BioShield Reviews – Should You Buy Sun Coast Sciences BioShield MD Formula?

When we tirelessly shuffle between work, family, and personal commitments, our immunity often pays a hefty price. The PROBLEM? A distressed immune system falls under the immense pressure of our daily anxieties and exposure to environmental aggressors.

Perhaps you wonder if your body still signals distress despite conscientiously consuming vitamin-packed foods and securing adequate rest. Stress silently works, depletes your immune system’s resilience, and often goes unnoticed.

Therefore, you need therapy if you want your immune system to not always live in a fight or flight mode. Don’t worry; not the usual therapy but what BioShield claims to deliver with its flavonoids.

You might wonder what flavinoids are and how they can help your immune system. If yes, this is what we’ll understand today – together. So, if you’re looking for a de-stressor to help your immune system, keep reading!

How Does BioShield MD Work?

The immune system is the “master switch” for your energy levels, which is why you get so tired when you’re sick. Stress has a known impact on our bodies, especially our immune system, potentially causing it to respond more aggressively than needed. When the immune system detects a threat, like an infection, it sends out proteins called cytokines. These cytokines tell other parts of the immune system to work to protect the body.

However, when the immune system is stressed, it sends out too many cytokines. Imagine your body responding to a tiny splinter with the same urgency as a big wound – that’s what’s happening here. This overly aggressive response can be harmful, as it could damage healthy tissues and organs.

Now, BioShield MD steps in with a formula that’s rich in something called flavonoids. Flavonoids are compounds found in various fruits and vegetables, and they’re known for their health-boosting properties. BioShield MD contains seven different flavonoids, each supporting the immune system in a particular way.

BioShield’s flavonoids can manage and calm the immune system’s response to stress and potential threats. Instead of letting it send out those excessive, possibly harmful cytokines, the flavonoids help keep things balanced.

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Ingredients Used in BioShield MD

Flavonoids are a group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. Alongside giving these foods their vibrant colors, flavonoids are recognized for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties.

Since BioShield MD uses nine different flavonoids, you can expect the punch it packs. Let’s now break down this supplement’s ingredients and see how they work:


Found bountifully in onions, apples, and even green tea, quercetin brings a helpful hand to our daily wellness, specifically in minimizing the discomfort and swelling we might experience, be it in the early morning or post-physical activity. Imagine waking up with that pesky stiffness or dealing with swelling after a strenuous workout – quercetin steps in to help lessen these inconveniences. It becomes particularly beneficial when it’s consistently part of our routine, offering a support system to ensure our days kick off without that frustrating early morning discomfort.

Elderberry Extract

Elderberries have a long-standing reputation in traditional medicine, not just as a staple but as a pivotal ingredient in supporting immune health, mainly focusing on our upper respiratory function. We know how vital our respiratory system is – our lifeline, guiding the very breath that sustains us. Elderberry Extract steps into the limelight by providing a supportive role in maintaining this crucial system’s health, especially the upper part, which includes our nose and throat.

Curcumin Extract

When discussing mental clarity, envision the absence of that foggy feeling in your brain, where you can think, decide, and function without a misty barrier. Curcumin steps in with its attributes that potentially clear away that mist, paving the way for more lucid cognitive functioning. The energy aspect isn’t just about feeling hyper-energetic, but it’s about maintaining a stable, sustained level of vitality that allows you to navigate through your day without unwarranted dips.

Cocoa Extract

The flavonoids in cocoa take center stage here, particularly in how they engage with our body to manage the production of a specific inflammatory protein – Interleukin 1-Beta. Inflammation is like a red flag in our body, signaling that something needs attention, and while it’s crucial in healing, too much of it, or when it’s unnecessary, can be an issue. The flavonoids in Cocoa Extract aim to ensure that this signaling doesn’t go haywire.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Serrata’s inclusion in health supplements supports our neurons, particularly as our brains gracefully navigate aging. With age, the neurons, the communicators within our brain, can face challenges, and Boswellia Serrata steps in here, offering a supportive hand to maintain their functioning as effectively as possible. In addition, imagine the feeling of calmness enveloping you amidst a stressful day; this is where Boswellia Serrata lends its second supportive hand, promoting feelings of calm.


Resveratrol impacts managing inflammatory cytokines, specifically NF-kB, and its role in promoting stable blood sugar levels is also well-known. Balancing inflammatory responses is crucial to ensure they serve their protective purpose without veering into the territory of causing excessive stress or damage to the body. Through scientific insights, resveratrol has shown a capability to support this balancing act. Furthermore, stable blood sugar levels translate into a steadier daily energy distribution.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract brings forward EGCG, an active ingredient that’s garnered attention in the context of targeting fat deposits. The fat in our bodies isn’t merely an aesthetic concern but impacts our overall health and well-being. EGCG steps into this scenario not as a rapid fat eliminator but as a targeted approach to managing fat deposits. Scientific studies have shown a consistent pattern where EGCG plays an influential role in addressing fat in the body.

Immunity Complex

The immunity complex used in BioShield includes Vitamins C, D, and Zinc, a carefully selected trio that collaboratively supports our immune system. Vitamin C, often the poster child for immune support, is complemented by Vitamin D and Zinc to form a triad that doesn’t promise invincibility against illnesses but pledges a supportive role in bolstering our immune defenses.

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Benefits Of BioShield MD

As our immune system’s work is complicated, the supplement says to take a thorough approach to help it. Here’s what BioShield claims to do for your body:

Mental Health & Clarity

BioShield seeks to navigate the complex terrains of our mind with the promise of enhancing mental health and clarity. The blend of flavonoids in BioShield doesn’t promise to erase mental fog or elevate cognitive functioning to superhuman levels but assures gentle, nurturing support to our brain. Having a supportive friend ensures the pathways in our brain are a bit clearer and the mental faculties are functioning just a bit smoother.

Relief Of Overworked Joints

Our joints diligently provide us the mobility and dexterity we often take for granted; providing them relief is not just beneficial but vital. BioShield also works as a cure and a soothing balm, helping our overworked joints. The blend of ingredients within it doesn’t promise to eradicate joint discomfort or reconstruct them to an ideal state but assures to support them, alleviate some of the stresses they endure, and facilitate an environment wherein they can recover.

Helping The Metabolic System

With all its complex conversions and transformations, the metabolic process could occasionally use a supportive nudge. BioShield doesn’t aim to overhaul your metabolic system but to gently support it, ensuring the conversion of fuel to energy happens more efficiently. It enables your internal power station to operate smoothly, ensuring that every morsel you consume is utilized effectively and energy is produced and distributed optimally throughout your body.

Reducing The Stubbornness Of Fat Deposits

When it comes to fat, the energy reserve of our body plays a crucial role in protecting our organs and serving as an energy backup. But sometimes, fat gets a bit too comfortable in certain spots. BioShield gently nudges into this scenario with a subtle approach, not evicting these energy reserves but ensuring they don’t overstay in places we don’t want them to be. It quietly converses with your body’s internal signaling to guide the fat deposits to be more cooperative, easing their persistent stay in certain areas.

Improving Digestion

Digestion, when going smoothly, is an unsung hero in our day-to-day well-being. Without promising a flawless journey, BioShield aims to be a helpful ally to your digestive process. It ensures that the foods you consume journey through your digestive tract in a manner that’s more cordial to your nutrient absorption.

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Q. What’s the ideal dosage of BioShield MD?

A. One serving of BioShield is two capsules; taking one serving at least once daily is recommended. However, certain people have also experienced more benefits of BioShield by taking two or three daily doses.

Q. How quickly can I expect to see results after taking BioShield MD?

A. BioShield, like any supplement, doesn’t provide instant results. The time to experience potential benefits can vary widely among individuals, depending on factors like your overall health, diet, and lifestyle. Some people notice subtle changes in a few weeks, while others may take longer.

Q. Is BioShield MD suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

A. The BioShield MD supplement has all plant-based ingredients and is good for vegans and vegetarians.

Purchase BioShield MD

Consumers can visit the official BioShield website to purchase the formula. The creator Dr. Mark Rosenberg, and Sun Coast Science offer one-time purchase pricing or a subscribe and save option:

  • One Bottle BioShield MD $49.95 or Subscribe and Save $44.96
  • Three Bottles BioShield MD $117.00 or Subscribe and Save $105.30
  • Six Bottles BioShield MD $198.00 or Subscribe and Save $178.20

Money Back Guarantee

Sun Coast Science offers its customers a one-year money-back guarantee on their purchases. Customers can give them a call or send an email to request a refund Mon – Fri from 8 am-6 pm EST at:

  • 1-888-281-6816
  • mail@suncoastsciences.com

What’s Our View On BioShield MD?

BioShield has many ingredients that can boost your immune system and provide other health perks. And sure, while the science behind these components does offer some nods of approval to these claims, it’s super important to remember that no supplement is a magic bullet.

Is BioShield going to transform your health overnight or bulletproof your immune system? Probably not, and holding onto a healthy dose of skepticism here is vital.

But on the flip side, as a part of a well-rounded, health-conscious lifestyle, could BioShield MD offer some support? It might be hard to get all your nutrients from your diet. BioShield MD could fill some of those gaps.

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