INFECTED Book Reviews: How to Prepare and Survive the Next Pandemic? Medical Underground Secrets

INFECTED Book Reviews: How to Prepare and Survive the Next Pandemic? Medical Underground Secrets

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With the BA. 2.86 “Pirola” variant making the rounds in mainstream media, the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing. Already, the media are circulating stories about bringing back mask mandates and instituting lockdowns.

It seems we didn’t learn the first time around, and the elites and government drones are rubbing their palms at the prospect of continuing the biggest wealth transfer in history.

Like all Americans, you’ve probably heard about all the “conspiracy theories” surrounding COVID-19, and you probably think most of them are pretty outlandish – and let’s not even get started on the vaccine.

The reality is the COVID pandemic was nothing more than a globally orchestrated cash and power grab by the people who think they’re in charge. We saw the destruction of freedoms and liberties in cities and countries across the world during the tyrannical lockdowns.

We were constantly being gaslighted into the origin of the virus and the truth behind Fauci and his connection to Chinese gain-of-function research.

Dr. Ralph LaGuardia is a practicing doctor with over 40 years of experience. He’s successfully treated over 200 patients with covid, helping them to make a full recovery. Dr. Ralph LaGuardia offers you everything you need to know to ensure you and your family survive the next pandemic in his book, Infected.

In this presentation, we’ll run through the doctor’s assumptions on the true origin of COVID-19, the real reason for the pandemic, and the coming pandemic that will possibly be an extinction-level event for the human race.

Event 201 – The Beginnings of the Pandemic

Most Americans don’t know that the month before the first cases of COVID-19 showed up in Wuhan, elites in New York were already preparing for it. “Event 201” was a joint venture between the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

The event discussed the effects of a global pandemic and the outcomes in countries around the globe. It’s kind of a big coincidence, don’t you think? And the date of Event 201?

October 18, 2019.

Conspiracy nuts like to point out that this was just a simulation of what COVID would do to the planet and its people as it rampaged from country to country.

Meanwhile, New York residents and every other city around the globe were going about their business. They were all completely unaware of the monster jumping from person to person in a random Chinese city called Wuhan, thousands of miles away.

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The Evolution of the Lab Leak Theory & Covid-19

By March 11, 2020, OVIUD-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO. However, many analysts say the decision came months too late, allowing the virus to spread outside China’s borders and around the world.

Then came the allegations online that COVID was a lab-created virus made in a biosafety level 4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Social media giants and the talking heads on media quickly shut down that idea, banning anyone from social platforms if they dared to participate in the wild conspiracy.

Three years later, we have the truth. The US government believes COVID-19 did leak from the WIV, and it was a genetically altered and enhanced virus. Senators like Rand Paul from Kentucky, who questioned Dr. Fauci on the senate floor, were proven right in his assumptions of Fauci’s connection to gain-of-function research at the WIV through his connection to Eco Health Alliance.

From conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact.

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What Do the Elites Really Want?

So, what do the elites really want from us? What was the purpose of the pandemic? Was it purposefully released to the global population? Was the vaccine program the real goal so pharma could profit, and the government could siphon millions in taxpayer funds into their personal accounts?

We’ll never know because the media isn’t impartial and funded by the elites and the corporation. Just look at how Pfizer sponsored all those news segments during the pandemic.

When questioned by the media on his thoughts about COVID-19 and its lack of mortality rate, Bill Gates said that he expects the next pathogen to be far worse.

How would he know that?

It turns out Bill has connections to bio lab facilities in China and Ukraine, and they’re working with some very nasty pathogens – like H5N1 bird flu.

If scientists managed to make that virus as infectious as COVID-19, we would have a global-level extinction event. Over 90% of the population would likely be wiped out in a few years.

That’s what the “accelerationists” want. This group of elites wishes to grab as much power and wealth as possible, leaving the rest of the world to suffer for their greed.

The problem is that they’re winning, and we can’t do anything to stop them because they own everything. The groups running the world have untold resources and power at their disposal in all countries.

They can’t be touched and eventually get what they want.

When the vaccine launched as a product of “Project Warp Speed” initiated by then-president Donald Trump, everyone lined up to get it.

However, a few stood back with vaccine hesitancy. Why take an unproven drug? The elites abused the Nuremberg code to have the vaccine ushered through under emergency use authorization, even though doctors were having success treating COVID-19 patients with medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

They pushed to say it was “safe and effective,” with the media relentlessly gaslighting the public on its efficacy and prevention results.

Years later, we find the conspiracy theories were, in fact, right again. With athletes dropping dead of heart attacks on the field and young men and women developing symptoms of myocarditis and heart damage, it’s clear the vaccine is neither safe nor effective.

We need to step up and fight back against this lunacy. That’s why Dr. Ralph LaGuardia created his eBook, “Infected.”

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Infected – Prepare for the Next Pandemic

Infected is filled with practical strategies to help you prepare for the next pandemic. When will it arrive? No one can say, but it’s definitely in the cards, and it pays to be prepared.

Imagine if you had the foresight in the last pandemic to have everything you needed at home.

Imagine knowing how to build your immune system to fend off viral disease.

Imagine if you had the strategies you need to keep your home safe from intruders and looters.

Dr. Ralph LaGuardia offers you everything you need to know to ensure you and your family survive the next pandemic in his book, Infected.

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When the pandemic was in full swing, the George Floyd riots started and rallied the country against the police. During this time, criminals had free roam over cities, breaking into stores and looting retailers dry.

Many people in the suburbs feared for their lives and didn’t know if the rampaging mobs would come for their homes. Even after the riots faded into the media cycle, the country’s major urban centers are still experiencing a rise in violent crime.

This guide teaches practical home defense strategies to protect yourself and your family from marauders.

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If things get bad and the supply chains halt, it could mean starvation if you aren’t prepared and ready for the coming storm of people searching neighborhoods for food.

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Take action and prepare for the coming pandemic. Don’t let yourself and your family get caught out again. Like Bill Gates said, the next pandemic is coming, and this time, it will be the real deal.

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