Silence Shield Reviews – Legit Tinnitus Free Supplement That Works?

Silence Shield is a new health supplement designed to end tinnitus. The frustrating constant noises in the ear deprive sufferers of the ability to follow conversations and lead to depression. For years, numerous people have believed that tinnitus is incurable. As a result, medical practitioners prescribe anxiety medications and antidepressants to manage the internal tinnitus noise. Consequently, when diagnosed with tinnitus, they mentally prepare themselves to live with the condition for life.

Some people may opt for expensive surgery and shots. Unfortunately, the success of these treatments is 50-50. Meaning, you may invest in a treatment plan that is not effective. In addition, prescription drugs are highly addictive, and long-term use can lead to internal organs such as kidney and liver failure. Silence Shield is an innovative dietary formula promising to eliminate the frustrating ringing, buzzing, or humming sounds. In addition, the formulator boldly states it addresses the root cause of tinnitus and helps to hear with 100% clarity. How does it work? What are its ingredients?

What is Silence Shield Dietary Formula?

Silence Shield is not a magic pill that will reduce tinnitus overnight. Instead, it is a blend of powerful ingredients that fight tinnitus from the root. Poor dietary habits and exposure to excessive external noise cause cochlear nerve inflammation. According to experts, inflammation makes some parts of the brain swell, leading to random electrical impulses and twitching. The brain interprets these electrical impulses as the resonating tone that does not go away. Silence Shield is formulated to reduce these swellings, clear inflammations, and improve ear health.

Internal noise is a common issue, particularly in aging folks. CDC claims that more than 50 million citizens live with the debilitating condition in America. You can experience the awful buzzing, humming, or ringing sounds in one or both ears. Unlike external noises that you can control or block, tinnitus originates from your brain. People suffering from severe tinnitus describe it as a torturous condition that affects every aspect of their daily life. It hinders them from getting quality sleep, following conversations, or even watching TV at acceptable volumes.

How Does Silence Shield Work?

Each Silence Shield capsule contains natural ingredients that address brain inflammation. However, you need to consume the pills for over three months to get effective results. After taking a daily dose of Silence Shield, users will experience:

Reduction in Brain Inflammations

Silence Shield has the exact ingredients to fight Cochlear nerve inflammations. Clearing the brain swellings is the first step towards fighting tinnitus. Silence Shield stops unwanted vibrations and false electrical impulses, stopping the constant internal noises. The formulators claim that you will experience fewer noises after about a month of use.

Heals the Brain

Tinnitus affects the brain and nerve cells. After consuming Silence Shield, the inflammations reduce, and the brain cells heal. In addition, it improves the functions of the neurotransmitters, therefore, improving the impulse’s speed and accuracy.

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Boost Brain Health

Tinnitus affects the mental health of a person and overall performance. Silence Shield promises to heighten mental acuity. Therefore, continuous uses can fight brain fog keeping your energy levels high for extended periods for better performance. In addition, it can boost focus, concentration, and stamina. Some users claim that Silence Shield helps them fight chronic headaches.

Prevent further Brain Damage

According to professionals, the ringing, humming, and buzzing sounds are underlying mental issues. Therefore, Silence Shield reduces inflammations that may cause brain damage. The creators boldly state that it can protect you against various mental disorders, including dementia and memory loss, particularly in aging individuals.

Boost Mental Health

Tinnitus is a condition that can make a person appear demented or mad. The phantom internal noise can make a person develop paranoia and hallucinations. Silence Shield provides you with a general feeling of calmness and peace.

What Ingredients are Used in Silence Shield?

Citrus Maxima

According to Silence Shield makers, Citrus Maxima is an ancient ingredient that helps Buddhists maintain a sharp hearing ability regardless of age. Multiple scientific studies indicate that it is rich in bioflavonoids that protect the brain against inflammations. It keeps the inflammations down by fighting free radicals and oxidative stress.

Additionally, Citrus Maxima improves blood circulation. A better circulatory system ensures brain and nerve cells get enough oxygenation and nutrients. Equally, several studies indicate that a robust circulatory structure can fight inflammation naturally.

Gingko Biloba ginkolides and flavonoids

It is rich in ginkgolides and flavonoids that improve the health of the nervous system. Ginkgo Biloba predominantly treats mental issues such as anxiety in traditional Thai medicine by promoting calmness. Consequently, it supports better quality sleep. In addition, it improves brain energy by treating inflammation each day. Equally, it can fight against bad blood cholesterol and improve blood circulation.

Thai garlic

Thai garlic is widely used to treat multiple illnesses, including ear infections and aches. It has flavonoids that act as antibacterial, antivirals, and antifungal. According to Silence Shield makers, it can boost your immune system and fight chronic ear infections. In addition, Thai garlic promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Equally, the antioxidants present in garlic can combat cognitive impairment, consequently improving your brain health.

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Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide is a compound that regulates numerous biochemical reactions in the human body. Some researchers claim it can treat hearing loss and manage tinnitus. It works by improving blood flow, alleviating stress, and reducing damage by free radicals.

Silence Shield Dosage

Silence Shield is an adult-only formula. You should take two capsules daily to augment your hearing and fight tinnitus. Still, if you have any medical issues, consult a physician before consuming Silence Shield.

Silence Shield Pricing

Silence Shield is only available via its official website. A 180-day money-back guarantee protects each purchase. Prices are as follows:

  • One Bottle Silence Shield $69.00 Free Shipping
  • Three Bottles Silence Shield $59.00 Each Free Shipping
  • Six Bottles Silence Shield $49.00 Each Free Shipping

To speak with customer service, consumers need only send an email or give them a call Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST, and on Saturdays, 9 AM to 3 PM EST to start a refund process or to ask further questions about the product:

  • Email: support@getsilenceshield.com
  • Phone: (855)-633-7165
  • Mailing Address: Golden Life Essentials 30 N Gould St Ste 22850 Sheridan, WY 82801

In addition, when you purchase more than three Silence Shield bottles, the company offers two free bonuses:

  • The Perfect Hearing Playbook
  • Healthy Living E-book

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