Two suspects rob Federal Way gas station

Sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter.

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter:

Oct. 10

Man angry because store was closed: At the 7-11 store, 32935 1st Ave. S., an officer noticed a male was seen leaving the 7-11 in an angry manner. The officer observed the store window was broken and asked the male fleeing the scene if he broke the window. The male admitted to breaking the window and stated he was angry because the store is supposed to be open 24 hours a day and it was not open. It was 3 a.m.

Gun at medical care center: At the Care Plus Medical Center, officers responded to a fight. One of the involved people was in possession of a firearm and was arrested.

Car left unlocked, items stolen: At The Commons mall, the victim left his vehicle parked and unattended in the north parking lot. Upon returning the victim observed his rear driver’s side passenger door open. Upon further inspection the victim observed his laptop, bag, HP calculator and notary stamp to be missing from the rear passenger seat. The victim stated his vehicle was not damaged and estimates the total value of stolen items to be $800. The victim reported the crime four days after it occurred.

Road rage: At 32015 1st Ave. S., a male driver was assaulted in a road rage incident. The suspect punched the victim in the face and head. The victim was evaluated and cleared.

Juvenile texter: In the 100th block of SW Campus Drive, an adult received threatening texts from a fourth-grader.

Fake $100 bill: At the Safeway Fuel Statioin, 1207 S. 320th St., an unknown male suspect entered the Safeway Fuel Station and presented a false $100 bill. The cashier told him it was not a good bill and that she was not giving it back. The suspect said he was going outside to call police. He was not present when the officer arrived. The bill was seized for transmission to the U.S. Secret Service.

Smashing pumpkins: In the 400th block of SW 348th Court, police received a call from a homeowner that unknown juvenile(s) had taken pumpkins off his front porch and threw them against the front door, smashing the pumpkins. No damage to the door was visible. The owner then chased the juveniles and located two vehicles in the dead end just south of his residence. One car was described as a black Lexus with a Washington license plate. While standing in the street and yelling at the juveniles, one of the vehicles sped towards the owner. The vehicles then turned and went back towards Enterprise Elementary School, which is a dead end. The upset homeowner confronted the vehicle with three unknown female occupants. During this the three boys fled the area. The homeowner told the females he had obtained their license plate and had called the police. The vehicle then fled northbound at a high rate of speed. An area check yielded negative results. The officer spoke with the homeowner about putting himself in harm’s way over juveniles breaking pumpkins. The homeowner understood, but was more concerned over their erratic driving in the neighborhood.

Oct. 8

Gun shots at apartment building: At the Waterbury Park Apartments, police were dispatched to the apartment complex when four callers reported hearing approximately six gunshots. Ten .9mm and seven .40 shell casings were recovered from in front of Building Q. Two vehicles were discovered with fresh bullet holes. The owner of one vehicle was contacted; the other one could not be located. Witness stated a dark SUV and white Crown Victoria were seen leaving the area after the shots were heard. There is no additional suspect information.

Coin dispenser robbed: At the Elephant Car Wash on Pacific Highway S., surveillance video captured two males on foot damaging the coin dispenser at the car wash. The suspects opened two dispensers and took the quarters out of the machine.

Fraudulent bill for pizza delivery: In the 2100th block of SW 318th St., while delivering a pizza for Domino’s, the delivery person was confronted by a male outside the apartment building. The male paid for the pizza with a $100 bill. The delivery person later checked the bill with a pen and discovered it was counterfeit. The delivery person stated the male was not associated with the apartment that called in the order. The delivery person later delivered a pizza to the people who actually called in the order. They paid with legitimate money. They also said they didn’t know the male who paid for the pizza earlier.

Manual road rage: In the 34000th block of 1st Ave. S., after a traffic-related incident, a man approached a car on foot in traffic and used his fist to break the driver’s side window of another man.

Court rage: At the Federal Way Community Center, two males (who know each other) were both on the basketball courts at the center. One male approached the other one and they spoke briefly. As one of them stood up, the other one punched him in the face. The victim fought back and during the struggle, the suspect bit the victim on the chin causing a laceration.

Harassment: In the 2400th block of S. Star Lake Road, a female called police to report harassment by an unknown male whom she attempted to rent an apartment from. She sent her contact information to several subjects through Trulia,, Craiglist and others. She received texts from an unknown male about an available apartment in Auburn. She looked at the apartment but felt uneasy about it and thought it may be a scam. She told the male she was not interested. He kept calling and texting her with an area code from Ohio. She blocked him. He used a different phone number from Tennessee to call her, she hung up. He became upset and said, “You hung up on me. You f*** up, I’ll get you down.” There was no answer for both phone numbers, which are Google phone numbers. It is unknown who the male is, and there is no evidence of any crime at this point.

Oct. 11

Road closed for no injury fire: In the 30000th block of Military Road S., officers responded to Pat’s Plumbing in regards to a commercial fire. Fire personnel advised that there was no arson or foul play believed to be involved. The fire was believed to have been started by an electrical device that was left plugged in. The building was empty and there were no injuries. Military Road South was closed for approximately one hour. The fire was contained to the inside of the business.

Petition to shoot is not a joke: In the 33000th of block of 19th Ave. SW, two students were caught passing a petition to shoot anybody with a Fortnite (online video game) costume on Halloween night. The reporting party also recovered a drawing of a gun in one of the student’s backpack. The reporting party confronted the students who related that it was a joke, and they will use a Nerf gun. The reporting party contacted both students’ parents and advised them of the circumstances of this case. This case was taken by phone. The reporting officer will contact both students and their parents for a follow-up.

Lottery tickets stolen: At the Circle K Convenience Store at 2125 SW 356th St., police received a call regarding a theft of lottery tickets. The suspect requested a combination of lottery tickets that totaled $100 in retail value. When the clerk tore off the tickets and placed them on the counter, the suspect grabbed them and left the store. The suspect got into a vehicle in the passenger seat and the vehicle drove away. The license plate of the vehicle was obtained before it left. The suspect did not steal anything else. The owner of the vehicle did not match the suspect. Circle K employees are preparing a copy of the video surveillance.

Oct. 12

Check scam: In the 1800th block of S. 330th St., a male reported to police that approximately two weeks prior, he received a check ($4,965) from an unknown company (online) that was hiring him for a graphic design job. The man suspected a scam, based on never meeting any representatives in person and then receiving the check in the mail and being advised to deposit it in his account. He never deposited the check and did not suffer any loses. He had verified the check was fraudulent and wanted to report the incident to police. The check was submitted to the police and booked as evidence.

Attempted bank fraud: In the 3600th block of S. 334th St., the reporting party stated that a week ago there was attempted fraud on her Key Bank account. Someone attempted to deposit $5,200 into her account with a fraudulent check. The transaction did not go through and was flagged as fraud. Her account was closed and she was issued a new account number.

Oct. 13

Attempted pharmacy robbery: At Walmart, 16th Avenue South ,a pharmacist at Walmart was approached by the suspect who asked for a narcotic as it was a “medical emergency.” When the pharmacist asked for a prescription, the suspect stated that it was a robbery. The pharmacist told the suspect that he had none of the medicine. The suspect then left empty handed. No weapons were seen, no threats were made.

Robbery on BPA trail: In the 1500th block of SW 345th St., police were dispatched to the trail in reference to a robbery that had occurred on the walking trail. A scooter, cell phone and ear buds were taken by force from their owner.

Oct. 14

Robbery at gas station: At the Dash Point Arco Station, Southwest 312th Street, an employee reported that two males entered the location. One of the males stood by the coffee area while the other male jumped the counter and stole cigarettes. The employee is unsure how much merchandise was stolen. The two males fled the scene after colliding with a wine display as they fled. The employee was advised to have the manager review the surveillance.