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Comprehensive sex ed infringes on parents rights

It was sad to see people at town hall scolded and told they were being bullies.

The 30th District Town Hall Saturday March 23 was extraordinary. As the huge crowd waited, and waited, and waited … for the topic of comprehensive sexuality education to be brought up,

they did become impatient as it was evident that the clock was being run out. Finally a pastor asked loudly, “How many people are here to talk about SB 5395?!”

It was clear that is why most people were there. No doubt many people waiting to speak about this controversial issue were frazzled and upset. Why was it handled that way? Why not be more upfront with telling people when they would be allowed to speak on the senate bill?

For most, this was their first legislative town hall. It was sad to see them scolded and told they were being bullies.

From my perspective, I agree that teaching age appropriate “sex ed” in the context of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is the right, responsible, and ethical thing to do.

However, using “comprehensive sexuality education” as a platform from which to indoctrinate and encourage children to pursue alternative lifestyles, to learn uncommon sexual practices and, most especially, to reconsider their birth gender, is wrong, irresponsible and unethical.

Comprehensive sexuality education is being fought by parents all across the country because it takes power from our local elected School Board, infringes on parents rights, is in conflict with religious freedom, is “integrated” into other curriculum at the school, is taught as a “skills based” system and peer to peer learning.

As in medicine, also in education: “First, do no harm.”

Maureen Bernardy

Federal Way

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