Behind the Markets Review – What to Know About UFO Weapon Report Research by Dylan Jovine?

Did you know that in May of 2020, the Pentagon supposedly rounded up 38 scientists at Sandia Labs? Why, do you ask? As per analyst and investor Dylan Jovine, the team’s goal was to build a UFO weapon, namely after reports suggesting a 2,000% surge in UFO sightings. Regarding the weapon itself, many media platforms have called it an entirely new class or impossible to defeat.

Other features that set this new creation apart from others include the following:

  • It can fly underwater and has been shown to travel to space in seconds
  • It can reach the Pacific and back in a matter of minutes
  • It is superior to the military’s most advanced aircraft, the F-35 (15 times faster, to be precise)
  • It is beyond unstoppable, invincible, and transformational
  • It can maneuver at G forces that would usually kill a human being
  • It uses artificial intelligence to make snap decisions in the air
  • It will come in handy for the army, navy, air force, and the marines

This leads us to wonder: these scientists must belong to some company, right? Well, this appears to be the case. Dylan insists there is a small defense company, accounting for a small fraction of a market dominated by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon. Yet, it won the contract to manufacture the UFO weapon for the United States.

As the government continues to build a robust defense system against China and Russia, this small company might witness an increase in stock price. Dylan sees an investment of this nature as offering small investors “the chance to create generational wealth.” Want in on what could be an opportunity of a lifetime? The only way to access any resources prepared by Dylan is by joining Behind the Markets.

What is Behind the Markets?

Behind the Markets is an investment research newsletter by founder, CEO, and editor Dylan Jovine. As mentioned briefly above, his ultimate goal for this service is to give small investors a chance to generate generational wealth. Of course, this is the final destination; in Dylan’s viewpoint, the steps to getting there entail identifying cheap stocks with a lot of intrinsic worth and investing in stocks that solve real-world problems. The underlying business is easy to understand and uses a business valuation approach rather than diving head first into untested territories.

What Will I Gain From the Behind the Markets Membership?

A membership to Behind the Markets automatically unlocks doors to:

Special Report #1. The World’s First “UFO Weapon”

In this new, 100-page report, members will uncover the truth about the UFO weapon and how to invest in the company, bringing it to life. Specifically, Dylan will list the company’s name, provide a comprehensive analysis, reveal the stock symbol, and give the buy and target sell prices. While many reasons for the UFO weapon have already been argued, Dylan was genuinely convinced by this small defense company because it checked off his three rules for huge defense profits.

  1. First, it has breakthrough science, enough to have led the team to work alongside The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
  2. Second, it won contracts, demonstrating that the technology is solid and properly vetted. The fact that this small company beat the likes of Lockheed Martin and Boeing in the fight for the contracts under question alone says a lot about their technology over others.
  3. Finally, the small company has something that the United States government desperately needs. Luckily, the expert hasn’t stopped offering his take on one defense investment. In this same report, members will find recommendations for three others.

The second stock pick specializes in metals that make up the UFO Weapon’s maneuver. It only trades at $7 a share and could surge when more on the UFO Weapon becomes apparent. The third stock is said to have won a $1 billion contract to make the nation’s first sea-based hypersonic strike capability. The last of the bonus stocks belongs to a company known for its ability to withstand attacks from China.

Here is a breakdown of the incentives that are usually presented in each membership:

  • 12 monthly issues of Behind the Markets, with one to two recommendations delivered in an extensive report
  • Buy and sell alerts as opportunities flourish into existence
  • 24/7 access to the Behind the Markets member’s website, where individuals can navigate through a series of resources
  • On-demand VIP concierge service available Mondays through Fridays during business hours (9 am to 5 pm EST)
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee should members feel Behind the Markets isn’t a good fit

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How Much Does the Behind the Markets Membership Cost?

There are three different Behind the Markets memberships worth considering; each one has more to offer than the prior, as seen below:


Good Offer – $39 Yearly (Valued at $199)

  • Immediate access to Behind the Markets Investment Advisory Service
  • Complimentary reports

Great Offer – $79 Yearly (Valued at $854)

  • Everything from the Good Offer
  • Bonus #1. The World’s First “UFO Weapon” – A Tiny Defense Company that Will Change War Forever
  • Bonus #2. 3 Ingredients to Great Biotech Stocks
  • Bonus #3. 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock

Best Offer – $79 Yearly (Valued at $1,696)

  • Everything from the Great Offer
  • Bonus #4. Medical Money – How to Create the Ideal Small-Cap Biotech Portfolio
  • Bonus #5. Biotech Income – How to Generate Monthly Income from Your Biotech Portfolio
  • Bonus #6. Pot Stocks – What the History of Cigarettes Tells Us About Cannabis
  • Bonus #7. “Tidal Wave Profits” – How the Medical Revolution Will Change Your Relationship With Your Doctor

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In What Ways is Dylan Jovine a Good Fit for Behind the Markets?

Behind the Markets is an organization founded and currently led by Dylan Jovine, who also serves as its CEO. He got to such a height in his career because of his passion for the stock market, which dates back to 1991. This was when he first stepped onto Wall Street, under Peter Jaquith’s wings, and navigated the markets. His passion was visible in spades, which worked out in his favor as many people, institutional and individual investors noticed him. At some point, he was sought after for identifying stocks, as he understood the different aspects of investing.

This led him to founding his brokerage, he generated over $25 million in annual revenue. From there, he also launched a publishing firm, which expanded to unimaginable heights and was eventually sold for massive profits. Besides passion, mastery in stock analysis, and having founded businesses, his past achievements make him a good fit for Behind the Markets. Listed below are some that immediately come to mind:

  • Predicted the 2009 market crash, calling it the “greatest opportunity since the great depression.”
  • He appeared on several media outlets to share his viewpoints on the markets.
  • He amassed over 30 years of experience in investment
  • He catered to over 500,000 individual investors across over 28 countries
  • He currently has Behind the Markets, Biotech Insider, Takeover Targets, Breakthrough Wealth, and Hidden Market Profits under his wing
  • If Dylan had to say one thing to investors, it’s this: “I believe the best investment opportunities are found where Wall Street isn’t looking.”

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Concluding Remarks on Behind the Markets

With the world possibly having already entered a new cycle of wars, countries are undoubtedly doing everything they can to remain protected. The same holds for the United States, as it remains the most powerful country in the world. Dylan is convinced by a tiny defense company whose technology has outperformed established names in the sector. They have everything from the big contracts to the funding to bring this so-called UFO weapon to life. By becoming a member of Behind the Markets, investors will have a chance to review Dylan’s call, backed up by in-depth research.

Not only that, but the expert claims also to have uncovered three other companies, most of which are related to the small company in some way or another, possibly increasing profits from different aspects. Aside from this special report, members will receive monthly reports, timely updates, and many others to support their knowledge of the markets and how to navigate them to pinpoint companies with high potential. Above all, members can test the claims by investing. Speaking of investments, we encourage everyone to do their due diligence, assess their financial standings, and make informed decisions.

In the meantime, more on what the UFO weapon has to offer can be found by visiting here>>>


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