Subway on 1st Avenue robbed at gunpoint, no suspect

“She said she was very scared and thought he would hurt her.”

At about 5:24 p.m. June 14, the Subway restaurant on 32925 1st Avenue South was robbed at gunpoint by an unknown suspect for $160 in cash. The victim was a female employee in her 20s.

According to the report, the victim said the suspect was a male who wore sunglasses that almost obscured his whole face, but a small portion of his face around the eyes was somewhat visible, and the person was possibly Caucasian. She also said he was wearing a blue long-sleeved track jacket with white stripes from the shoulders to the wrists, khaki pants and tennis shoes. The victim also said the suspect was wearing either white gloves or white wrappings around his hands, which could have been gauze or medical bandages.

According to the report, the incident began when the victim was working alone, and an unknown person entered the store. She said she greeted him, and then the suspect produced a firearm and approached the counter where the cash register was. She said he then told her, “Give me all the money.” She said he noticed one $20 bill stuck to the side of the register, and he demanded that, too.

The report states that the victim described how she was scared because the suspect pointed a gun at her, and she started to cry. The report said the suspect could tell that the victim was upset, and he said, “Be calm.” The victim said she did not recognize the suspect, but the white hand coverings might be familiar.

The report states that the interviewing officer could tell that the victim was still shaken up from the incident, and her eyes and cheeks were still red as if she had recently been crying. The officer reported the victim said she was very scared and thought the suspect would hurt her. The victim gave officers the surveillance footage from the incident and said she was willing to help prosecute the suspect, according to police.

According to the report, a K-9 track was developed to help establish whether the suspect fled on foot or in a vehicle and in what direction.

“However, because the victim had such limited visibility on the suspect after he left the interior of the store, the K-9 track was called off,” the report said. “There was just not enough available information to provide a good starting point for the track.”

The case was declared inactive with no leads or suspects. The police report states that in addition to first-degree robbery, probable cause was found for second-degree assault against the suspect for pointing the gun at the victim.