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Honda is honest and trustworthy

There is no way this accusation has any legs to stand on.

I am writing today to express my shock at hearing about Federal Way City Council member Susan Honda being falsely accused of being on the receiving end of bribery. It is not in Honda’s character to lie or cheat anyone regardless of status or position.

I have known Susan Honda for well over a decade and never in that time did she do, say, or imply anything remotely along the lines of deceit. Susan Honda is trustworthy and honest. She has always been open about her views on issues and if her views change, she doesn’t hide it. She supports everyone in the community and attends events everywhere so she truly does have her finger on the pulse of Federal Way.

There is no way this accusation has any legs to stand on. And the fact that mudslinging is par for the course with others is a different commentary for a different day.

Susan Honda is an honest friend to all of Federal Way. She intently listens to learn the city’s needs and then advocates for those needs. This is the type of person the city needs at its helm.

Holly Rose

Federal Way

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