Best Prostate Health Supplements for Men (2021 Top Products)

As annoying as prostate enlargement could sometimes be, it is a common phenomenon in men; it is proportional to age. As men grow older, their prostate gland is likely to enlarge. Although some people might not find enlarged prostate challenging, a mild one is usually associated with symptoms like frequent urination and difficulty emptying the bladder. In the worst-case scenario, one may need surgery or medicine to reduce the prostate size if it exacerbates. Either mild or severe, we do not want to experience any. A good way of tackling prostate enlargement is by taking prostate supplements. Men across the globe are now using prostate supplements as a proactive or reactive measure to improve their prostate health. There are various prostate supplements you can buy online; however, not all are effective for the intended purpose. A good prostate supplement will contain several vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that are potent and effective for getting rid of prostate symptoms.

The article is dedicated to helping you find the best prostate supplement in the market so that you can make an excellent and informed choice. We have put together a list of top prostate supplements in this article. This list is based on some criteria that we find worthy enough to rank and list the best prostate supplements in the market. Our editors have done a lot of research to put together this list containing the top 12 prostate health supplements and support pills.

The Top 12 Prostate Health Supplements

Not all prostate health support supplements work as they claim. While you may find it challenging to identify an excellent prostate health supplement, we have taken the responsibility of helping you separate the wheat from the chaff. Below are the 12 best prostate supplements we find worthy of being among our top 12 rankings:

  • ProstateMD
  • Prostate 911
  • Nuzena Prostate Support +
  • VitalFlow
  • PX7 PrimalFlow
  • Prostate Plus
  • VigRX Prostate Support
  • Pro-Forta Men
  • ProstaStream
  • ProSam
  • ProstaMend
  • Super Beta Prostate



If you need an all-inclusive and potent prostate health support supplement, you may want to give the ProstateMD supplement a check. It consists of solid and active ingredients like saw palmetto extract and lutein, among some other elements dedicated to enhancing your prostate health in several ways. Other components you can find in this supplement are beta-carotene, plant sterols, zeaxanthin, minerals, and some other antioxidants. Suppose you use the ProstateMD prostate health support supplement as prescribed by the manufacturer. In that case, it promises to help you enhance and support your urinary tract function, prostate health, and prostate cell functions. ProstateMD prostate supplement can also help you achieve a healthy urination schedule.

Weighing the price of ProstateMD against the benefits it offers, this supplement purportedly provides more value than its competitors on the market. It is cheap and affordable, and it does not compromise quality. One intriguing thing about the ProstateMD supplement is that it is formulated by the famous 1MD doctor, Dr. Daniel Brison.

Prostate 911


Made and formulated by the PhytAge Labs, Prostate 911 is a comprehensive prostate support supplement that offers various health benefits. It is often called an “all-in-one prostate supplement.” It can supposedly help you fight multiple prostate problems and eradicate the symptoms. Prostate 911 contains different natural and organic ingredients formulated by a team of experts at PhytAge Labs. For optimum effectiveness towards the intended purpose, this supplement includes potent natural ingredients like pumpkin seed, pygeum, nettle root, and uva ursi, dedicated to promoting your prostate and urinary health. Ingredients like quercetin and juniper berry powder may not be found in the breakdown of Prostate 911’s elements because it uses a proprietary blend for most of its components.

Nuzena’s Prostate Support +


Nuzena’s Prostate Support + is typically an all-purpose prostate supplement, offering you a variety of health benefits. This supplement contains a dozen active natural ingredients formulated by a team of health experts and professionals. The team carefully and strategically selected the ingredients to offer genuine prostate health support. Nuzena’s Prostate Support + promises to help men support and promote their urinary tract health and prevent discomforts and symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. Nuzena’s Prostate Support + can also help enhance your bladder health. Like ProstateMD, this supplement contains ingredients like palmetto extract, minerals, and vitamins, among other active natural ingredients that are purportedly effective in handling prostate health support. The affordability of Nuzena’s Prostate Support + makes it outstanding; you can get a bottle of Nuzena’s Prostate Support + for just a meager amount.



The functional approach of this supplement makes it unique in the industry. VitalFlow purportedly works through different stages, and it is often called the 60-second breakfast trick for correcting prostate symptoms. The manufacturer of the VitalFlow supplement recommends that you take two capsules of the supplement before breakfast every day. VitalFlow is marketed as a top-class supplement that can help you improve your prostate health quickly.

As said by the manufacturer, VitalFlow contains natural ingredients that were strategically selected after several (144) organic ingredients were placed under tests and examinations. VitalFlow consists of mushroom extracts, palmetto berries, and Graviola leaf extract. The stages which the VitalFlow supplement uses to work includes:

  • The penetration phase: involves eradicating risks associated with urinary tract infection, kidney failure, and bladder stones.
  • Flushing DHT build-up phase: involves purification of the blood, building, and enhancement of the anti-DHT defense army, activation of sex drive and manhood, and purification of the blood.

Thanks to these processes, VitalFlow can offer various benefits. Unlike most supplements on this list, VitalFlow promise to help eliminate prostate problems. VitalFlow is one of the incredible prostate health support supplements that can offer you proper treatment.

PX7 PrimalFlow


PX7 PrimalFlow is a top prostate health support supplement in the market. As marketed by the manufacturer, it primarily targets the enhancement of healthy urinary flow. Many men across the globe are battling urinary problems as a result of prostate enlargement. Fortunately, PX7 PrimalFlow promises to help you tackle this problem if you use it as prescribed. The manufacturer claims it has helped over 37000 men to achieve a healthy urinary flow and prostate health. PX7 PrimalFlow claims to offer various benefits and can support prostate health in multiple ways. Unlike other supplements, it can supply the body with energy, enhance sex drive, erection power, and vitality.

The manufacturer of this supplement recommends two capsules daily before going to bed to get an effective result. PX7 PrimalFlow contains top natural ingredients that are proclaimed effective for enhancing prostate health.

Prostate Plus


Prostate Plus is another top supplement; VitaPost produces it. Prostate Plus promises to help support your prostate health and offer a wide range of nutritional benefits. Like other prostate support supplements on this list, Prostate Plus contains potent natural ingredients like palmetto extract, raspberry juice, plant sterol complex, pygeum powder, and others. Prostate Plus also consists of antioxidants like juniper berry, pumpkin seed, and quercetin. The ingredients and dosage of this supplement were formulated by professionals like other supplements on this list.

The manufacturer recommends two capsules of Prostate Plus every day for effective results. Prostate Plus promises to help support a healthy urinary flow and functional prostate health, among others. As revealed on the sales page, Prostate Plus has received several positive customer reviews. Based on the reviews, Prostate Plus can help you achieve a healthy and improved urinary flow and prostate health within one week.

VigRX’s Prostate Support


Like many prostate support supplements on this list, VigRX Prostate Support promises health benefits like natural prostate support, emptying the bladder, diminishing night-waking, and urinary flow support. It is one of the credible prostate support supplements on this list. It consists of organic ingredients like stinging nettle and palmetto extract, among other effective ingredients. VigRX Prostate Support is unique because of its dosage – three capsules. It promises to support a healthy prostate in several ways.

The credibility of VigRX Prostate Support lies in the fact that it is backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee that grants you assurance. VigRX Prostate Support supplement is affordable, and it contains top-quality ingredients.

Pro-Forta Men


Pro-Forta Men is made by the famous supplement company Gundry MD founded by California-based medical doctor Steven Gundry. Over the years, Gundry MD has garnered enough popularity and excellent reputation in the health and wellness industry, thanks to its high-quality products. Pro-Forta Men is one of Gundry MD’s products disrupting the health and wellness industry due to its effectiveness. Like other products of this company, Pro-Forta Men is formulated by doctors.

Pro-Forta Men contains potent ingredients like lycopene, palmetto extracts, and root extracts, among others formulated to offer prostate health support. Pro-Forta Men promises to improve your urinary flow, tract health, and mental energy with just two capsules daily. It can also reduce muscle soreness, aches, and some other health benefits you may find when using it. Pro-Forta Men is a robust and comprehensive formula; it is not restricted to improving prostate health as it can enhance other aspects of male health and wellness. Pro-Forta Men comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee like other products of its parent company.



ProstaStream is a unique prostate supplement because of the ingredients that make it up. Although ProstaStream contains generic prostate health support supplements’ ingredients. It includes tomato fruit powder and cat’s claw; these two unique ingredients were supposedly selected due to their effectiveness in supporting prostate health. ProstaStream also contains pygeum bark extract, Graviola leaf, mushroom extract, and saw palmetto berries.

ProstaStream purportedly consists of 100% natural ingredients and is formulated and developed by researcher Frank Neal. Frank Neal created ProstaStream while searching for a perfect cure for his severe prostate problems. ProstaStream is also a top-class prostate support supplement offering various prostate health benefits. The manufacturer recommends two capsules of ProstaStream daily for effective results.



ProSam is a prostate health support supplement backed by a man who developed the formula to solve his dreadful prostate problems. After battling prostate problems for some time, the man did a lot of research to create an effective formula that could help tackle his problem. Earlier, the man was battling several symptoms of prostate enlargement, including frequent urination at night. His problems exacerbated further, and one night he experienced kidney failure, waking up to red urine. This marked the beginning of his breakthrough as he began researching for a lasting solution.

ProSam was formulated with natural ingredients that purportedly solved the man’s problem. ProSam contains common ingredients like plant sterol complex, red raspberry fruit, pygeum bark extract, saw palmetto berries, and a mix of antioxidants dedicated to supporting overall wellness.

ProSam also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and it is cheap and affordable.



Like VitalFlow, ProstaMend stands out by vowing to fix BPH entirely rather than just supporting prostate health as pledged by other supplements on this list. ProstaMend is backed by scientific proof, and the manufacturer claims that it had tested this formula with 8,000 volunteers. ProstaMend is branded as a prostate health support supplement that can help you “fix BPH and save your prostate” if used as recommended by the manufacturer. You can use this supplement before going to bed for effective results.

ProstaMend contains natural ingredients found in most supplements on this list and a blend of minerals and vitamins. ProstaMend also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The fact that the ProstaMend supplement has passed through clinical trials makes it a reliable supplement that will not cause any harm to you in the long and short term.

Super Beta Prostate


Super Beta Prostate is last on the ranking but also a top-quality prostate health support supplement. Super Beta Prostate is purportedly a urologist recommended formula, unlike every other supplement on this ranking list. The manufacturer claims it is the #1 urologist recommended formula and is endorsed by more urologists than most prostate health formulas.

Super Beta Prostate consists of components like reishi mushroom extract, lycopene, and beta-sitosterol. This supplement is also unique because it contains a refined dose of ingredients and offers targeted benefits, unlike other supplements on this list that use ingredients’ exact dosages.

Super Beta Prostate promises to help improve quality sleep, urinary tract health and supports emptying of the bladder. Super Beta Prostate can also help reduce toilet trips and other symptoms of prostate problems.

Another outstanding feature of Super Beta Prostate is its penetration into the bloodstream to offer various prostate supports. Aside from penetrating the bloodstream, Super Beta Prostate works via two other processes. Ingredients like lycopene and reishi mushroom extract in Super Beta Prostate help support prostate health for maximum functioning. At the same time, beta-sitosterol is dedicated to tackling urinary tract problems.

You can purchase Super Beta Prostate on the sale page and on Amazon. A bottle of Super Beta Prostate costs $29. You can also buy one bottle at $22 if you order three bottles at a time; it is one of the cheapest on the list. Super Beta Prostate is classified among the best-value prostate health support supplements in the market.

Criteria For Ranking The Top Prostate Health Support Supplements

All prostate supplements claim to help support your prostate health or eradicate your prostate problems; however, they do not work the same way even though most contain similar ingredients. Their potency is different, and they possess various beneficial features that make them up; this, among other criteria, is what our editorial team leverages to produce a list of best prostate supplements in the market so that your burden would be lessened. Below are the factors we used to rank and include supplements on this list.

Clinically-Backed Formula: Ingredients and Dosage

Clinical and scientific backing is an essential factor used in our listing and ranking process. Supplements that contain clinically-backed ingredients tend to be more effective and less risky than others. While some prostate support supplements contain ingredients endorsed by scientific proofs like placebo-controlled clinical trials and double-blind, ingredients in other supplements do not have reputable backing. Also, proof behind ingredient dosage is another factor we gave preference. Hence, we have considered supplements with science-backed ingredients over others.

Clinically Trial

Some prostate supplements have been put to clinical trials to check their effectiveness and possible side effects. This shows how safe a supplement is and its potency. We used this criterion for our listing process, and it was used to determine our ranking of the best prostate health support supplements.

Realistic and Honest Benefits

Some supplements are full of overblown promises. Some manufacturers advertise their products with unrealistic benefits like a cure for prostate problems within five days. Also, while the FDA regulations have prevented prostate supplements from promising cures to cancer and prostate treatment overnight, some supplements still go beyond the frontier, claiming ludicrous benefits. We chose supplements with real and honest benefits over ones with overblown offers.

Manufacturer’s Longevity and Reputation

Manufacturers that have been in the health and wellness industry for a long time with a good reputation like WebMD have got their image to protect; hence they will not sell a health-damaging product. Because numerous shady companies are producing prostate supplements today, it is vital to select a long-existing and reputable producer of prostate supplements when you want to buy one. We have considered this criterion as an important listing and ranking factor.

Transparency In Ingredients

Some companies are shady in the list of their ingredients and composition. We preferred companies that are transparent in the ingredients lists and composition.

Value Offered Per Cost

Some supplements are expensive with nothing to offer. We have considered the ratio of value provided to cost to give you the best prostate supplement. We did this to ensure that you don’t get ripped off.

Money-back Guarantee

The money-back policy is one of the factors that assure people about a product. Prostate supplements cannot work for people the same way. Even the best supplement may not work effectively for some people; hence the money-back guarantee helps them get refunds if they are not satisfied with the result. This criterion was also considered for the ranking. Most supplements on this list do not have less than 30 days money-back guarantee, a period enough to check the product’s effectiveness.

Medical Personnel-backing

Companies with a medical practitioner in the team or board will likely offer a potent and safe formula. Also, supplements produced by such companies are recommended by the medical practitioner. We preferred supplements with medical personnel backing.

Who is Prostate Health Support Supplement Suitable for?

Men across the world are suffering from prostate symptoms, and that is why the supplements were manufactured. Prostate enlargement is associated with age. Men face a high risk of developing prostate enlargement as they grow older. Evidence indicates that 80% of men are likely to develop prostate enlargement when they are aging. Prostate health support supplements are suitable for any man battling prostate enlargement symptoms. These supplements are dedicated to supporting and enhancing men’s prostate health and urinary tract. You can maintain an excellent prostrate status and prevent frequent urination by taking prostate supplements.

While some men are unaware of their prostate problem, others feel bordered by this condition. However, with the help of a prostate supplement, you can quickly improve your prostate problems.

What are the Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement?

As said earlier, many people are battling prostate problems, but they are unaware. This article reveals some symptoms associated with prostate enlargement and why you should use a prostate supplement. Some of the symptoms are listed below:

  • Painful and stressful urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Seizure while urinating
  • Sudden urination urge
  • Weak urine flow
  • Getting out of bed multiple times to urinate
  • Urinary function inconsistency

The above symptoms are peculiar to people who have prostate problems. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you need to take care of yourself because you may have BPH. Taking prostate supplements is an excellent way to offer a solution to your prostate problems. Still, it is necessary to visit the doctor first. Note that in rare cases, BPH could exacerbate, damaging the kidney or/and bladder.

What is the Meaning of Prostate?

The prostate is a part of a reproductive system responsible for several reproductive actions in men. It is a small-size gland that is situated between the bladder and the penis. It is responsible for the secretion of fluid that nourishes and protects the semen; it also helps convey the sperm during ejaculation. In an ideal situation, a healthy prostate gland is about walnut size. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra.

Because the prostate gland surrounds the urinary tract (urethra), it can easily affect the latter’s functionality. If the prostate gland increases in size, the urinary tract will experience pressure.

What is the Meaning of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)?

Usually, Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition where the prostate gland enlarges, disrupting the urinary tract or other body parts. It is common in men and directly proportional to age. Circa 80% of men above the age 85 are battling BPH.

Ways of remedying BPH include surgery, pills, and a change of lifestyle.

How are Prostate Problems Treated?

Depending on several physiological factors like health condition, age, and others, prostate enlargement may vary; hence, doctors treat BPH problems differently.

Below are the ways of eradicating or preventing BPH problems. These approaches can help you stay proactive against prostate enlargement.

Frequent Checkups and Monitoring

A frequent medical checkup is essential for staying healthy. If you are experiencing any mild symptoms of an enlarged prostate, make sure you visit your doctor for a medical checkup. You may be encouraged by a wait-and-see approach. However, monitoring is essential at this stage; this will help you prevent any severe cases.

Change in Lifestyle

Some specific lifestyles can make you prone to enlarged prostate; these include alcohol, caffeine, and fatty foods. If you have BPH symptoms, your doctor may recommend you stay away from the lifestyles mentioned above. Also, you would be encouraged to do more exercise, take healthy foods, eat fiber, reduce water consumption and go to the toilet before bed, among others.


Pills and supplements are excellent ways of reducing or eradicating prostate problems. Some pills or supplements may be prescribed for you by your doctors to help manage your enlarged prostate problem. Examples of standard prostate medicines include 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, Alpha-blockers, Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors, and others. These medicines can help shrink the size of your prostate.


Unlike BPH, some prostate problems can be traced to prostatitis. Such issues can be corrected with antibiotics. Prostatitis shares some symptoms with the prostate, which is caused by inflammation or infection in the prostate.


In the worst-case scenario, if all of the above methods are not effective enough in helping you correct your prostate problem, doctors might need to recommend surgery.

Prostate Tests & Exams

Medical practitioners may perform tests or examinations to check your prostate problems, especially when they are unclear. Tests like the rectal examination may be performed to check the size and firmness of your prostate and lumps in the prostate. In some cases, doctors may request a check on the PSA protein secreted by your prostate cells; this requires a prostate-specific antigen test. Aside from all these, there are other tests doctors may request during the examination of your prostate.

What Science Says About Prostate Supplements

Some people are skeptical about the safeness of prostate supplements; however, some ingredients have scientific backing that confirms their effectiveness in managing prostate problems. If you take a supplement with the appropriate element in the proper dosage, there should be no cause for alarm. You might also want to support your supplement with a range of healthy lifestyles to ensure utmost effectiveness.

A 2001 study examined the effect of palmetto in men with lower urinary tract symptoms. The study was conducted on 85 men over age 45. It was confirmed that men who took 160mg of saw palmetto daily for six weeks had lower urinary tract issues and maintained a better quality of life. Popular health and wellness platform WebMD also stated that saw palmetto extract is used by men across Europe and the United States to manage prostate enlargement.

In 2014, a study examined the effect of the combination of saw palmetto extract, selenium, and lycopene on prostate problems. The researcher deduced that combining the three ingredients was more potent in supporting prostate health than a single therapy. The research involved 225 men who took the combined therapy for 12 months.

Four hundred four men were also placed on trial in a 2018 study that examined the effect of prostate treatment. Half of the men were asked to take the prostate treatment that included the combination of saw palmetto extract, lycopene, and selenium. In contrast, the rest were asked to take a traditional BPH treatment drug, tadalafil. It was observed that the first group experienced improved health conditions and fewer adverse effects than the second group.

Saw palmetto extract is an essential component of most top-class prostate supplements on the market.

According to the University of Michigan, plant sterols like beta-sitosterol and others, which are another set of popular ingredients of prostate supplements, have a positive effect on BPH symptoms. Even though the way beta-sitosterol works on BPH is yet to be established, some other research found that beta-sitosterol could help reduce cancer risk and reduce cholesterol.

After analyzing dozens of studies that examined the effect of beta-sitosterol on prostate health, some researchers concluded that beta-sitosterol could help support prostate health by improving the urinary symptoms and flow measures.

Lycopene is another popular ingredient found in prostate supplements; it is a natural chemical extracted from tomatoes. Lycopene is responsible for the reddishness of tomatoes and other red foods. Lycopene is known for its antioxidant property. A 2014 study confirmed that lycopene could help neutralize free radicals and promote lesser inflammation in the body.

Zinc is an essential ingredient that can help improve men’s prostate health. It is found in many prostate supplements because of its presence in the prostate gland and other soft tissues in the body. However, some studies believe that taking zinc beyond a threshold level could expose one to the risk of prostate cancer. Because pumpkin seed extract is rich in zinc and other components beneficial to prostate health, it is included in many prostate supplements. Aside from giving your body the required level of zinc it needs, pumpkin seed extract could offer some other health benefits. A 2015 study conducted on 1,431 men (ages 50 to 80) who took 500mg of pumpkin seed extract and placebo found that pumpkin seed extract is more effective on prostate health than placebo.

You would also find a pygeum bark extract supplement, and many studies have endorsed its potential. Also known as Pygeum Africanum bark extract, pygeum bark extract can reduce BPH and prostate cancer in men, and a 2002 study confirmed this. Other evidence proved that pygeum extract might help men correct urinary dysfunction problems linked to enlarged prostate.

There is a range of other ingredients that can be found in a good prostate health supplement. Most health supplements are rich in antioxidants, green tea extract, quercetin, red raspberry, and vitamin C, among other antioxidant-rich compounds. This is because antioxidants can support humans’ overall health and wellness and help reduce the number of free radicals in the body.

Finally, it is essential to maintain a good lifestyle for healthy living. Even when taking prostate supplements, lifestyle habits could influence the result. Many studies have proved that combining prostate supplements with a good lifestyle is an excellent approach; this was also confirmed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). ASCO averred that eating habits could influence prostate health. Another set of researchers observed that gut microbiota could influence prostate health, which boils down to a healthy diet. Fatty foods are likely to increase the risk of prostate enlargement.

Prostate Supplements FAQs

There are several questions people ask about prostate supplements and the way they work. For this reason, our editors have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that are peculiar to prostate supplements and appropriate answers to each.

Q: What does prostate mean?

A: The prostate gland is a small organ situated between the bladder and the penis; it is responsible for a crucial role in the male reproductive system, including the protection of semen.

Q: How does the prostate gland look like?

A: It is a small walnut-shaped gland that is situated in front of the rectum.

Q: How does prostate enlargement affects the way I pee?

A: Because the prostate gland is situated around the urethra, its enlargement can easily affect the way you urinate. The urethra is in charge of transporting the urine from the bladder out of your body. If the prostate gland enlarges, it causes pressure on the urethra, making peeing difficult.

Q: Is prostate enlarged normal?

A: Enlarged prostate strongly linked with age; as men grow older, they are more likely to develop an enlarged prostate. Studies have shown that 80% of men above the age of 85 develop an enlarged prostate. Hence, an enlarged prostate can be a regular part of older men.

Q: What is BPH?

A: Also known as benign prostate enlargement (BPE), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is when the prostate gland is overgrown. It is commonly found in men above 50 years.

Q: Is BPH or enlarged prostate a severe threat to health?

A: BPH or enlarged prostate is usually not severe or dangerous and not a threat to the health. BPH does not mean developing cancer or increasing your chances. However, in rare cases, some people have severe cases of BPH, and doctors will need to run a check to see if it is severe.

Q: How do doctors try to cure enlarged prostate?

A: Depending on various factors like age, stage, and others, an enlarged prostate is treated by doctors in several ways. Doctors may recommend surgery, drugs, dietary change, or lifestyle change, among some other treatments.

Q: What are the possible symptoms of BPH?

A: Symptoms of BPH may vary from individual depending on different factors like age, underlying health condition, and more. Common symptoms of BPH include the inability to empty the bladder, frequent urination or need to urinate, increased urination at night, difficulty starting urination, weak urine flow, and more. In rare cases, people may experience blood urine, infected urinary tract, and inability to pee.

Q: What is the meaning of prostatitis?

A: Prostatitis is a health condition that involves inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. It is usually not serious, but one may experience distress and pain. Prostatitis may also cause sexual dysfunction.

Q: What are the symptoms of prostate enlargement?

A: Prostate enlargement shares similar symptoms with BPH; these include frequent urination, increased urination frequency, especially at night, difficulty starting and stopping urination, weak flow of urine, and inability to empty the bladder.

Q: Should I visit a doctor if I see symptoms of an enlarged prostate?

A: Yes, you should visit your doctor if you see symptoms of prostate enlargement, especially when the symptoms become more frequent and disturbing. This will allow the doctor to examine you and run a proper check on you to know the best remedy for your condition.

Q: What are the things that can cause enlarged prostate?

A: Aside from age, enlarged prostate has some other causes; these include diabetes, family history, lifestyle, and heart disease.

Q: What are the severe symptoms of an enlarged prostate?

A: In the worst-case scenario, an enlarged prostate could result in complications like kidney damage, infection of the urinary tract, bladder damage, blood urine, bladder stones, and others.

Q: Do BPH patients have more risk of developing prostate cancer?

A: This is one of the myths around enlarged prostate. Even though prostate cancer and BPH have similar symptoms, BPH does not increase your chances of developing prostate cancer.

Q: What are prostate supplements?

A: Prostate supplements are nutritional pills that are purportedly natural, containing elements like minerals, herbs, vitamins, and plant extracts that are dedicated to supporting prostate health.

Q: How does prostate supplement works?

A: Prostate supplements are designed to supply the body with necessary minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to support prostate health or shrink the size of an enlarged prostate. It can also help eradicate symptoms of prostate enlargement.

Q: What is the best prostate supplement in the market?

A: This is why we have created this list. The supplements on the list are the top prostate supplements in the market based on our ranking. You can choose supplements like Prostate 911, 1MD ProstateMD, VitalFlow, and Nuzena Prostate Support, among all others on this list.

Q: Can prostate supplements improve testosterone or hair loss?

A: Some prostate supplements may have the capacity of supporting testosterone in men or reduce hair loss because of their constituents. Because some of these supplements are advertised as a supplement for improving men’s overall health and wellness, they may contain components that make them potent for preventing hair loss and improving testosterone levels in men. Also, some evidence suggests saw palmetto extract may be suitable for enhancing testosterone levels.

Q: Do prostate supplements work?

A: A good prostate supplement that contains the right ingredients in the correct dosage would likely work. More importantly, some supplements constitute science-proven ingredients, and they have been placed under clinical trials.

Q: Is prostate cancer common?

A: After skin cancer, the second widespread cancer amongst men across the world is prostate cancer. Also, it is rated the fourth most common tumor worldwide. More than other cancers like kidney, colon, stomach, or melanoma cancer, men are more prone to prostate cancer.

Q: Is prostate cancer more common among black men?

A: Yes, research confirms that black men are more prone to prostate cancer than Caucasian men by about 75%. Also, they are twice more prone to death caused by prostate cancer.

Q: Is there any connection between cycling and prostate?

A: Cycling has no connection with prostate cancer or prostate enlargement, and no research has proved otherwise.

Q: What is the best diet to improve prostate health?

A: Doctors and dieticians have recommended eating healthy foods with enough minerals and vitamins. One should stay away from fatty foods. Fruit and vegetable-rich diets are recommended, and eating fish may improve prostate health.

Q: Which vitamins and minerals are most effective in supporting prostate health?

A: Vitamin D and E are the best vitamins for improving prostate health, and selenium is a crucial mineral for prostate health.

Q: Can lycopene support my prostate health?

A: Yes, lycopene seems to help support prostate health. This is probably due to its antioxidant properties. Some studies have suggested reducing cancer risk by taking lycopene found in tomatoes and other red foods.

Q: How do antioxidants improve prostate health?

A: Because antioxidants can help reduce free radicals in the body and support healthy inflammation, they may improve your prostate health by reducing the size of your prostate gland; this is why they are found in most prostate supplements.

Q: Can smoking cause prostate cancer?

A: Research confirms the connection between smoking and tumor growth. Smoking can increase the rate of tumor growth in men.

Q: Does exercise affect prostate health?

A: As said in the article, experts and findings from research works have proven that a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and routine exercise, can improve your prostate health and overall wellbeing.

Q: What is the work of the prostate gland in men?

A: The prostate gland plays a crucial role in men, especially in the reproductive system. It protects and conveys the sperm cells for ejaculation.

The Top 12 Prostate Health Supplements Final Verdict

Doing the proper research before buying a prostate supplement is necessary. A good prostate supplement should contain the right ingredients in the right proportion and should work effectively.

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