Man gropes girl at Federal Way bookstore | Police blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log Nov. 11-16.

Nov. 11

Broken window: At about 3:16 a.m. near the 31434 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a commercial alarm at Pho Quynh. The store’s front window had been shattered and a door on the back of the building was left open. No suspects or witnesses located.

Broken glass door: At about 4:13 a.m. near the 31830 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to a commercial alarm at Batteries + Bulbs. The front door was shattered but the glass was still intact. No suspects or witnesses were located.

Ex-girlfriend kidnapped: At about 3:09 p.m. near the 33000 block of 16th Place SW, an ex-girlfriend was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who she had a No Contact Order against. He drove her to a family member’s home in Federal Way then physically assaulted her. The ex-boyfriend left when he was confronted by family members.

Husband threatens wife with knife: At about 5:25 p.m. near the 500 block of S. 325th Street, a woman called 911 to report her husband was threatening her with a knife. During the call, the husband tried to prevent the wife from talking to dispatchers. The wife said the husband held the knife to her throat and said he was going to kill her. The husband was arrested without incident.

Nov. 12

New appliances stolen: At about 3:36 p.m. near the 800 block of SW 307th Street, a couple was in the middle of remodeling their home when it was burglarized. The home is vacant except for new appliances and tools. Sometime over the past week, entry was made and the locks on most doors had been damaged. The new washer, dryer and dishwasher had been stolen.

Man gropes girl at bookstore: At about 4:33 p.m. near the 31325 block of Pacific Highway South, officers responded to reports of unwanted sexual contact at the Barnes and Noble store. It was discovered that a man groped a girl. No suspect was arrested.

Man threatens to shoot dog: At about 6:08 p.m. near the 1700 block of S. 288th Street, a resident was approached by a male suspect while walking her dog. The man yelled threats to shoot her dog and pointed a handgun first at the dog, then pointed the gun at her. The suspect was not located, but police are checking the area for possible surveillance footage. The woman as not injured.

Nov. 13

Intruder alert: At about 11:48 a.m. near the 34800 block of 8th Place SW, a family was on vacation when they received a notification from their security camera that someone was in the house. Camera footage showed a man inside the home. The man was gone by police arrival, but did steal approximately $1,300 worth of items.

Nov. 14

Man robs woman at gas station: At about 2:34 a.m. near the 1500 block of S. 348th Street, a woman was filling up her gas tank at the gas station when a man approached her and engaged in conversation. The man reached into her car and stole her wallet, containing over $700 in cash and her bank cards. The woman chased the man back to his vehicle and a physical struggle ensued. The woman alleges the man also pointed a gun at her during this time and she backed off prior to the man driving away. The incident was captured on SafeCity footage.

Boyfriend pushes woman: At about 7:11 p.m. near the 1100 block of S. 359th Street, an argument over finances ensued between a woman and her boyfriend. During the argument, the boyfriend pushed the woman down, causing injuries to her knee and head. The boyfriend was arrested for domestic assault.

Fried chicken feud: At about 9:49 p.m. near the 34900 block of Enchanted Parkway South, a man reported he was in the drive-thru line of a fried chicken establishment when the person behind him honked their horn because of the long wait. The man was then confronted by a mother and her teenage son from the car in front of him. He declined the older woman’s challenge to exit the car and fight her son, who had removed his shirt, and the woman then punched the man in the face. The mother and son left in their car and police are continuing to investigate.

Nov. 15

Unwanted massage: At about 10:07 a.m. near the 31200 block of Pacific Highway South, a man reported that he recently went to the Golden Foot Reflexology massage business to get a massage. At the end of the massage, the female massage therapist allegedly began touching his penis and speaking to him in English, which he did not understand. He tried to tell her he did not want that type of massage and left the business.

Vehicle shot twice: At about 3:41 p.m. near the 100 block of SW Dash Point Road, a man called to report his vehicle was shot at twice from another moving vehicle while driving near S. 300th Street and 1st Way South in Federal Way. A vehicle matching the description was stopped and the driver was detained, then later booked on an outstanding felony warrant in Kent.

Nov. 16

Catalytic converter theft: At about 5:43 a.m. near the 100 block of S. 297th Street, a man saw two unknown men underneath his neighbors truck. The man confronted the two suspects and saw they were cutting the catalytic convert off of the vehicle. One of the suspects then pointed a gun at the man and the man returned back into his house.

Motel employee assaulted: At about 1:22 p.m. near the 33230 block of Pacific Highway South, a woman assaulted an employee of the Eastwind Motel. The woman was arrested and booked into jail.