Man, 21, robbed at gunpoint in his car in Federal Way

Suspect pulled out a handgun outside Commons mall and stole the victim’s car and cellphone.

On June 20, a 21-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint at 1928 S. Commons outside of Commons mall in Federal Way. The thief pulled out a gun, kicked the victim out of his car, and drove away in the car with the victim’s cellphone.

According to a police report, the victim was sitting in his black Lexus sedan on a phone call with his girlfriend when he saw the suspect walking toward his car. The suspect was described as an 18-19-year-old Black male wearing a black hoodie, red sweatpants, a backpack and a ski mask.

The suspect asked the victim for a lighter, and the victim said he did not have one. The suspect then pulled out a Glock style handgun, pointed it at the victim and told him to get out of his vehicle.

According to the report, the suspect took the victim’s keys and cellphone, then got into the vehicle and drove away. This sequence scared the victim, according to the report, but once the victim regained his senses, he found a phone and called 911.

After the robbery, the victim used a phone tracking app to locate and recover his cellphone. Then, with help from the police, he used a vehicle tracking app to find his car. An officer located the Lexus sitting stationary and unoccupied at 3900 SW 337th Street and towed it back to the police station.

The vehicle is currently pending fingerprint by AFIS. The suspect is still outstanding, and identity is unknown. No injuries were received during the robbery.