Mitt: Funny political tales in 2012 | Bob Roegner

This year has been filled with too many fun comments and stories to wait until the end of December to share. Here’s your mid-year political humor.

Wisconsin politics creep into Washington | Bob Roegner

The attempted recall of Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker turned neighbor against neighbor, split many households and became one of the most brutal political battles in the country.

Independent voters will decide 2012 election | Bob Roegner

As noted in last week’s column discussing the front-runners for several statewide offices, the Democrats appear to be trying to field a full slate of candidates.

Republicans hope to win the big three | Bob Roegner

There will be a lot of new people in charge of statewide offices in January as several incumbents are retiring or running for other jobs.

Question Federal Way candidates in 2012 | Bob Roegner

The campaigns are now in full swing. There are clues you should watch for when evaluating the scores of candidates running on the ballot for statewide and local office.

Democrats fight to keep power in Olympia | Bob Roegner

The candidates have now officially filed in what may become one of the most important election cycles in years, and there were some surprises.

Gay marriage in WA: Triumph or failure? | Bob Roegner

For Democrats, one of the shining moments of this year’s legislative session was the passage of a law approving same-sex marriage. For some Republicans, the same moment was seen as one of the Legislature’s deepest failures.

Ferrell the Democrat embarks on new political path | Bob Roegner

The dust hasn’t fully settled from Federal Way City Councilman Jim Ferrell’s announcement that he has changed political parties. But the dust will settle soon, and the reality of the decision will start to sink in.

Q&A: Federal Way and its light rail saga | Bob Roegner

Over the past year, no local story has generated more questions and public interest than the ongoing saga of Sound Transit’s decision to delay light rail to Federal Way — and City Hall’s subsequent reaction.

Ferrell alters Federal Way politics again | Bob Roegner

Jim Ferrell has been one of the most visible and intriguing public officials in Federal Way for over a decade.

Guide for Federal Way political newcomers | Bob Roegner

The most frequent mistake made by candidates interested in holding public office is not being prepared to run for office — or not being prepared to take advantage of an opportunity that might arise.

Are downtown Federal Way projects doable? | Bob Roegner

The future of downtown Federal Way, and how to improve it, has been a topic of community interest for more than a decade. We have been teased with many drawings and concepts, but so far, not much action.

Federal Way’s sexiest election race | Bob Roegner

The most exciting Federal Way area race this year will be to replace Mark Miloscia in the state House of Representatives.

WA’s clout declines in Congress | Bob Roegner

Next January, when our congressional delegation reconvenes in the other Washington, some introductions are going to be necessary.

Strange bedfellows in WA state politics | Bob Roegner

Three Senate Democrats voted with Senate Republicans on a procedural motion to pass a budget and send it to the House. This resulted in a stalemate that led to the current special session.

McKenna has edge in governor race | Bob Roegner

This week, Democratic candidate for governor Jay Inslee finally took his long expected roll of the dice and announced he would resign from Congress on March 20.