Singer wins Federal Way’s Got Talent competition

Federal Way’s very own Aimee Vanessa Coronado Bravo is the most recent winner of Federal Way’s Got Talent.

By Vicki Chynoweth,

Special to the Mirror

In a dazzling display of skill, passion and creativity, the final round of the highly anticipated Federal Way’s Got Talent competition reached its climactic conclusion Sept. 2 at the Federal Way Farmers Market.

Over the past three months, talented individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines have captivated audiences with their extraordinary performances. The grand finale was a showcase of exceptional talent, leaving viewers in awe and anticipation as the competitors gave it their all for a chance at winning the $500 and to have a performance at the Taste of Federal Way on Sept. 23.

The finale featured a diverse array of talents, ranging from singers and dancers. Each contestant had demonstrated exceptional skills throughout the competition. The finale pushed each of them to new heights as they sought to leave a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience.

As the performances concluded, the panel of judges faced an arduous task of evaluating the exceptional talent before them. The moment arrived when the winner was announced. The first-place winner was announced, with her exceptional skill and performance leaving an indelible mark on the competition.

The talent competition, from its auditions to the grand finale, served as a platform for aspiring artists to shine. The event not only celebrated talent, but also highlighted the power of dedication, perseverance and pursuit of one’s passion.

Aimee Coronado, this year’s winner of the Federal Way’s Got Talent competition.

Aimee Coronado, this year’s winner of the Federal Way’s Got Talent competition.

Federal Way’s very own Aimee Vanessa Coronado Bravo is the most recent winner of Federal Way’s Got Talent, winning with her talent of singing. Aimee, a hometown girl born and raised in Federal Way, briefly ventured to Hawaii for college, but couldn’t resist the call of her beloved hometown.

Aimee’s winning performance was an example of the diversity Federal Way has to offer as she sang “Cucurrucucu Paloma” in the traditional Ranchera style. This choice was not only a showcase of her seven years of singing experience, but also a heartfelt tribute to her Mexican heritage.

This wasn’t Aimee’s first rodeo in the local talent show. She had previously competed twice, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her craft. In addition to her local endeavors, Aimee has graced the stages of Hawaii as a participant in the Miss Latina Hawaii and Miss Hawaii pageants. With inspirations drawn from the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, Alina Baraz and Lola Beltran, Aimee aspires to make her mark in the world of music. Her journey carries the echoes of generations past, as her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all possessed the gift of song, although they never had the opportunity to pursue it professionally. Aimee hopes to break that cycle and follow her dreams.

Acknowledging the role of her mentor, singing teacher Sarah Tweet, Aimee credits her growth and success to her guidance and expertise. With a crown as Miss Latina Hawaii 2020/2021, leading roles in local theater productions, and dreams of becoming a prominent artist in the EDM scene, Aimee continues to pursue any opportunity to perform that she can.

Her newest adventure will take her abroad as she serves for two years in the Peace Corps as a business advising volunteer in Albania. Majoring in business management from the University of Hawai’i with a Peace Corps Prep Certificate and minor in peace studies, she looks forward to using her degree in a meaningful way. She also is excited to find ways to get involved in the European art scene during her downtime.

Her advice to aspiring performers in the community is simple: “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Confidence is key and can be built over time.” Aimee’s own journey is a testament to this, evolving from a shy and reserved individual to a fearless and talented singer who is poised to conquer the world of music.