Reverend vs. Republicans

Republican Paul Ryan removed Roman Catholic priest from office!

Rev. Patrick Conroy, who is a graduate of Snohomish High, earned a master’s of philosophy degree at Gonzaga University, and holds numerous other degrees. He has served as chaplain of the House of Representatives since 2011 and is highly regarded. So what led to him being sacked?

Conroy says it may have to do with his November prayer while the Republican tax plan was being debated. He urged the GOP to “guarantee that there are no winners or losers under new tax laws, but benefits for all Americans.”

For some Republicans like Mark Wheeler, who is a Southern Baptist minister, being Roman Catholic appears to be an issue. Wheeler (R-S.C.) suggested that the next chaplain should be a family man. A family man eliminates a lot of people including priests and females.

Conroy felt he was dismissed illegally and hired an attorney.

Who won the battle between the Republican representatives and the reverend? Republican Ryan was forced to reinstate the reverend. Bigots do not always win.

Jim Grayson, Federal Way