Slim Leaf Reviews – Is Barefoot Origins Slim Leaf Supplement Safe to Use?

Slim Leaf is a dietary health supplement for losing weight. It uses all-natural chemicals and nutrients to engage the body’s fat-burning properties. The supplement is safe for anyone to use because of the naturally occurring or consumed ingredients. Even though Slim Leaf is safe for all people, it is primarily targeted at women aged 35. The creator of the weight management supplement claims she used these exact methods and chemical processes to burn over 50 lbs. off herself. Read the entire review to learn if Slim Leaf is the right supplement to help you lose weight.

What Ingredients Are in Slim Leaf?

Slim Leaf uses a full spectrum range of natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Slim Lead naturally occur in the body and are produced in the brain or gut. Other active ingredients in it are found in many foods and substances we typically eat. Ingredients include GABA, L-Theanine, Vitamin B6, and Ashwagandha. The basic premise of Slim Leaf is it helps the individual manage weight by improving glucose utilization. It engages the Glut4 receptor, your body’s guidance system telling it to burn sugar calories for energy or store them for later use as fat. We will talk more about the Glut4 receptor and how Slim Leaf works later in the review.


Who Created Slim Leaf?

Katie Patterson created Slim Leaf originally for herself to lose weight. Her difficulties came with putting on weight because of the Coronavirus Lockdown and not having the freedom to stay active. She was sick of fad diets, restrictive dieting, and unhealthy (sometimes addictive) diet pills promising miracle solutions to weight management.

Slim Leaf essentially engages the body’s natural ability to burn sugar more effectively, metaphorically turning on the “sugar switch,” as Katie puts it. Katie is not a nutritionist or doctor, dietitian, or scientist of any kind. She is a simple woman, born and raised, and still living in Arkansas. Her problem began when on lockdown, and she started seeing a significant change in her weight.

After her problem took a turn for the worst, she reportedly packed on over fifty pounds of fat. A lot of her weight came from less activity due to the virus lockdown. Much of her weight issues were also related to stress eating. Her life became hard to manage because of all the conference calls on Zoom, taking care of her children at home, and keeping the house clean in an already stressful life.

She became depressed because of her weight gain, and a strong desire to develop a system to lose weight easily began to burn in her. It is all catalyst after Katie had an extremely embarrassing moment at a local park. Basically, she was at a park near her house when she had an accident that almost took her son’s life. Katie’s son fell into a body of water at the park and nearly drowned because she was too heavy to save him.

While attempting to run to save her child, she collapsed, fainting for a few minutes. When she woke up, she came with an ambulance nearby. Thankfully, a stranger called an ambulance while another saved her kid’s life.

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The event was a turning point for Katie; it was after this next tragic accident that Katie decided she would turn her life around and lose weight. Her feelings of inadequacy as a mother caused her to start researching diet plans. To keep it short and sweet, Katie spent considerable time researching before finding a man named Ron.

He had reportedly lost over 90 lbs. with this same system now available to you here. She started following Ron’s guidelines with supposed success. She lost all 53 lbs. with little to no effort while still on lockdown. Katie saw an opportunity to help other people while making some money, and that is how Slim Leaf came to be. Barefoot Origins Slim Leaf is the first product created by Ron and Katie. Now anyone can benefit from Slim Leaf, Ron, and Katie’s support as well. Along with supplements, you also get bonus material by Ron and Katie on how Slim Leaf works and how the body utilizes sugar.

Does Slim Leaf Work?

Katie claims the ingredients used in Slim Leaf led to her personally losing 53 lbs. Other people claim the weight loss supplement also worked for them. Some people do indicate it did not work. However, it could be due to different body chemistry than Katie. Not everyone’s body operates the same way; what works for one person may not work for the next person. Still, Slim Leaf may work perfectly fine for you, depending on how your body operates.

As for Katie, she claims there is a “sugar switch” in everyone’s body. And that when the switch is flipped, the body easily burns sugar off quickly. Supposedly, you can still enjoy your favorite foods while taking Slim Leaf and lose weight easily. Another claim is that she lost all the weight without dieting or exercising. We are skeptical of this claim, as it is nearly impossible to lose weight while eating unhealthy foods without exercise as far as science has determined.

The only way we have seen people lose weight while still eating foods considered unhealthy is through intermittent fasting and eating smaller portions. Even so, many people claim they lost weight following Katie’s principles for weight loss and by taking Slim Leaf daily. Again, the bold claim is you can lose weight with zero effort by simply taking the product. An individual only needs to take two pills a day to see massive results.

There is absolutely no diet or exercise required to benefit from this product. People who claim the supplement worked report that stubborn fat all over the body starts to fall off after taking the supplement for a short period of time. We cannot claim whether this is actual or just a claim, but many people state it worked, and many people stated vice versa.

Where Can I Buy Slim Leaf?

There is an official website where consumers can purchase Slim Leaf. The website is operated and supported by Ron and Katie. Purchasing Slim Leaf costs anywhere from $59-$198 plus shipping, depending on how much the supplement you buy.

  • One Bottle $59.00 Each + Small Shipping Fee
  • Three Bottle $39.00 Each + Free Shipping
  • Six Bottles $29.00 Each + Free Shipping

You get a discounted price per bottle when you buy more of them and free shipping.

Contact Information

Consumers that may have questions about Slim Leaf that we have not answered in our review can reach out to the company by phone at:

  • Phone Support: 503-568-1586

Final Verdict Slim Leaf

Slim Leaf is reported to work for many people, and some people claim it is a scam. It works by engaging your Glut4 receptor. The receptor is the metaphorical “sugar Switch” you read about earlier in the article. Its primary function is to tell the body to burn sugar instead of store it as fat. Weight loss can be hard for many people because their bodies are always in the fat-storing process instead of fat-burning. Slim Leaf optimized your Glut4 receptor to help you burn more fat and sugars without the need for hard-to-follow exercise programs or painfully difficult-to-follow, restrictive diets. If you have tried different methods for burning fat, whether diets or fitness routines, or a combination of both, and they have not worked, Slim Leaf may be a good supplement for you to try. As always, we recommend you do more research for yourself and talk to your doctor or another medical professional. For those who feel Slim Leaf is right for you, go to TrySlimLeaf.com or BarefootOrigins.com and learn more, or pick up a bottle today.

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