Federal Way woman charged for murdering 2-year-old boy

Angelo Salvatore, 2, as seen in this screenshot of a video posted on Kiro reporter Joanna Small’s Facebook page. Courtesy photo

King County prosecutors charged a Federal Way woman last week for murdering a 2-year-old boy.

Ana Marie Fevaleaki, 33, is being held on $1 million bail at the Seattle Correctional Facility for second-degree murder.

Federal Way police arrested her on June 2 after the medical examiners who did the autopsy on Angelo Michael Salvatore-Fabroquez, 2, delivered their findings the previous day. Police arrested Fevaleaki at a SeaTac residence.

Taken off of life support, the Angelo died on Feb. 7. His death followed multiple attempts to revive him through surgeries and blood transfusions since he was taken to the hospital on Feb. 4.

Police were dispatched to Kitts Corner Apartments that day for a CPR in progress. When they arrived, they found Fevaleaki in the living room with the boy. The victim was unconscious and taking breaths every 10 seconds, court records state.

According to charging documents, Fevaleaki told officers Angelo, her boyfriend’s son, had fallen off of a chair in the apartment and hit his head the day before. But other than the small bump on the back of his head, he was fine, she said. Angelo’s father confirmed Fevaleaki called him that day to tell him his son fell but said he seemed fine.

The next morning, Angelo’s father went to a class and the child stayed with Fevaleaki. Later that morning, Fevaleaki told police she was tending to her infant daughter, and left Angelo alone in the playroom, only to return and find him laying with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Fevaleaki stated she tried to get a response from [Angelo] by ‘smacking’ his face,” charging documents state. “Fevaleaki did not get a response and moved [him] to the living room couch.”

She proceeded to call 911 and started CPR. Medics transported the child to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries to his head and abdomen. Due to the “severity and nature” of Angelo’s injuries, charging documents say police were dispatched to the hospital as well.

In an interview with Angelo’s mother and maternal grandparents, whom he lived with in Kent most of the time, detectives learned there had been some “red flags” in regards to Fevaleaki caring for the boy.

Angelo’s mother told officers he came home with bruises. When she took him to the doctor for a two-year checkup, the doctor found three bruise marks consistent with someone grabbing him. Angelo had been with his father and Fevaleaki just before the visit, she said. The doctor made a note of the injury.

Angelo also suffered a “busted” chin and lip. When asked how, he responded to his grandfather, “Ana.”

As police continued their investigation, they discovered Fevaleaki deleted certain text messages regarding the boy’s supposed fall from the chair.

Two days after Angelo was taken off life support, a doctor with the King County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy and found he sustained a “comminuted right occipital fracture, a subdural hematoma and associated anoxic encephalopathy secondary to blunt force injury of the head.” Angelo also had “blunt force injury” to his small bowel and injuries on his arms and legs.

Police interviewed the neurosurgeon who performed the emergency surgery on Angelo and discovered the injuries that caused his death were inflicted “within hours, at most” before he was treated. With this information, the medical examiner’s office determined this month that Angelo’s cause of death was a homicide.

Fevaleaki’s criminal history includes a negligent driving conviction that was reduced from a DUI in 2014 and a issuance of bank checks over $750 conviction from 2013.

She has not yet been arraigned.

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