PhenQ PM Reviews: Negative Side Effects Risk or Night Time Weight Loss Support Worth It?

Are you looking for less belly fat accumulation and slimmer hips, but exercise and diets don’t work for you? PhenQ PM is a dietary supplement made up of all-natural ingredients that help you lose weight and burn fat while you sleep. According to the manufacturer, you can overcome hunger cravings and kickstart your metabolism at night while you enjoy more restorative and deeper sleep.

With a proven blend of scientifically proven natural ingredients, the dietary supplement offers the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins, and other extracts to help optimize your hormone levels and metabolic function to maximize weight loss. PhenQ MP is ideal for individuals looking for more support in their weight loss journey or who have hit a plateau.

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about the product to decide whether the dietary supplement will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

What is PhenQ PM?

PhenQ PM is a dietary supplement developed by a renowned brand in the weight loss space. It features a unique formula comprising all-natural ingredients. The all-natural formula is designed to help you lose weight as you sleep. The manufacturer claims that PhenQ contains amino acids and minerals to kickstart your metabolism, fight excessive cravings, and avoid delaying the weight loss journey. According to the manufacturer, the supplement is made with grain-free, soy-free, safe, and pure ingredients clinically proven to promote healthy weight management.

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Key Ingredients

PhenQ is dedicated to crafting natural and secure supplements for weight loss. This commitment is evident in PhenQ PM, free from artificial components, stimulants, or additives. Instead, PhenQ PM harnesses the power of various vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to promote sustainable and wholesome weight loss outcomes. Here is a list of the key ingredients present in PhenQ PM:


L-Arginine: Arginine, a crucial amino acid, is a natural precursor to nitric oxide, enhancing blood circulation. Additionally, research indicates that taking arginine orally can elevate growth hormone levels by as much as 100%, ensuring your metabolism remains active and efficient throughout the night.

Phenylalanine: Phenylalanine is abundant in high-protein foods.

  • Helping signals travel between the brain and the body’s nerve cells shows potential benefits for memory and learning enhancement.
  • Maintaining an awake or alert state
  • Improving memory
  • Reducing hunger pains

The ingredient has been associated with improved mood and heightened alertness. It triggers the release of GLP-1, leading to reduced appetite and body weight, similar to some cutting-edge weight loss medications, but at a considerably lower cost and without the need for needles.

L-Lysine HCL: This particular amino acid promotes the production of carnitine. This compound facilitates the conversion of fat into usable energy, contributing to a healthy weight loss process and increased vitality. Lysine also seems to aid in the absorption of calcium. It plays a crucial role in collagen formation, vital for the health of bones and various connective tissues such as skin, tendons, and cartilage.

L-Tyrosine: This amino acid serves as a building for dopamine, the brain chemical associated with feelings of satisfaction and reward. Individuals who engage in overeating often seek the sense of fulfillment dopamine offers. Tyrosine is crucial in generating significant neurotransmitters in the brain, namely epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

L-Theanine: According to Medical News Today, L-Theanine may affect the levels of certain chemicals in the brain. These include serotonin and dopamine, which influence mood, sleep, and emotion, and cortisol, which helps the body deal with stress. Stress hinders weight loss as it often results in late-night snacking. Theanine facilitates relaxation in the brain (known as the ‘Alpha State’), similar to the calm achieved through meditation, making it ideal for unmatched fat burning and deep sleep. This amino acid is naturally available in tea and certain mushrooms. It exists in two forms: L-theanine and D-theanine, with L-theanine being the more prevalent variant.

Molybdenum: Molybdenum is an essential mineral crucial for maintaining good health. The mineral aids in the body’s innate detoxification mechanism, which helps eliminate dangerous toxins that can disrupt various bodily functions, including clearing out accumulated cortisol. Moreover, molybdenum is pivotal in processing proteins and genetic material, such as DNA. It also assists in breaking down drugs and harmful substances that may enter the body.

Chromium: This mineral aids in preserving balanced blood sugar levels, preventing late-night cravings for excessive snacking. It potentially achieves this by enhancing the body’s utilization of insulin, thus contributing to blood sugar regulation.

It is also used in managing conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol, improving athletic performance, and addressing bipolar disorder, among other purposes. However, it’s important to note that there’s no good scientific evidence to back the claims on most of these uses.

Selenium: Selenium helps promote optimal thyroid function. A well-functioning thyroid is essential for regulating metabolism, ultimately facilitating effective weight control by creating an environment conducive to fat burning. Selenium is a vital element within various enzymes and proteins known as selenoproteins.

Vitamin B1: This essential nutrient converts fats and carbohydrates into usable energy, enabling your body to burn calories naturally. Vitamin B1, known as thiamin, is crucial in averting complications in various areas, including the nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, stomach, and intestines. Moreover, it is instrumental in facilitating the movement of electrolytes in and out of both muscle and nerve cells.

Biotin: Biotin, or vitamin B7, boosts your basal metabolism, ensuring your body’s fat-burning mechanisms operate efficiently even while resting. This essential vitamin supports various bodily systems, including the nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and skin. It aids in enabling enzymes to carry out their functions effectively and maintains the proper functioning of cells. According to research, biotin supplements may assist in alleviating symptoms associated with diabetes.

Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 works synergistically with vitamin B6 and B1 to actively reduce stress levels, encourage a sense of calm, and facilitate the body’s transition into rejuvenating, fat-burning sleep. Beyond its involvement in breaking down fats and carbohydrates for energy, vitamin B5 plays a pivotal role in producing red blood cells. Additionally, it plays a crucial part in synthesizing hormones related to sexual and stress responses, which are generated in the adrenal glands, small glands situated above the kidneys.

Vitamin B6: It aids in the breakdown of fat and the reduction of water weight. Vitamin B6 deficiency can potentially lead to heightened cravings for sugar. Vitamin B6 supports cognitive function, immune system health, and oxygen distribution throughout the body. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in producing essential neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. It is found in various food resources, including tofu, beef liver, and chickpeas.

Vitamin B12: Studies have shown that reduced levels of B12 may lead to an increased risk of excess weight, while higher levels of B12 may reduce the risk of obesity. It is an essential nutrient that supports the health of both blood and nerve cells. In addition, it plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis, the genetic material found in every cell of your body. Additionally, B12 aids in preventing megaloblastic anemia, a blood disorder characterized by fatigue and weakness.

Vitamin D3: Inadequate levels of vitamin D have been associated with feelings of low mood. Allow the “sunshine vitamin” to bring brightness by incorporating extra vitamin D into your daily routine. The vitamin plays a crucial role in regulating and uptake of calcium, which is vital for the health of your bones and teeth. Ensuring an adequate calcium intake is essential for maintaining the health and strength of your skeletal system.

Vitamin C: According to research, Vitamin C helps accelerate fat mass reduction and enhances energy levels, making achieving weight-related objectives easier. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient crucial for overall health as it boosts immunity. It also plays a pivotal role in forming and maintaining bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels. Moreover, it also acts as an antioxidant that supports the immune system.

Folic Acid: According to research, many individuals facing energy deficiencies often have low levels of Folic Acid. Since the body doesn’t store it, regular intake is necessary to experience its advantages. Pregnant individuals or those planning to conceive often take folic acid to mitigate the risk of severe birth defects like spina bifida. Additionally, folic acid addresses various conditions, including stroke, depression, cognitive decline, etc.

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How PhenQ PM Works

If you constantly battle fatigue and gain unwanted weight, you might feel like there’s something wrong with you. However, the truth is that the problem doesn’t lie with you.

The root problem often lies in attempting to juggle too many tasks without allowing yourself sufficient time to sleep and rest.

The truth is that the more you prioritize sleep, the more efficiently your body can shed that stubborn excess weight around your thighs, arms, or midsection. Here are three stages of fat burning that your body goes through when you sleep:

Stage #1: Elevation in Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone increases muscle growth and burns more calories. This ensures you attain your desired results, including a lean and sexy body.

Stage #2: Clearing Out Excess Cortisol

Lowering cortisol levels helps improve the body’s innate fat-burning mechanism. It also encourages fat cells to release the stored fat within them.

Stage #3: Appetite Regulation

When you enjoy a profound, restorative sleep, the hormones responsible for appetite regulation work harmoniously to prevent unhealthy eating habits the following day.

Yet, the unfortunate reality is that most individuals rarely achieve stage 3 of sleep, recognized as deep sleep. This hinders the progression of these three phases of nighttime fat-burning. Consequently, cortisol levels rise when HGH levels keep declining, and food cravings intensify, accumulating more body fat.

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PhenQ PM Pricing

PhenQ PM is available in three pricing options. These include:

  • One-month Supply (Starter Pack): Available at a discounted price of up to $64.99. This allows you to save $15 and enjoy free shipping and handling.
  • 2 Months Supply +1 Free Month (Most Popular): Available at $129.99. This saves you $110 and offers free shipping.
  • 3 Months Supply +2 Free Months (Biggest Savings): Available at $194.99. This allows you to save $205 and enjoy free shipping.


The manufacturer offers a 60-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. This allows for a risk-free trial of the dietary supplement.

Please contact them using the contact form below, and they will assist you on a first-come, first-serve basis. The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you prefer, please send an email or call the following number:

  • +1 (646) 513 2632
  • support@phenq.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon will I notice positive results?

A. Numerous customers have reported experiencing favorable weight loss outcomes in just a fortnight. However, some even observe improved metabolism and cravings within a week. It’s important to note that these results may vary based on factors like diet, exercise, and proper nutrition. According to the manufacturer, you can anticipate noticeable positive changes in your mood, overall well-being, and weight within 60 days of regular PhenQ PM use.

Q. Which PhenQ PM package is right for me?

A. Many of our customers who have achieved optimal outcomes—such as enhanced weight loss through high-quality deep sleep—often opt for the 3-month or 6-month supply. Therefore, although a single bottle of the supplement can still offer numerous slimming benefits, it’s advisable to maintain regular usage for at least 3 to 6 months as the results accumulate over time. This means the more consistently you use PhenQ PM, the longer you’ll sustain the weight loss effects.

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Q. How do I take PhenQ PM?

A. The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules of PhenQ PM with a glass of water about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime for optimal outcomes. Make it a nightly routine for the best results over the next few months. This consistency will help you effortlessly transition into deep sleep and continue burning fat while you rest.

Final Word

In conclusion, PhenQ PM offers a promising solution for individuals seeking effective nighttime weight loss support. It features an all-natural blend of scientifically proven ingredients that target key aspects of metabolism, appetite regulation, and hormonal balance during sleep. By promoting deep, restorative sleep, PhenQ PM facilitates the three crucial stages of nighttime fat-burning, ultimately leading to a leaner and healthier body.

With various pricing options and a generous 60-day satisfaction guarantee, PhenQ PM provides a risk-free opportunity to embark on a transformative weight loss journey. Remember to follow the recommended dosage for optimal results.

Take four capsules of PhenQ PM with a glass of water 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, and make it a consistent part of your nightly routine for lasting benefits.

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