Bitcoin Bug Review (Dave Forest Strategic Investor) End of Bitcoin?

The End of Bitcoin from Strategic Investor Review

Dave Forest and the team at Casey Research have launched a new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor discussing ‘the end of bitcoin.’

By signing up for Strategic Investor through the promotion today, you can enjoy a discounted rate of $49 and have the chance to gain 473% on a single stock before shares take off.

You can also discover why a global chip shortage could wreak havoc on bitcoin over the coming months.

What is the end of bitcoin? Should you subscribe to Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Strategic Investor’s theory about the end of bitcoin today in our review.

What is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is a financial newsletter published monthly by Casey Research. The newsletter is led by Senior Analyst Dave Forest.

According to Dave Forest, strategic investors always have a plan of attack. That plan involves four steps, including 1) Assess 2) Consolidate 3) Position and 4) Speculate.

Back in 1983, Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, wrote a book on strategic investing. That book was literally called Strategic Investing. In the book, Doug laid out several crucial points to support investors in today’s markets.

Today, Dave Forest and the Strategic Investor team analyze markets and recommend stocks based on Doug Casey’s original strategic investing strategies. Here’s how Casey Research explains the newsletter’s investment philosophy:

“As Doug said, a strategy is an overall plan for accomplishing an objective. It’s a word with military connotations…and that’s appropriate, since you are engaged in a battle—at a minimum, a battle for investment survival. That’s never been more important.”

Each month, subscribers receive stock tips, market analysis, and specific recommendations on the best actions to take. A subscription to Strategic Investor is priced at around $199 per year. However, if you sign up through the new ‘end of bitcoin’ sales page, your first year is priced at just $49.


About The End of Bitcoin

In a recent presentation, Dave Forest ponders the end of bitcoin.

According to Dave, a new bug could make bitcoin obsolete “virtually overnight.” However, one company has come up with a solution, and shares of that company could surge over the coming months.

Here’s how Dave explains his prediction:

“The end of bitcoin? A new bug could soon make bitcoin obsolete virtually overnight. But one company has come up with a solution. And it could surge as high as 473% in the coming months.”

Dave claims the bug is “infinitely more dangerous” than known bitcoin problems – like its volatile price or environmental impact.

However, many investors are unaware of this bug – and that makes them vulnerable to the end of bitcoin as we know it.

According to Dave, the bug in bitcoin could bubble over into the rest of the economy. Bitcoin’s market cap is around $800 billion. Popping that bubble in a short period could lead to serious effects in the financial market, retail sector, and entire tech world.

If the bug isn’t patched in the near future, then Dave believes 70 million people will be locked out of their bitcoin wallets. It could slow bitcoin to a crawl and spark “The biggest NASDAQ crash since the dot-com bust.” It could cause some of today’s best-known tech companies, including Apple and Tesla, to plummet.

What is the Bitcoin Bug?

Bitcoin is worth $800 billion for a reason: people believe in it. However, Dave Forest of Strategic Investor claims bitcoin has a serious bug that could cause its worth to implode in the near future.

In fact, Dave claims some of the biggest players in the bitcoin space are already scrambling for a solution – even as most bitcoin users remain blissfully unaware of the bug.

In his ‘the end of bitcoin’ presentation, Dave explains:

  • The shocking and unreported story of the bitcoin bug
  • The heroic effort to ward off the looming tech crisis
  • Details of how one firm is behind the solution that could make early investors a lot of money

By the end of the presentation, you’ll learn more about what the bitcoin bug is, how it works, and why it presents a potential problem for bitcoin users and the tech world.

In fact, Dave claims the bitcoin bug is nearly as dangerous as the Y2K phase. He claims investors should “get ready to panic like it’s 1999.” Just like the Millennium Bug disrupted the tech world in 1999, the bitcoin bug could send shockwaves across the world today.


The Bitcoin Bug is Related to the Ongoing Chip Shortage

So what exactly is this bitcoin bug and how does it work?

According to Dave Forest, the upcoming bitcoin bug is the chip shortage.

The chip shortage has been ongoing for the past few years, but it has become increasingly worse in recent months. As global supply chains get disrupted, the chip shortage is changing everything from the automotive space to computer manufacturing.

Chips are in everything, so it makes sense the chip shortage has impacts across multiple industries. However, Dave claims the chip shortage will be particularly problematic for bitcoin.

That’s why Dave is calling the chip shortage “the bitcoin bug.” Here’s how he explains the bug and its effects:

“Massive demand has created a new chip shortage. And Bitcoin is at the heart of it all. That’s why I call it “The Bitcoin Bug.” It’s eerily similar to what we saw back in the late 1990s with the Millennium Bug. And if it isn’t patched soon – it will not only slow Bitcoin’s growth to a crawl…”

The chip shortage makes it more difficult to mine bitcoin. Mining bitcoin isn’t just about creating new bitcoins; it’s also about securing the network and processing transactions. Bitcoin miners verify transactions in exchange for a piece of a bitcoin reward. That’s how bitcoin mining works.

However, bitcoin mining relies on thousands of computers – and the chips inside those computers – working together to solve complex math problems.

As the chip shortage worsens, it could make bitcoin mining more expensive. Bitcoin’s electricity consumption has increased dramatically, and that means more chips are needed to secure the network.

Over the coming months and years, miners will need to replace chips inside their bitcoin miners. If miners can’t replace these chips at an affordable rice, they’ll exit the mining space.

To make a long story short, Dave believes the chip shortage will lead to a bitcoin mining crisis, throwing the bitcoin network into disarray and causing serious effects across the tech world and financial world.


One Company is Making a Single Type of Chip

There’s a solution to the bitcoin bug: Dave has identified one company making a specific type of chip.

If Dave’s prediction comes true, then shares of this company will surge 473% in the coming months. As the chip shortage worsens, demand for this company’s shares will surge.

Dave recommends investing in this company today to enjoy huge potential future gains. Here’s how he explains the potential of his recommended investment:

“The future of our entire tech-based economy hinges on this single type of chip owned by this company…And that includes the $8.6 trillion banking industry…Over 4,000 cryptocurrencies…As well as the technology that powers bitcoin.”

As technology has advanced, everything from cars to computers to the global banking system relies on chips. Chips are in everything, and that’s why a global chip shortage is such a hidden danger. By following Dave’s investment advice today, investors could earn huge returns on investment from the ongoing chip shortage.


How Dave Spotted the New Investment Opportunity

It’s no secret that bitcoin relies on chips to run correctly. How did Dave spot this opportunity? Why was Dave able to spot this opportunity before the rest of the crypto and investment community?

Dave claims to use a unique stock-picking strategy and his experience in investing to identify winning companies. His investment system has identified this chip company today, and that chip company could deliver huge returns for investors.

Dave has watched the chip shortage issue play out before. He saw the impacts of the chip shortage in the 1999 Millennium Bug crisis, for example.

Today, even more companies depend on chips every day. A chip shortage could have greater implications today than at any previous point in human history.

By spotting the opportunity and sharing it with investors today, Dave claims investors could earn returns as high as 473% as the rest of the world learns about the chip shortage – and why Dave’s recommended company has the solution to that chip shortage.

To learn more about Dave’s recommended investment opportunity and how it works, Dave recommends reading his report called The Bitcoin Bug: Your Chance to Profit From the Tech World’s Unseen Flaw. In the report, Dave discusses how one company holds the solution to the chip crisis – and how one company’s unique technology could save bitcoin as we know it.

By subscribing to Strategic Investor today, you get a free copy of The Bitcoin Bug along with several other bonus reports.

What’s Included with Strategic Investor Today?

After watching ‘the end of bitcoin’ presentation from Dave Forest, you have the chance to subscribe to Strategic Investor at a discounted rate of $49 for your first year.


New subscribers also get a bundle of bonus reports, including The Bitcoin Bug report.

Here’s what you get with each new subscription to Strategic Investor:

Monthly Issues of Strategic Investor: Each month, Dave and his team of analysts reveal new investment recommendations, market analyses, and reports using the strategic investor philosophy. First discussed by Casey Research founder Doug Casey in the 1980s, the strategic investor philosophy emphasizes taking a tactical approach to investing. Each month, investors receive a new copy exploring new investment recommendations, investment philosophies, and more. Subscribers receive a new issue of Strategic Investor on the first Wednesday of every month.

The Bitcoin Bug: Your Chance to Profit From The Tech World’s Unseen Flaw: Dave believes the global chip shortage is a ticking time bomb for bitcoin. As the chip shortage worsens, it could cause bitcoin to crash, which could lead to a tech crash, a global financial crash, and other issues. Fortunately, Dave believes he’s found a company offering a solution. Dave has spotted a company making a unique chip. He believes shares in the company could rise 473% over the coming months. In this report, Dave reveals the name and ticker symbol of his recommended stock.

Bitcoin’s Underground Supplier: In this bonus report, Dave shares details about bitcoin’s underground supplier. This company provides the software to safely connect all IoT devices. It doesn’t just help bitcoin function; it also helps tech giants function. Apple, Samsung, Intel, Huawei, and Tesla are all clients of the firm, and the company hit $10.2 billion in revenue in 2020. By investing in this company today, investors could earn huge returns.

The $17 Trillion 5G Flaw: Dave has identified one tiny company producing crucial 5G components. According to Dave, that company is under-valued. Without the company’s technology, 5G networks around the world would not be able to function. In this report, Dave explains how shares of this specific firm are expected to rise as 5G continues to rollout.


Access to Strategic Investor Model Portfolio: After subscribing to Strategic Investor, you get access to a model portfolio featuring all previous recommendations from the team. You can discover past investments, buy and sell points, and allocations, among other information. If you want at-a-glance information about Strategic Investor’s recommended investments, then the model portfolio is a good place to start.

24/7 Access to Members-Only Area: The Strategic Investor members-only area features 21 reports and tons of archives exploring different investment opportunities. Dave Forest and his team have released other reports in the past highlighting new investment opportunities. As a new subscriber to Strategic Investor, you can view all of these reports from one convenient location.

Member Support and Services: As a subscriber to Strategic Investor, you can contact the Delray Beach, Florida-based customer service team at any time. The team will not provide individual investment advice, although they can answer questions about your membership.

Strategic Investor Pricing

Strategic Investor is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter. You pay $49 for your first year as part of the special ‘end of bitcoin’ promotion.

If you sign up for Strategic Investor through here versus the main Casey Research website, you pay $199 per year.

Strategic Investor Refund Policy

All Strategic Investor subscription fees are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 60 days.

If you’re unhappy with the investment advice provided in Strategic Investor, or if you disliked the stock recommendations from Dave Forest and his team, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days.

Dave even lets you keep all of the bonus reports if you request a refund. Just call the customer service team at 1-888-512-2739 within 60 days of signing up for Strategic Investor to start the refund process.

About Dave Forest

Dave Forest is a geologist and investor with 20 years of experience in mining and petroleum. Today, he uses that experience to analyze markets, recommend stocks, and help followers maximize returns through Strategic Investor and other newsletters.

About Casey Research

Casey Research is a financial publishing firm founded by Doug Casey.

Today, Casey Research offers investing advice, stock research, and market analysis through free and paid subscription services. The Delray Beach, Florida-based company is best-known for its flagship investment newsletter, The Casey Report. The company also offers newsletters like the Casey Daily Dispatch, Crisis Investing, and International Speculator, among others.

Key members of the Casey Research team include Doug Casey (founder), Nick Giambruno (Editor), John Pangere (Senior Analyst), and Dave Forest (Editor).

You can contact Casey Research via the following:

Final Word

Dave Forest and the Casey Research team have launched a new marketing campaign called ‘the end of bitcoin’ to promote Strategic Investor.

By signing up for Strategic Investor today at a discount rate of $49, you get access to a bundle of bonus reports and guides. One report discusses how a chip company is solving a crucial bug in the bitcoin network by creating a special type of chip.

To learn more about Strategic Investor and the end of bitcoin, visit the official website and subscribe to Strategic Investor today.

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