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Who the Federal Way newsmakers of 2014 will be | Inside Politics

Who will be the newsmakers of 2014? Some are obvious, some may surprise you.

Missed news and other items you may wish were off the record in 2013 | Roegner

Here is some of the news you may have missed this year:

New Federal Way Council will learn, make mistakes | Roegner

“We need a new city council,” stated a handful of disgruntled voters four years ago.

New grading system may be game changer for Federal Way schools | Roegner

Federal Way Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu needed a game changer and may have found one as he recently recommended a controversial grading system be discarded.

Federal Way’s direction, PACC at stake with new council | Roegner

Usually that phrase is reserved for the opening of the Olympic Games. However, it may have a new meaning as the Federal Way City Council and Mayor-elect Jim Ferrell try to figure out how to work together.

Big errors define Federal Way’s mayoral race | Roegner

Other suburban cities have had the “strong mayor” system for more than 100 years.

Ode to government’s best and brightest in Washington | Roegner

The anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death caused me to reflect on his expectations that the “best and brightest” should serve their government.

Frustration, change and Democrats | Roegner

According to voters, the local election theme for 2013 turned out to be “frustration, change and Democrats.”

Hot political headlines in Federal Way | Roegner

There was almost too much going on in the elections to write about everything. So I saved a couple of questions I received until now.

2013 election predictions | Bob Roegner

This is the last weekend for ringing doorbells, and the ballots are being cast. It is now time to figure out who might actually win some of these election races.

In mayoral race, Ferrell is the candidate for change | Roegner

It wasn’t an easy decision for Jim Ferrell to run for mayor a second time.

Mayor racks up mixed record | Roegner

Mayor Skip Priest is a proud man who has devoted much of his adult life to serving the community and wears his affection for Federal Way like a badge of honor.

City sparks Nixon-era question over chiropractor | Roegner

A few months ago, the community and city council were embarrassed in the regional media when it was discovered, by The Mirror, that the city council had appointed a local chiropractor to an advisory board.

Council race is full of contrasts | Roegner

The race between appointed incumbent Diana Noble-Gulliford and candidate Martin Moore should be the closest of the three city council races, and provides some interesting contrasts.

Hottest city council race is a battle within a battle | Roegner

Kelly Maloney made the biggest bang of any of the Federal Way City Council candidates in the primary after her unexpected 17 percent win over second-time candidate Mark Koppang.

Council candidates vs. the PACC | Roegner

On the surface, the race between incumbent Jeanne Burbidge and John Fairbanks for the Federal Way City Council would appear to be a mismatch.

Election highlights priorities of school district | Roegner

The races for Federal Way School Board may be the most interesting in several years.

School officials justify taxpayer-funded trips | Bob Roegner

Two recent events have shaken the summer doldrums out early — and started a community discussion about the priorities and direction of the district just as the fall election season gets under way.

Key elements in Federal Way’s 2013 election | Roegner

School starts next week and with it begins the general election season, when more voters start to pay attention to the candidates.

Political side of pet goats: Leaders miss opportunity | Roegner

When you start out in politics, one of the first lessons you learn is don’t annoy old people, or appear to pick on animals or children, and particularly not in an election year.