Attorney Ashli Tagoai announces run for 30th LD State Representative

Tagoai is vying for position 2.

The following is a press release from the Ashli Tagoai Campaign:

Attorney Ashli Tagoai announced on April 26 she would run for the open House seat currently held by Representative Jesse Johnson. Johnson has announced he will not seek re-election.

“My passion for the law is why I went to law school,” said Tagoai. “I believe in the fairness, justice and equality that the law can bring when it is properly applied. Unfortunately we have seen what happens when laws are misguided and ill-conceived.”

Tagoai said the current Representative sponsored so-called “police reform” laws that had devastating effects on our community.

“The current Representative’s self-described police reform laws have crippled our police force, and have led to rampant, uncontrolled crime,” said Tagoai. “Rarely do you find a person in our District who has not been affected by the substantial increase in crime in one way or another.”

Tagoai said she will prioritize supporting police funding and allowing them to do their job protecting our communities.

Tagoai said poor decisions out of Olympia have also made Washington less affordable.

“Far-left politicians failed our District when they chose to spend every penny of the $15 billion general fund surplus rather than give us meaningful tax breaks like suspending the state gas tax that adds one dollar per gallon to the price at the pump,” said Tagoai.

Tagoai said if elected by the voters of the 30th District, she will take a more intelligent approach to law-making.

“As a true believer in the power of good laws to bring positive change I’ll demand that Olympia consider the real impacts of their proposals to real people in the real world,” said Tagoai. “We definitely need a smarter approach than Olympia has given us the past two years.”

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