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City still waits for ‘strong mayor’ form of government | Roegner

Three years ago, the citizens of Federal Way voted to replace the council-manager form of government — where a professionally trained city manager is the chief administrative officer — with a mayor-council form of government, where the mayor is separately elected and replaces the city manager as the top city executive.

Primary election forecast and headliners | Roegner

The primary election is next week and we should have a better idea how November might look.

Offbeat political observations in FW and beyond | Roegner

Federal Way Mayor Skip Priest recommended, and some of the council members agreed, to consider a different newspaper of record.

Race for vacant school board seat is worth vigorous debate | Roegner

The race for Federal Way School Board position 4 will be interesting as there are notable similarities and differences in the two leading candidates, Medgar Wells and Carol Gregory. Both have a history of education involvement.

Political alliances shake up race for council pos. 2 | Roegner

The headliner this year is the race for Federal Way mayor, but the best of the undercard may be the battle between appointed incumbent Kelly Maloney and second-time candidate Mark Koppang for city council position 2.

Political relationships matter in council pos. 6 race | Roegner

The Federal Way City Council is a non-partisan position, but political relationships and voting patterns could be important in the race for council position 6.

Oops! City council cleans up self-inflicted mess | Roegner

The city council was considering the appointment of Greg Summers to the North Lake advisory committee. According to councilmembers, Summers was very impressive in his interview. There was nothing in his very brief application that caught anyone’s attention.

City owes public a fair and complete investigation | Roegner

Last week, we considered several questions about the city attorney’s surprising decision to stop the investigation into a complaint filed by Federal Way City Councilmember Kelly Maloney against Mayor Skip Priest.

Bizarre end to investigation raises questions | Bob Roegner

In what can only be described as a bizarre and controversial decision, City Attorney Pat Richardson stopped the investigation into the complaint filed by Councilmember Kelly Maloney against Mayor Skip Priest.

King County campaigns kick off with surprises | Roegner

There are always some surprises during filing week, and this year was no exception.

Investigation spotlights behavior at City Hall | Roegner

Newly appointed Federal Way City Councilmember Kelly Maloney has filed a complaint against Mayor Skip Priest alleging that he yelled at her, cursed at her, pounded his desk with his fist, cried when discussing Jim Ferrell's candidacy for mayor, and attempted to intimidate her.

Who’s your top Federal Way candidate in 2013? | Roegner

The slow developing field of candidates for mayor and city council is now set. And there will be some good races in Federal Way.

Political jargon 101 | Bob Roegner

With the Legislature back in session and Congress in its typical disagreeable mood, I thought it might be helpful to review political terms you may be hearing.

Federal Way finally has a mayor race in 2013 | Roegner

Like the ripples of a stone cast into a pond, the reverberations from the Pinewood Village Apartment murders continue to impact local politics.

FW leaders miss the big question after tragedy | Roegner

On April 21, Federal Way had what may be the most terrifying day in its history.

Will Federal Way’s mayor run unopposed? | Bob Roegner

Last week, two announcements brought both clarity and confusion to the race for mayor in Federal Way. The first announcement — that incumbent Skip Priest would run for re-election — was expected and adds clarity.

Gov. Inslee marches to his own drummer | Bob Roegner

For Inslee, it won’t be business, or politics, as usual. He is clearly planning to bring a different way of thinking to Olympia.

Q&A: Critical observations in local government | Roegner

Q: On several occasions you have been critical of the Federal Way government’s economic development efforts. Why?

Booth Gardner left his mark on state’s history | Roegner

Recently we lost one of the finest public officials of the last generation when Booth Gardner passed away from complications of Parkinson’s.

All quiet on Federal Way’s election front | Bob Roegner

The election season is heating up everywhere but Federal Way.