Sequoyah eighth-grader shines as exemplary leader in classroom and community

Federal Way Mirror Scholar of the Month for April is Sami Bond.

The Federal Way Mirror Scholar of the Month for April is Sami Bond, an eighth-grader from Sequoyah Middle School.

Sami was nominated by principal Mike McCarthy.

There were no reservations when it came to nominating Sami as the April Scholar of the Month, McCarthy said. Sami exemplifies the Sequoyah “Together We Rise” mantra on a daily basis.

“She collaborates, communicates, leads and learns at the highest of levels, gently nudging her peers at Sequoyah to take the next powerful step in learning,” he said.

Sami is the co-president of ASB, a four-sport stand out athlete, and is a member of Sequoyah’s award winning band. She has been featured at Macy’s as a part of Federal Way Public Schools’ Scholar Art in the City and is an ambassador for new students at Sequoyah.

She is constantly building relationships with new and returning students, consistently showing joy in her daily interactions, McCarthy said. She is a model of Sequoyah’s values: to be safe, responsible and respectful every single day.

Described as confident and approachable, Sami shows her loves for her school by committing time, energy and effort to curricular and extracurricular activities. Her contributions have allowed the Sequoyah student population and larger community to see the amazing value of being a part of such a beautifully diverse school, McCarthy said.

Sami contributes to the classroom and the school community with great pride and dedication. She bleeds “Phoenix crimson advocating, elevating and celebrating all that Sequoyah has to offer our community,” he said.

In November, Sami was one of four scholars who led Sequoyah’s first Community Circle event that was attended by more than 100 members from the greater school community.

“Sami was able to bring poise and a knowledge of leading students and adults to leverage incredible conversation aimed at building stronger cross-community connections,” McCarthy said.

Sami also played a major role as the We Scare Hunger Campaign coordinator at Sequoyah, helping to raise hundreds of pounds of canned food for families in need.

From the community to the classroom, Sami exceles by earning exceeding marks in all content areas – the true meaning of what Seyouah hopes to see in a scholar-athlete, McCarthy said.

“When my mom got the call and told me [about the nomination], I was speechless,” Sami said. “It’s crazy. I knew the things that I was involved with would lead to something because it was all for a good cause. I’m really excited about it.”

She has always seen herself as a leader and joining these various activities in different roles of leadership has helped her learn more about the community and herself, she said.

“I’m very interested in bones and being a doctor of some sort. I’m really excited about taking Biomedical Science at Todd Beamer High School next year,” she said. “I went to High School Planning Night and it was very interesting. When I’m older, I want to have some type of big role in people’s lives.”

By earning this nomination, Sami has achieved all of the criteria for Scholar of the Month including perfect attendance, having a GPA of 3.0 or better and demonstrating positive and productive behaviors in school.