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Legislative races take off, rumors fizzle in Federal Way | Inside Politics

And they’re off! Well, sort of. Over the last two months there were so many rumors, conspiracy

Will Federal Way mayor keep his PACC promise? | Inside Politics

What a difference a few months make. Mayor Jim Ferrell was for many years the feared enemy of those who wanted the Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC) built.

The private lives of public officials

The last year has not been easy for the Federal Way school district.

The zany, wacky world of the 30th District | Inside Politics

This could be one of the most unusual years ever in politics as both parties vie for control of the state Legislature.

Loss of trust in Federal Way school district leadership | Inside Politics

The 2013-14 school year started like any other year for Lisa Griebel. She had been in education for 23 years and was principal of Federal Way High School.

Federal Way mayor fares well during city address | Inside Politics

The purpose of the mayor’s state of the city address is to give the populace a report card on the city’s accomplishments.

Change, controversy and more rumors abound in Federal Way | Inside Politics

What a month of change and controversy. The biggest change was Democratic state Sen. Tracey Eide announcing after 18 years in office she was not going to run for re-election.

South King Fire’s elementary school parody | Inside Politics

“He was looking at me,” said the sixth grader to the teacher recently. While childish, those words are pretty close to one of the complaints contained in South King Fire and Rescue (SKFR)

Federal Way school board ups and downs | Inside Politics

The Federal Way school district’s unstated district goal for the last several weeks was to cooperate, get along and don’t do anything to distract from passing the school levy.

Federal Way city attorney’s office made two poor calls | Inside Politics

An old political saying is still as true today as it was decades ago.

Federal Way performing arts center key to council appointment | Inside Politics

In what some observers may view as an upset, Lydia Assefa-Dawson was elected in a 4-2 vote to fill Mayor Jim Ferrell’s seat on the Federal Way City Council.

Could former Federal Way democratic state Rep. Mark Miloscia be planning a political comeback? As a Republican?

Rumors swirl around Miloscia’s comeback | Inside Politics

Could former Federal Way democratic state Rep. Mark Miloscia be planning a political comeback? As a Republican?

Some leaders inspire, others miss opportunities to lead | Inside Politics

We expect a lot from our leaders. First and foremost, we expect them to lead, rather than always play it safe.

Federal Way Council’s challenge to fill vacant seat | Inside Politics

Jim Ferrell’s election as mayor created an opportunity for some aspiring politician as it created a council vacancy.

Will Federal Way mayor’s agenda align with community’s priorities? | Inside Politics

It has already been an interesting year at City Hall and we are only in the first week of February.

Federal Way children’s education not a bargaining chip | Inside Politics

Are you mad at the Federal Way school district over the school board’s travel, the superintendent’s salary, or the grading system? If so, how mad are you?

Federal Way PACC is political hot potato | Inside Politics

Whether you are for it or against it, the hottest political issue of 2014 is likely to be the Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC).

Legislative outlook for 2014 session | Inside Politics

The Legislature opened this week. Transportation needs will lead the way in debate, along with higher education, mental health and pensions.

Who the Federal Way newsmakers of 2014 will be | Inside Politics

Who will be the newsmakers of 2014? Some are obvious, some may surprise you.