Nexus Pheromones Reviews: Supplement That Works or Cheap Formula?

With the natural inclination towards loving access to the fine things in life effortlessly, attracting a sexual mate without doing much work is one of the many things we would wish to do effortlessly. Scientists have long studied the triggers of attraction to attract the opposite sex. For those seeking to lure someone into their lives and failing at every attempt, retailers have for long developed and sold love portions to help solve the situation. However, these products have been proven to fail at many attempts. More research into this quest has led to the development of synthetic pheromones believed to attract mates. This review focuses on the new Nexus Pheromones developed and proved to work for attraction.

Introducing Nexus Pheromones

The new Nexus Pheromones have been developed by applying scientifically proven knowledge. Human beings, just like other animals, secrete odorless pheromones to attract sexual mates of the opposite sex. These pheromones are developed in small quantities in sweat and may therefore not be sufficient to attract mates. Over the recent years, scientists have developed synthetic pheromones with similar effects to attract mates to the natural pheromones. These pheromones have been designed to give you a boost in attracting and keeping sexual partners around you effortlessly. Using this product, you will notice a distinct improvement in the way women approach, interact, flirt, and respond to your advances.

The Science Behind Pheromones

The science behind pheromones has long been researched, and their effectiveness has been a topic of scientific debate. 0ver the last 12 years, scientific research has proven that healthy, fit, and more attractive men are more likely to give off pheromone scents preferred by women. This study also found that overweight, out-of-shape, and less attractive men were less likely to give off pheromone scents. The main chemical behind pheromones is the androstadienone, an assumed chemo signal that has been proved to mold the female’s perception of male attractiveness.

Results from Scientific Research

In scientific journal research, men were rated to be more attractive when assessed by women who had been exposed to androstadienone in two out of three studies. The results suggest that the androstadienone chemical can influence women’s attraction to men and that research into the modulatory effects of androstadienone should be done within ecologically valid contexts. More research by the Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness Research documented the sexual activity of 38 young to middle-aged heterosexual men while using pheromones. Users of pheromones, but not of an inactive control substance, had increased frequency of informal dates, affectionate gestures, sleeping next to a romantic partner, foreplay, and sexual intercourse. Nexus Pheromones has been formulated with extensive reference to over 12 years’ worth of scientific studies in the field of human sex pheromones.

Proven Benefits of Nexus Pheromones

The formula used in the development of this product has been highly researched and calculated. Men who have used this product have enjoyed at least one if not all the benefits listed below. First of all, using the Nexus Pheromones will see you attract women effortlessly. According to the manufacturer, men who used this product reported attracting more mates than average. Furthermore, this is the aim of developing this product. Secondly, users of this product have reported an increase in developing instant sexual chemistry with potential mates. Despite attracting mates, the Nexus pheromones formula will allow you to create a deep intimate connection with your partner once attraction has been developed. Finally, users reported a higher sexual frequency with multiple partners, especially those attracted by the effect of the pheromones. The manufacturer guarantees that using this product will boost your sexual frequency many times over from the sexual chemistry created.

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How Nexus Pheromones Works

This formula is developed to give you access to the subconscious part of the female brain that is responsible for sexual selection. First of all, all men release pheromones into the air via sweating. These chemical messengers are subconsciously communicated to the women about the man’s physical characteristics, genetic makeup, and immune system to arouse a natural sexual response. This procedure takes complex steps to be achieved. First of all, the hypothalamus regulates glands in our armpits, genital regions, and navels to secrete a clear liquid that contains pheromones. The pheromones are released through sweat and reach women’s noses, triggering a message directly to the brain center. The brain then analyses the message to know if it is positive or not. Positive messages are met with sexual attraction.

The Attraction Formula

According to the manufacturer, this product employs seven human pheromone compounds amplified a thousand times more effectively. The first pheromone is androstenone which signifies dominance and attracts potential mates. Androsterone is the second pheromone that the manufacturer uses to develop the product. This pheromone signals masculinity and is responsible for elevating mood in women. Alpha-androstenol is the third pheromone that is responsible for inducing feelings of comfort and attraction. In addition, the beta-androstenol pheromone, also known as the icebreaker pheromone, induces the initial interest. Androstadienone pheromone is responsible for elevating feelings of sexual responsiveness and emotions of caring. Finally, the epiandrosterone pheromone is believed to communicate youthfulness.

Nexus Pheromones Price

The product comes in a 50ml bottle retailing at $89.90. Customers can purchase the product from the manufacturer’s website and make payments online. The manufacturer offers a 67-day trial for all purchases, and customers are free to return the products if they don’t get the results they desire. Additionally, free shipping within the United States is offered for customers who purchase three bottles.

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Nexus Pheromones Final Review

Based on the scientific research put into developing this product and the numerous positive online reviews, this product is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to boost their confidence in interacting with women and getting more sexual partners.

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