Should You Take Creatine? The Top Reasons To Supplement With Creatine

So, what do you know about supplementing with Creatine? If you train or work out, you likely have heard of some of the gains made when supplementing regularly with Creatine. Creatine is an amino acid that is primarily stored in the muscles. The body naturally makes Creatine, about a gram each day. You can get Creatine in your diet by eating plenty of red meat and seafood, but supplements provide much higher amounts of Creatine that is easy to ingest and digest.

So, why take Creatine supplements? The benefits and advantages may surprise you! Keep reading to find out a few of the reasons that people take Creatine:

Build Lean Muscle

Probably the main reason why people supplement their diet and lifestyle with Creatine is to build lean muscle. Protein is integral for muscle mass- you have probably heard protein referred to as the ‘building blocks’ for lean, mean muscle mass. Hence, protein ‘shakes’ and pre workout formulas are usually loaded with Creatine for those that want to bulk-up, as fast as possible.

Studies show that people who took Creatine supplements gained significant and measurable strength and muscle mass during the trial. The Creatine seemed to act on the myogenic satellite cells, which are key in recovery and health of skeletal muscle. This would explain how Creatine appears to work wonders when it comes to increasing muscle mass, fast. This also reinforces the prudence of using some sort of Creatine supplement before training to make the most of and optimize your efforts in the gym.

Prevent Injury and Cramping

So, you are hitting the gym and seeing gains when an injury occurs that can completely sabotage your health and wellness goals. A lot of fitness buffs don’t realize that Creatine is also effective and necessary for preventing injuries when working out.

Oral Creatine products can also reduce your risk of becoming dehydrated- which can lead to muscle cramps. Cramps can derail progress and put an abrupt end to a workout or training session; Creatine can help reduce cramps, as well as any injuries to your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and even nerves. The question is: why wouldn’t you take Creatine supplements?

Increases Stamina and Productivity

When you are feeling good, hydrated, and pain-free, it is easier to stay on track and make progress toward objectives and goals. Who doesn’t want to get more accomplished throughout their day? Creatine enhances your productivity, too. You can get more done during the time that you spend in the gym- or anyplace- with regular Creatine supplementation.

Researchers claim that anyone can benefit from this side effect of Creatine, and this is further demonstrated with a study regarding kayakers. According to the research, the kayakers were able to paddle significantly more and further when using Creatine supplements, reaching their targeted distance quicker and beating their own personal best performances. For physical activity or rigorous work, at home or in the gym, Creatine could be a game changer for you.

Sharpen Mental Cognition

Another lesser-known benefit of Creatine is the advantage that it offers for mental cognition and focus. Creatine boosts and improves your mental clarity and sharpness- it’s true! It can also help you to focus better, pay more attention, and concentrate more effectively. This sounds like the perfect supplement for many, including students or those with mentally-taxing jobs.

Additionally, researchers in Australia conducted a study that involved participants being given five grams of Creatine daily for six weeks. The results demonstrated that many of those subjects processed information faster and displayed better memory recall. Try it for a few weeks and see for yourself!

Elevate Testosterone Level

Are you aware of the benefits of testosterone? Sadly, men’s testosterone levels tend to decrease when they get older, typically beginning to decline in their 30s. Testosterone promotes feelings of energy, strength, and endurance- plus, it helps keep you mentally sharp. Testosterone replacement therapy may help, but it requires wearing a patch or giving yourself injections per a doctor’s order.

Another option is to try Creatine supplements. Research shows that individuals who work out and take Creatine regularly for ten weeks showed increased levels of testosterone when tested.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of testosterone. Here are a few of its effects and impacts:

  • Testosterone increases the synthesis of protein in your muscles. This, in turn, enhances the mass and strength of your muscles, too.
  • Testosterone enhances the uptake and storage of fat cells in the body. This increases fat burning receptors which can lead to fat loss and weight management.
  • Testosterone impacts the function of the brain, also. It is reported to improve overall cognition, memory, and focus.
  • Testosterone enhances and increases sex drive in both men and women.
  • Many studies show that testosterone can increase the blood flow in the heart, enhancing cardiac output and heart health, in general.
  • Since testosterone increases the production of red blood cells in the body, it contributes to the growth and development of your bones. It also helps to maintain bone density, very important especially as you get older.
  • When it comes to sex, testosterone supports the production of sperm in the male sex organs. It also helps create more viable sperm- that is, sperm that are more likely to impregnate an egg.
  • Testosterone promotes penis growth and fosters erectile function in men.
  • Testosterone causes hair to grow, though not always where you wish it would! Testosterone is often blamed for the hairy shoulders or dark shadow on the face. It is true- testosterone supports the production of collagen which causes hair to grow, typically lustrous and thick.
  • Another important function of testosterone is within the Kidneys. Testosterone produces EPO (erythropoietin), which is touted for stimulating the production of red blood cells. This is key for healthy function of the kidneys.

If you think that your testosterone levels are low, talk to your doctor about scheduling a blood test to check. Creatine supplements offer a convenient and discreet way to address low testosterone levels.

Improves Reaction Time

Are you looking to speed-up your reaction and response time? This may be particularly relevant and useful for those that participate in team sports or other rigorous activity. A study once showed that athletes taking Creatine supplements were able to improve their performance measurably and significantly by 10% during the first 30 seconds that they perform. That is quite remarkable, especially for someone participating in a sport like sprinting or long-jumping where that first 30 seconds of the performance really and truly counts.

Any professional athlete will tell you that the first moments of a game, match, or performance matters a lot. Gain an early advantage over the competition with Creatine supplementation.

Enhance Strength and Power

Want to feel like a superhero on the court, in the gym, or as you go about your day? Creatine gives strength and power that many users find alluring- and the prime reason why they take Creatine supplements in the first place.

Creatine is often said to give ‘supercharged’ strength and power when working out or engaging in strenuous physical activity. Creatine may be particularly helpful for anyone that is not seeing gains despite consistent training. If you think you might have peaked, Creatine may be what you need to push you over the plateau and onward.

Taking Creatine helps build phosphocreatine; this gives you a burst and boost for better performance in all that you do. It provides the brief boost that can help you build muscle and exceed your own personal best.

Improve Bone Health

As people age, sometimes they lose bone density that can contribute to issues like Sarcopenia and bone health later. Creatine supplements could be key in countering these age-related problems that could impact mobility and flexibility during senior years. Plus, weak bone health could cause a senior to take a nasty fall- which can have devastating consequences, particularly for older individuals.

Enhance Skin Appearance

How is your skin? If you want to combat the effects of time on your skin, the answer might be Creatine. There are beauty and anti-aging skin remedies that feature Creatine- as well as other skin nourishing ingredients- that can help turn back the hands of time when it comes to your skin’s appearance. It is reported that these applications when used as directed consistently for a month can decrease sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Furthermore, when combined with folic acid, Creatine is touted for improving sun damaged skin and lowering the appearance of wrinkles, too.

Fits Vegan Lifestyle

Are you a vegan? It can be tough to find supplements and products that support Veganism. Did you know that Creatine can be useful for vegans, in particular? Think about it: since dietary Creatine is derived from seafood and red meats, it is possible that those following a vegan lifestyle do not get enough daily. With so many benefits of Creatine, it makes sense for vegans to consider Creatine supplements.

Safety and Side Effects of Creatine

It is recommended that you only take oral Creatine according to the dosing directions provided on the label- and for not more than five years. A physician can assess whether you can take Creatine longer- and always report any side-effects that you experience with any supplement. When buying your supplements, make sure to only purchase Creatine products made in the USA that subscribe to third-party testing for quality.

In general, Creatine may cause weight gain- though typically in the form of muscle. Also, Creatine may not be a good option for people that have issues with their kidneys. The best approach is to discuss taking Creatine with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you.

Creatine may potentially interact with caffeine, which may reduce the efficacy and impact of the Creatine. There is some research regarding a correlation between high amounts of caffeine, Creatine, and Parkinson’s disease- if you have concerns, talk to your provider or practitioner to learn more.

There are plenty of compelling reasons why it makes sense to increase gains and reap the rewards of adding Creatine to your routine. If you are working out, make the most of your sweat equity by supplementing with a high-quality, trainer recommended Creatine pre workout product.


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