Falling in love in Federal Way

Local residents share their love stories.

To get in the mood for Valentine’s Day, the Mirror asked Federal Way residents for their local love stories. Get your loved one, cozy up and enjoy these chronicles of crushin’ and flirty flashbacks.

• “My daughter and son-in-law met at Angle Lake then Skate King when they were 13 and 15. Both attended the same high school. They became a couple at 17 and 19, married in 1988, at 19 and 21, and moved into their first house in Alderbrook, Federal Way. They had their first child at age 21 and 23, and two and a half years later, another son. In 1998, they moved to Twin Lakes, Federal Way. They will be married 34 years in June. As a mother to a beautiful daughter, I have the best son-in-law and I watched their love story since they first met as young teenagers.” — Patricia Law

• “My wife and I just got married this past summer. We moved in together in 2019 with her 10-year-old daughter not knowing we would be getting a toddler at the beginning of the pandemic or quarantine together in a tiny townhome. Although we have outgrown our townhome, our love has blossomed through a pandemic, a teenager and a toddler.” — Jen McLaughlin

• “I met my husband when I was 7 years old in Sunday School at what previously was Steel Lake Church in Federal Way. We became friends right away, and then dated sophomore year of high school, then broke up, dated again senior year of high school and part way through Highline College freshman year and broke up. Then after time we became friends again. Then one year after graduating college my husband sent me a text (with some liquid courage) that essentially he had feelings for me and couldn’t just be friends. I realized I still loved him and we’ve been back together ever since! That was 12 years ago, we’ve been married for 11 years, and have two kids, a dog, and live here in Federal Way.” — Grace Hansmeier

• “I met my husband when we were 13 in Federal Way. We met at Goods ATA Taekwondo school, we were friends for 3 years and started dating at 16 and have been together ever since. This year will be 12 years together.” — Kierren Garcia

• “Who in the world would have even imagine to meet a ‘Love Mate’ over the Internet? Well — probably everyone! I was fortunate enough to be one of the blessed ones, but not as one may think! Our connection was eBay! Seven years ago, I posted an item for sale! I only received one offer from a woman who replied ‘from the Beach’… Curious we began a conversation and she has become more than just a love interest … She became my intricate companion in life! She will be flying into Seattle for the fifth time since then to celebrate my birthday on Feb. 4! Who would have thought? Certainly not me — but here we are! Loving it and especially loving her…” — David, Mirror Lake

• “My Valentine and I met at a concert in Seattle, but on our third date, we were talking about our teenage years both spent in Federal Way (him: a Decatur grad, me: TJ grad). I mentioned a garage band I was in with my best girlfriends called Rhymes With Orange, and he asked ‘You were in Rhymes With Orange??? Did you play a gig called Rock For Food at Steel Lake Presbyterian Church in 1998?’ I was astounded that he had heard of our band; turns out that Rock For Food was a benefit show he organized for Northwest Harvest in order to earn his Eagle Scout Award. We had actually met back then when we were 16! We have now been married 11 years, still live in Federal Way, and still know how to rock. Happy Valentines Day, Joel Krug!” — Christine Krug

• “My brother and I grew up in Federal Way and we both married women named Rachel who each lived in Federal Way when we met them. We each have three sons. Our first-born sons were born on the same day, 10 years apart. Our 2nd and 3rd sons are twins. They were born when we were each 40 years old. That’s our story.” — Tad Doviak