3A, 4A All-League NPSL fastpitch teams announced

Local players from Auburn, Federal Way and Kent honored with league-wide awards.

The 3A and 4A NPSL All-League fastpitch teams were announced on May 24 by commissioner Courtney McCurry.

To start with the 4A side of the league.

4A All-League honors

Coach of the Year: Sydney Eacret, Kentwood.

Player of the Year: Sarah Wright, Kentwood.

Pitcher of the Year: Audrey Deviney, Decatur.

1st Team

Pitcher: Raeden Young, Tahoma.

Catcher: England Huizar, Kentridge.

Infield: Kendall Parker, Mount Rainier.

Infield: Alosina Fuiava, Decatur.

Infield: Sarah Rothenberger, Kentwood.

Infield: Makenna Hoffard, Kennedy Catholic.

Outfield: Lani Smith, Decatur.

Outfield: Leticia Mendez, Mount Rainier.

Outfield: Juliana Ursino, Kentwood.

Utility: Amy Peterson, Kennedy Catholic.

Designated Player: Elilynn Sevaaetasi, Decatur.

2nd Team

Pitcher: Gabby Greenwood, Kentwood

Catcher: Kalani Higa, Tahoma

Infield: Meegan Meagher, Federal Way

Infield: Neveah Gamble, Tahoma.

Infield: Seine Martin, Tahoma.

Infield: CJ Larson, Kentwood.

Outfield: Taryn Jones, Tahoma.

Outfield: Kaelyn O’Brien, Kentridge

Outfield: Sofia Mottern, Kentwood

Utility: Mya Michel, Kentridge

Designated Player: Kadence Avila Petitt, Mount Rainier

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher: Karen Cervantes, Decatur

Catcher: Sophia Sappa, Kentwood

Infield: Maddison Knull, Tahoma

Infield: Lily Rice, Tahoma.

Infield: Samantha Jolley, Federal Way

Infield: Makayla Oliver, Mount Rainier

Outfield: Brianna Tom, Kentridge

Outfield: MiaHamminton, Tahoma

Outfield: Tyla Duell, Kentridge

Utility: Kahea Sharpe, Decatur

Designated Player: Izzy Thomasson, Kentwood

3A All-League honors

Coach of the Year: Brenna Nesper, Auburn

Player of the Year: Mia Heigh, Auburn Mountainview

Pitcher of the Year: Ava Heitman, Thomas Jefferson.

1st Team

Pitcher: Brynne Eardmann, Auburn Mountainview

Catcher: Ryan Truitt, Auburn

Infield: Bailee Brader, Auburn Riverside

Infield: Kaylee Walker, Auburn Riverside

Infield: Taylor Minton, Auburn Mountainview

Infield: Jossy Taylor, Auburn Riverside

Outfield: Lexi Vircks, Auburn Riverside

Outfield: Sammy Bolton, Kentlake

Outfield: Seneca Aarstad, Auburn Riverside

Utility: Kaycee Palomo, Thomas Jefferson

Designated Player: Hannah Browne

2nd Team

Pitcher: Danica Butler, Auburn Riverside

Catcher: Kaylee Olsen, Kentlake

Infield: Aubree Muxen, Auburn Riverside

Infield: Lauren VanDerPuy, Auburn

Infield: Ava Lewis, Auburn

Infield: Melanie Duran, Auburn Mountainview

Outfield: Shelby Mason, Auburn Mountainview

Outfield: Mayzie Smith, Kentlake

Outfield: Lily McMullen, Auburn Mountainview

Utility: Zoey Murph, Auburn Mountainview

Designated Player: Lila McVee, Auburn Mountainview

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher: Serenity Lemisio, Todd Beamer

Catcher: Quinn Donermeyer, Auburn Riverside

Infield: Darretta Palaita, Kentlake

Infield: Lauren Baas, Thomas Jefferson

Infield: Leone Suamataia, Kentlake

Infield: Josie Pedeferri, Kentlake

Outfield: Naomi Taylor, Thomas Jefferson

Outfield: Elyse Honneysett, Auburn

Outfield: Tua Lago, Kentlake

Utility: Riley Gardner, Kent-Meridian

Designated Player: Jacquelyn Casad, Auburn

NPSL Player of the year Sarah Wright congradulates first teamer Gabby Greenwood. Ben Ray / The Reporter

NPSL Player of the year Sarah Wright congradulates first teamer Gabby Greenwood. Ben Ray / The Reporter