Tasting Federal Way: End of summer fruit pie

The Taste of Federal Way is Saturday, Sept. 25 from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. at the Federal Way Farmers Market. While you’re there, you can pick up the necessary ingredients to make the dessert below.

End of summer fruit pie (makes 8-10 servings)

By Vickie Chynoweth

Pie ingredients:

1/2 cup Raspberry Rhubarb jam (Sidhu Blackberries)

4 cups of plums pitted and cut slices (PhilAm Farms)

2 cups apples peeled and cored (J & E Farms)

2 cups blueberries (Hayton Farms)

1 lemon juiced, 2 tablespoons

1/2 cup honey (Novo Bees)

1 large egg white

2 cups Fairy Munch Granola (Forest Fairy Bakery)

1/2 cup granulated sugar

3 tablespoons corn starch

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla (Nature’s Work)

1 tablespoon cinnamon

Pie crust ingredients:

2 cups all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2/3 cup vegetable shortening (Crisco)

6 tablespoons ice water

1/4 cup granulated sugar


Apple, Blueberry, Plum Pie Filing

1. In a bowl mix apples, blueberries, plums and raspberry rhubarb jam. Add lemon juice and sugar, vanilla and honey mix to coat fruit.

2. In a blender or food processor, blend granola to a course flour texture.

3. Mix corn starch with granola, salt and cinnamon.

4. Separate egg, using only the egg white, mix until frothy. Gently stir into the fruit mixture.

5. Gently fold corn starch mixture into fruit and set aside while making crust.

Pie Crust

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Combine the flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl and fluff with a fork. Cut the shortening into the flour with a fork or pastry blender until mixture is coarse pieces. Sprinkle a tablespoon of water at a time over the dough, lifting and tossing it with the fork. When it begins to come together, gather the dough, press it into a ball and then pull it apart; if it crumbles in your hands, it needs more water. (It’s better to be too wet than too dry.) Add a teaspoon or two more water, as needed.

2. Gather the dough into two slightly unequal balls, the larger one for the bottom crust and the smaller one for the top. Flatten the larger ball, reforming any frayed edges with the sides of your hand. Lay out plastic wrap on counter. Place one ball of dough on plastic wrap, cover dough with another piece of plastic wrap. Dough should now be between plastic wrap. Using a rolling pin, roll out dough until slightly larger than pie pan. Remove upper plastic wrap. Evenly place rolled dough into pie plate. Sprinkle the bottom off dough with2 tablespoons of sugar. Make top pie crust using the same method.

3. Place fruit mixture in pie plate with bottom crust that has sugar sprinkled evenly. with sugar. Lay top crust over fruit mixture. Fold the edges of the crust under, forming a rim around the pie. Push the dough between the thumb and index finger to form a U-shape. Crimp around entire edge of crust. Make four 1/2 slits on the top crust to vent steam.

4. On a cookie sheet lined with foil place the pie on foil. It is now ready to bake. Bake 400 degrees for 30 minutes reduce oven to 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Cool on wire rack for at least 3 hours. Sore in refrigerator.