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Nutra Complete Reviews (Ultimate Pet Nutrition) Premium Beef Dog Food

Nutra Complete by Ultimate Pet Nutrition is a freeze-dried food for dogs that is packed with nutritious meat and vegetables without losing nutrition in the baking process. The bags are enough to last through an entire month, but users with multiple dogs should stock up.

What is Nutra Complete?

Every pet owner wants to make sure that they are giving their dog everything that they need. From exercise to all of the cuddling they can bear, owners also prioritize the type of food that they add to their dog’s bowl every day. There are far too many brands on the market today that don’t provide dogs with enough nutrition or with balanced meats and vegetables. Nutra Complete, a new option by Ultimate Pet Nutrition, allows consumers to give their dog the best nutrition possible as either a wet or dry dog food.

Nutra Complete creates the recipe from premium ingredients, including American-raised beef, healthy vegetables, and essential vitamins. In fact, there are over 40 ingredients that go into the formula, which is why it supports a healthy coat, improved digestion, and more energy. Unlike other foods, there are no grains, and there’s even a few healthy fruits to load the body with antioxidants. With a resealable bag, consumers can even keep the dog food fresh between servings.

The food was developed by Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinarian that has been practicing his holistic methods for the last two decades. With his integrative approach to treating these animals, he focuses on both the medical training he’s received and Eastern cultures’ holistic methods. He’s also a published author of a book called The Ultimate Pet Health Guide.

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Purchasing Nutra Complete

The total cost that consumers will have to pay will depend on how many bags of the dog food they order and how frequently they choose to receive them. Typically, the company offers the food for $59.95 each. For one-time orders, consumers can choose from:

One bag for $29.95, plus $4.95 for shipping

Three bags for $80.85 ($26.95 each), with free shipping

Six bags for $149.70 ($24.95 each), with free shipping

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For consumers who would rather have this food sent to them regularly, there are subscription options. By subscribing for regular shipments, users can save 5% on every package they receive. Also, all of the subscription packages are available with free shipping.

In the event that this dog food is not a good match for their pup, they have up to 90 days to get a refund on order.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nutra Complete

Why does the Nutra Complete formula go through the freeze-drying process?

The majority of dog food companies already cook the foods that they put into their kibble, but the excessively high temperature puts it at risk for losing all of the nutrients they hold. By freeze-drying instead, Nutra Complete preserves the nutrients, which is only good news for consumers.

What should users do if they have more than one dog?

The creators recommend ordering three bags of food to cover two dogs. Consumers that have multiple dogs or fairly large dogs may want to purchase the six-bag packages to make sure they get the greatest discount possible as they feed their animals.

How does Nutra Complete need to be prepared?

The Nutra Complete food must have water to prepare. Once they measure out the amount of food recommended for their dog’s weight, they can add two cups of water for every cup of food they measure out.

If the dog doesn’t eat any part of the food, they can keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days with the water in it. For users who don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing the food with water, it can be served dry.

How long is Nutra Complete good for?

Without being placed in a fridge, the Nutra Complete formula has a shelf life of 1 year.

What kind of meat sources are in Nutra Complete?

Nutra Complete includes beef, liver (from beef), and kidneys (from beef).

How long will it take for consumers to see a change in their health?

Just like people, every dog has a different experience. Most people see improvements in their dog’s stools and digestion within a week. Most owners also see increased energy and smell fewer bad odors. The best reaction comes with long-term use, so the company encourages users to keep with it for at least three months.

What if this formula doesn’t work to improve their dog’s health?

The creators offer a 90-day return policy for the food.

To learn anything else about this product, consumers can contact the customer service

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Nutra Complete provides owners with a nutritious and healthy meal for their dog. The meals are entirely balanced by a veterinarian that is heavily influenced by Eastern cultures, giving him a unique perspective on the nutrition of these furry friends. Consumers choose to buy the food as a one-time transaction or subscribing for regular shipments, receiving up to six bags of the food at one time. With beef and organ meat, users can feel comfortable with the foods that they are giving their pet.

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