Rep. Roger Freeman at hospital in Federal Way

Rep. Roger Freeman is at St. Francis Hospital, health care staff confirmed on Tuesday night.

Rep. Roger Freeman is at St. Francis Hospital, health care staff confirmed on Tuesday night.

Freeman (D-Federal Way) is currently running for representative Position 2 in the 30th Legislative District against Jack Dovey (R-Federal Way).

In April 2013, Freeman disclosed he had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and that doctors said the cancer had spread to his liver and his lower lungs.

At that time, he had endured three chemotherapy sessions with nine more to go.

Hospital staff would not disclose his condition per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but Councilman Martin Moore, a legislative aid for Freeman, said this is “an extremely sensitive issue.”

“The Freeman family is doing the best that they can at this time,” Moore said. “As we continue to remain hopeful, we do ask that our community keep Roger in their prayers and thoughts.”

Freeman is married with two children.

Dovey, his opponent in the political race, echoed Moore.

“… We should be praying for his health and doing all that we can to comfort his family,” Dovey said.

Washington 30th District Democrats Chair Tim Burns said he hadn’t heard that Freeman was in the hospital but said there is a specific procedure for filling a vacancy.

According to Burns, all of the Precinct Committee Officers are called to a special meeting where they select three candidates in ranked order. The names are submitted by the county organizations to the County Council in which they choose one of those three people to fill the position.

Because the 30th Legislative District overlaps Pierce County, both counties would have to come to an agreement on the candidate, Burns said.

But because it’s about a week before election day, Nov. 4, the process wouldn’t start until after the election and only if Freeman won the Position 2 seat.

“I know Roger, I’ve worked with him and supported him for quite some time and I wish him well,” Burns said. “As well as his family and hope that this is a temporary setback.”

Freeman wasn’t able to attend the Mirror’s candidate forum on Oct. 22, citing ongoing cancer treatments.

“The treatments are thankfully coming to an end, but like all battles, there are good days and there are bad,” Freeman said in his statement about why he couldn’t attend. “I am optimistic that I will make a full recovery and my illness certainly has not stopped me from being active in the community and continuing to represent the people of the 30th Legislative District.”

Freeman’s campaign manager Hope Bixby could not be reached for comment.