TOP 3 US Websites That Write Essays for You Perfectly and Deliver Them on Time

Students today often face the dilemma of academic help. Should they get it online if the situation is desperate? We will discuss this matter further. However, even if you no longer hesitate, there is still a problem. When you type your query into the search bar, the search engine returns quite a bunch of websites that will write essays for you – all claiming to be the very best and the only honest ones among the unscrupulous competition. Who can you trust?

Good thing we have already tested a fair share of them and vetted 3 top essay writing websites available in the USA. We have rated them based on our experience with each service and verified customer reviews from resources like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, so you can make an informed decision. Here is what we got as a result:

For every website, we have zeroed in on specific areas: key features, deadlines, guarantees, freebies, additional services, first-order bonuses, and downsides. Read on for the detailed breakdown of each service and our guidelines for choosing the best paper writing website for you.

PaperHelp – The Best Essay Writing Website Hands Down

It would be unfair to mention PaperHelp merely among the best websites that write essays for you because this paper writing service is so much more. It is a juggernaut of custom writing. Not just college papers – PaperHelp writes CVs, resumes, applications, reports, and other business documentation. Feel free to contact this service for creative writing assignments as well.

Still, at its core, it is a website for essay writing, and it shows in every detail. The homepage starts with a price calculator, where you can punch in the characteristics of your paper and see how much it will cost you. Key stats include Academic level and type of paper (a dropdown list includes most popular college assignments.)

However, skillful writing isn’t everything PaperHelp offers to students. You can also order problem-solving for STEM subjects and improvement of your drafts by experienced editors.

PaperHelp has earned the title of the leader in the custom-writing niche due to its reliability, superior customer experience, smooth ordering process, safe payment, and punctuality. The quality of papers is always on par with the required academic level, especially if you request one of the Advanced writers or Tops.

PaperHelp is a veteran in this business, with over a decade of experience, so it had enough time to build its reputation. The sample size for the rating is quite compelling – over 1,800 reviews on Sitejabber. That makes 91% positive feedback much more reassuring than other sites with a 100%-satisfaction rate based on… 8 dubious cookie-cutter reviews. Of course, there is some negativity popping up here and there. Yet mostly, disgruntled feedback seems to be caused by a misunderstanding of terms or improperly filled order forms.

Key features:

  • All-encompassing writing services
  • 24/7 support through multiple channels (phone, online chat, FB Messenger, Skype, email, etc.)
  • A choice among three tiers of writers
  • 4 Academic levels: High School, College, University, Ph.D.
  • Transparent pricing: order’s total is always displayed in real-time, depending on the features you add
  • Up-to-date digital security measures
  • Minutely detailed order form prompting you to give all possible information for the precise and entirely satisfactory result
  • Ongoing communication with the assigned expert and the ability to send files and instructions after ordering
  • A loyalty program that allows saving money if you order repeatedly


  • Same-day orders with the shortest possible deadline of 3 hours are possible but will cost an extra
  • The standard (and most cost-effective) deadline is 14-20 days
  • Extended deadline (21+ days) allows lowering the price down a notch


  • Money-back in case of breached deadline
  • Comprehensive refund policy stipulating all possible cases
  • Originality of papers
  • Free revisions to amend already delivered paper
  • Client anonymity


  • Title and bibliography pages are supplied free of charge (you shouldn’t include them in the total page count)
  • Plagiarism checks (claimed to be done with proprietary soft, however, you will have to pay for a report if you wish to see it)
  • Free email delivery (per request; by default, your order is delivered into your dashboard on the website)
  • 3 Revisions with every order
  • Free formatting in accordance with various academic guidebooks (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, Oxford, etc.)

Additional services:

  • Detailed plagiarism report
  • Abstract page
  • VIP service package (top priority in the order queue, designated support line, SMS notifications, etc.)
  • Paper written in simple English (free, per request)
  • Visual rendition of the content (charts, graphs, presentation slides)

First-order bonus:

  • Submitting an email into a pop-up banner gives you a chance to win varying discounts – 5% to 35% off the first order (some prizes are given in money equivalent, such as $5 or S10 off the first order)
  • New clients get a 5% instant discount + 10% credits to their Loyalty account


  • The prices rise for urgent orders (the deadline date is a crucial component of the cost)

Bottom line

The most trusted and professional among them all, PaperHelp is tested by time and thousands of happy clients. The service guarantees the quality of papers and timeliness of the delivery, so it’s your safest option for high-stakes assignments.

WowEssays – There Are No Websites That Write Essays for Free, But This One Is Darn Close

WowEssays is only a couple of years old, but it has rocketed to the ranks of trusted essay writing websites thanks to the high quality of papers, accuracy, dedication to their customers, and sheer positive vibes. A generous supply of free samples, a host of free writing and editing tools, and other gestures of goodwill, make this hardworking newbie a serious contestant for the first place. Judging from the website’s materials, their central ethos is equal opportunity for all students. Hence, the freebies mentioned above and rich blog materials focusing on scholarships, frugal living, and, of course, writing guides. There are no websites that write essays for you free, but WowEssays gives you everything you need to become a better essay writer free.

We must highlight how friendly and user-centric this website is. The upbeat design is welcoming and easy on the eyes. Order form is intuitive, and customer support is prompt, helpful, and simply radiates sunshine – even if you only exchange messages over the chat. This might be subjective, but of all the sites we’ve tested, this one left us with the most heart-warming experience.

Key features

  • Free library of samples
  • Premium sample database available by subscription
  • Free writing and editing tools for students
  • Academic writing services of all levels High-School to Ph.D.
  • Three categories of writers to choose from
  • Helpful 24/7 support
  • Smooth ordering process
  • Flexible pricing
  • Secure payment
  • Possibility to track your order and communicate with your expert
  • Loyalty program and personalized special offers


  • Same-day orders with the shortest possible deadline of 3 hours
  • The optimal price/deadline ratio is 14 days
  • Prolonged deadline results in a slight reduction of the price


  • Money-back guarantee covers orders not delivered on time (in full) and other cases (partially)
  • Free revisions
  • Anonymity and payment security
  • Originality of papers


  • 3 free revisions for each paper
  • Formatting in any style you indicate
  • Plagiarism check before delivery
  • Title page + Reference pages

Additional services

  • VIP service level
  • Editor’s check (additional proofreading by an expert editor)
  • Abstract page
  • Plagiarism report

First-order bonus

  • Immediate discount for first-time orders 5% and a 10% in credits for the next order
  • New users can get 11% off with a promo code


  • Customer support is available via live online chat or email only. Unfortunately, you will not be able to talk things over the phone.
  • Price for urgent orders rises significantly compared to the optimal deadline

Bottom line

WowEssays is a versatile resource with many offerings on top of essay writing. This holistic approach and user-centered philosophy make this website a perfect destination for anyone who isn’t just after one paper but wants to improve their writing skills in the long run.

Evolution Writers – the Website That Writes Essays for You Cheaper

This is an essay writers service with a no-nonsense attitude. If you should ask us, “What is the most prominent characteristic feature of Evolution Writers?” we’d say, “The stuff but not the fluff.” Among the sites that write essays for you, this one is the most streamlined. The interface is clean and services limited to the essentials, but you will get everything you need – for less. Evolution Writers is the top essay writing website among the most affordable options. It has earned its place by delivering papers of high quality, rendering excellent proofreading services, helping students with problem-solving and take-home tests. They also dabble in resumes and personal statements, but these are primarily geared towards students applying for studying programs and scholarships.

Key features

  • Two versions – for US and UK. This is a nice adjustment, saving you the trouble of specifying the preferred spelling
  • Honest and transparent pricing; a dedicated table layout with the possibility to view price ranges in five different currencies (handy if you live somewhere outside of the USA)
  • Versatile academic services for college students, including homework help, problem-solving, and multiple-choice questions
  • Three levels of writing – Undergraduate, Bachelor, Professional
  • Clean and straightforward order form
  • Possibility to choose writer’s proficiency level
  • Payment via verified platforms


  • Same-day orders with the shortest possible deadline of 3 hours
  • Standard pricing applies to orders within 14-20 days window; everything that’s more pressing costs more


  • Timely delivery
  • Client confidentiality
  • Refunds in cases stipulated by terms and conditions
  • Plagiarism-free papers


  • Formatting a la carte
  • Title and references are included free
  • Free amendments to the paper during the warranty period

Additional services

  • Text message alerts
  • VIP experience
  • Plagiarism report
  • Simple language option
  • Double-check by an expert editor

First-order bonus

  • Free plagiarism report
  • 5% discount and a 10% bonus for the next order


  • Urgent orders are drastically more expensive with the shortening of the deadline, so it’s only cheaper to order here if you plan your deadlines carefully

Bottom line

Evolution Writers is an economical option for students who are good at planning their work but aren’t always equal to the study load and pressure that college puts on them. The website is minimalistic and straightforward, which is always great in times of information overload.

How to Benefit from Using Custom Essay Writing Sites to the Fullest

Okay, so now, back to the dilemma you might have about websites that write your essays for you. They save you time. They free you from mindless busywork assignments. They help you tackle challenging tasks that you wouldn’t be able to solve on your own. So far, so good. Yet there’s a catch. Getting assistance from an essay writing site is frowned upon in academic circles and may even get you into trouble.

However, the way out of this sticky situation is very straightforward. How permissible getting help from these websites depends on how you go about this. First of all, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Order from legit established websites with verified user activity. Such websites value their reputation and maintain it by writing original plagiarism-free papers from scratch every time.
  • Pay attention to the website content and layout. It must be well-structured and clearly articulated. If services are advertised in bad English, you can hardly expect expertly written papers.
  • Read Terms and Conditions carefully. Sometimes, promises in bid bold letters on the homepage go with a load of “ifs” and “buts” in the small print.
  • Don’t hesitate and contact the website’s support if anything isn’t clear. Ask about refund policies, anti-plagiarism measures, and payment procedures. Be thorough.
  • Use the paper you get from any service only as a basis for your own original work.
  • Double-check the paper before submitting it. Get rid of anything that might give away outside assistance (for example, placeholders such as “Your name” or “Name of the class” in the title, or “Order #12345” in the file’s name.)

It goes without saying that all of the websites reviewed here answer these requirements, so you can trust them with crucial tasks.

If used carefully and in moderation, essay writing services are an excellent studying aid for those who cannot afford private tutoring or struggle with juggling work, classes, and life. Many successful and diligent students own their degrees, scholarships, and knowledge to the timely help of a writing service.


Is there a website that writes essays for you in the style you request?

Of course. That’s the definition of custom writing. Every writing essay website on this list provides you with all the means to detail your expectations and get precisely the result you want. However, this will require time and effort. You will have to list your conditions carefully during the ordering process. You may even need to attach additional notes or communicate your expectations directly to your assigned writer.

Can I trust essay writing website reviews?

Well, let’s be real. Websites always display only favorable feedback on their customer review pages. Of course, there are going to be only five-star ratings and happy, grateful clients. All these aren’t necessarily lies, yet they are not the whole truth. For a more balanced perspective, you will need to visit independent review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber or seek out objective surveys like the one we have prepared.

Are all cheap essay writing websites scam?

Not necessarily. As you have already seen, quality papers can be affordable. Note that each essay writing website of the Top 3 we have reviewed is more or less in the same price range – which is a sweet spot where good quality and reasonable costs meet. However, be wary of the dirt-cheap websites that promise you writers with a Ph.D. from Harvard. Don’t fall for measly prices accompanied by grandiose promises. Be realistic.

Are there any websites that help you write essays?

Of course! The best website that writes essays for you is PaperHelp. You can also request their editing services to improve your drafts. We would also strongly recommend WowEssays as the website helping you write the best essays you can yourself. Their guides, free and premium samples, editing tools, and proofreading services will help you perfect your writing skills. Don’t forget that expertly written personalized examples are also available.

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