Well-Fed in Federal Way: Crab Artichoke Dip

Need one more side dish this holiday season? Look no further.

Crab Artichoke Dip

By Vickie Chynoweth

With the holidays, football, and cold weather, we tend to be do more indoor social gatherings and look for no fuss appetizers. These recipes are easy to take to a party or make last minute and home. They will be a hit at your next gathering.

Have you ever wondered when cream cheese was originally processed? Around 1873 William A. Lawrence, a dairyman in Chester, New York, was the first to mass produce cream cheese. In 1872, he purchased a Neufchatel factory. By adding cream to the process, he developed cream cheese. His cream cheese in now known under the popular Philadelphia Cheese brand.

I wonder if Mr. Lawrence would have ever imagined that cream cheese would now be used to make a variety of tasty goodness, from frosting, pies, cookies, dip, creamy vegetable dishes, cheese balls, and so much more. Cream cheese also comes in a variety of flavors.


8 ounces crab meat claw, coarsely chopped

8 ounce package cream cheese

5 ounce jar old English sharp processed cheese

5.8 ounce jar Artichoke hearts, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup half and half

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon garlic & herb seasoning

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese (optional)

Other Quick Cream Cheese Ideas

1. 1/2 cup whole cranberry sauce and 8 ounces cream cheese. In a bowl mix both ingredients with an electric mixture until evenly combined. Easy and delicious.

2. 1/2 cup of Logan berry jam, pepper jam, or any other flavored jam and 8 ounces cream cheese. On a plate place the cream cheese cube. Pour jam over the top.


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a nonstick baking dish lightly with cooking spray.

2. In a large bowl, add cream cheese, sharp cheese, half & half, Worcestershire, garlic & herb and cayenne pepper. Using a hand mixer blend until ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

3. Add crab and artichoke hearts to cheese mixture. If using parmesan cheese, add with crab and artichoke. Blend until evenly combined.

4. Pour crab dip into prepared oven save baking dish. Leaving about 1/2 inch space from the top of dish as dip will bubble and overflow if pour to the top. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until dip is bubbling and turning lightly brown.

5. Serve warm with toasted bread or crackers.