Best Payday Loans Online – Top Reputable Services for Payday Loans with Bad Credit

It is easy to get a payday loan via the internet today. Banks may reject your loan application if your credit score is below the minimum. Financial experts claim that about 40 percent of Americans may not have $800 at their disposal in an emergency.

Payday loan websites provide an avenue for one to get a loan via the internet. It is easy to fill out the loan application form and have it processed within a few hours. Some lenders conveniently deposit the emergency loans into your account for 2-24 hours.

Bad payday loans websites are cons and risky. Some use your bank and personal details to commit frauds. However, a reliable payday loan website quickly processes your request and provides you with immediate funds. Similarly, a suitable payday loan website is secure, and there are zero risks of your details ending with scammers.

We help you find a reliable, convenient, and safe payday loan website. Thus, we have pored over the internet and conducted hours of research to rank some of the best payday loan websites in 2022.

Top 6 Best Payday Loan Websites

We made sure to test each payday loan website to test its authenticity, legitimacy, and speed of processing loans. After hours of deliberation and research, we have ranked some of the best loan websites you can use today.



MoneyMutual is a reputable payday loan website with over two million customers. The payday loan website is not a lender but a link between borrowers and financiers. You only need to fill out the loan application forms via the internet, and then MoneyMutual immediately sends your application to over 60 lenders. Thus, there are higher chances of getting a loan within a short time.

MoneyMutual allows any American adult with an excellent credit score to fill out the form and get about $5000 within 24 hours. Still, if you have a bad credit score, you can also qualify for an emergency loan within a few hours.

MoneyMutual makes it possible to reach out to numerous lenders using one application form, thus quickly boosting the chances of getting a loan. We also loved MoneyMutual because lenders need not pay while signing up. The financier pays directly to the payday lending website.

The payday loan website is a popular option and tough to beat. We picked MoneyMutual because it ensures only trustworthy lenders transact business with their customers. MoneyMutual connects borrowers with over 120 lenders hence giving you a chance to settle with a financier with a good reputation.

Learn More about MoneyMutual here.



As the name suggests, BadCreditLoans.com is for individuals with bad credit scores looking for a worthy lender. Most people get their loan application forms rejected by banks and other lenders because of their poor credit marks. The website advertises it can help you hook up with a trustworthy financier regardless of your credit score. Borrowers can get $200-$10,000 within a day.

BadCreditLoans.com does not charge a dime to access its services like most payday loans websites. The payday loans website acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders, making it easy to get loans quickly. There are dozens of lenders willing to offer you loans at different rates. BadCreditLoans.com promises to speed up your loan application form; hence you can get money within a short time.

BadCreditLoans.com gives you the choice of settling for a lender with the best interest rates and is transparent about other charges. Thus, it can protect you from doing business with swindlers who exaggerate interest rates. BadCreditLoans.com allows you to fill out the loan application forms via their website in three simple steps, review offers, and connect you with potential lenders.

Learn More about BadCreditLoans.com here.



A reliable payday loan website is easy to access and quickly processes your loan application form. Most people require their loans within a short time to ensure they address their emergency promptly. The designers of FundsJoy.com claim they created it to allow borrowers to get access to honest lenders speedily.

You can fill out the FundsJoy.com loan application form in less than ten minutes. Like other top-rated payday loan websites, you can borrow up to $5000 depending on your needs and credit score. Additionally, FundsJoy.com gives you access to various loan types to make the best choice.

FundsJoy.com is an intermediary between financiers and borrowers at a zero percent access fee. The lenders pay the payday loan website for transacting with you, and then the lender can charge the borrower after successfully reviewing their loan application. The advantage of this payday loan website is that borrowers have access to multiple lenders, making it easy to filter those with the best rates.

Learn More about FundsJoy.com here.



PickALender is a unique payday loan website that allows you to connect with lenders within your geographical region. You can complete the loan application form in under two minutes allowing creditors to review your application and disburse money within 24 hours. PickALender’s physical location is in Overland Park, Kansas, and it offers its services to borrowers at zero rates.

PickALender is a trustworthy website that promises to link you up with honest lenders in your times of need. PickALender’s website offers several services, including auto loans, credit consolidation, and debt consolidation. In addition, the payday loan website enables you to access various loan types depending on your needs, such as home improvement loans, payday loans, and travel loans. You can borrow between $100 and $40,000 within a day.

Most payday loan websites offer short-term loans that you have to clear in less than a month. PickALender allows you to find a financier that allows you to pay your debt according to your conditions. Some loan types like cars or mortgages can be serviced in months, thus a convenient option for most borrowers.

Learn More about PickALender here.



Most borrowers look for lenders that review their applications and make deposits within a short time. CashUSA.com is a Nevada-based payday website capable of finding lenders who process and deposit your loan within a day. The creators of the website claim that you can receive up to 10,000 dollars within the next business day without any hassles.

CashUSA.com online application form is easy to fill, and you can complete it within five minutes. Like other payday loan websites, you only need to fill out your personal information and bank details to help lenders do a quick review. Upon completion of the loan application form, the website displays the interest charges of multiple lenders for you to make a quick comparison.

CashUSA.com acts as an intermediary between a lender and borrower. The borrowers get a complete list of potential lenders within their region, making it easy to access their services at reasonable rates. CashUSA.com is ideal for borrowers in need of quick money within the shortest time possible. You can get up to $10,000 within 24 hours, depending on your credit score.

Learn More about CashUSA.com here.

Next Day Personal Loan


Next Day Personal Loan is a one-of-a-kind payday loan website that offers services in all American states. The official website is 100% secure, boasting 256-bit data encryption to ensure unscrupulous persons do not access your private and bank details. Next Day Personal Loan is for people with good and bad credits and brags about an easy application process.

Next Day Personal Loan requires you to fill out the forms in under two minutes. If your loan application is successful, you get a complete list of lenders within your state, including their perks, charges, and interest rates. After submitting your application form, the potential lender deposits the money to your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Next Day Personal Loan does not charge borrowers for using its website. Instead, they get a small fee from lenders. Still, most people like the payday loan website because it makes a complete list of lenders for easy comparison.

Learn More about Next Day Personal Loan here.

Our Ranking

There are hundreds of payday loan websites today. The rising cost of living necessitates getting a loan to cover emergencies. However, some payday loan websites are there to trick desperate borrowers. Our editorial team used the criteria below to separate the best and worst payday loan websites.

Quality of Financiers – Certain payday loan websites collaborate with shady lenders that exaggerate their rates and fees. Additionally, some sites direct you to numerous lenders for you to make worthy comparisons, while others lead you to less than ten lenders that are not transparent. We sought online payday loan websites that steer you to honest and legitimate lenders. We also chose payday loan websites that feature several reputable lenders.

Deposit Speed – Every payday loan website promises to disburse your loan within a short time. Still, some are faster and work on all days, while others can only process your loans during business days. Some honestly deposit your loan amount within a day, while others take less than two hours to disburse the loaned amount. We ranked higher on payday websites that quickly deposited the funds in our accounts.

Quantity of Lenders – Some payday loan websites partner with over a hundred lenders while others transact with less than ten financiers. The more the number of lenders, the easier it is to compare and choose the best money-lending institution. A reputable payday loan website has access to many high-quality lenders with the best loaning offers.

APRs, Fees and Extra Charges – American law requires all lenders to truthfully disclose all the necessary fees, interest, and other charges. Unfortunately, some lending institutions do not indicate all charges, while others confuse borrowers. Desperate borrowers may not read the fine print carefully. We deliberated on the payday loan website that indicates all their charges, APRs, and the extra charges upfront.

Company Contact Information – It is risky to share your personal and bank details with a payday loan website that hides its address, phone number, and physical location. Some websites are transparent and disclose all the necessary contact information upfront. We sought payday loan websites that are transparent with their dealings and provide the correct contact information to all borrowers.

Transparency – Unfortunately, the payday loan space is packed with shady dealings. All payday loan websites are legally obligated to give borrowers and other interested parties truthful information. We preferred an establishment that openly reveals its fees, charges, and services honestly. Our editorial team made sure to rank payday websites that do not hide information and are ready to clarify any issues before, during, and after entering business with borrowers.

Customer Reviews – We made sure to test each of the six payday loan websites on our rankings. However, we also considered other customers’ experiences with each payday loan website. Some payday loan websites like MoneyMutual have over two million customers and thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. There is no perfect payday loan website. Still, a payday loan company with hundreds of individual reviews is likely legitimate.

Company Reputation and Experience – As stated earlier, no single payday loan website is 100% perfect. Payday loan websites rise and fall spontaneously. Some payday loan websites have decades of experience in the industry, while low-quality payday loan websites are not regular. We preferred payday loan companies with a proven record of accomplishment in the money lending space.

Ease of Use – Some payday loan websites are slow and have a poor design making it difficult for borrowers to access lenders. Some payday loan websites require irrelevant personal data and require you to spend a lot of time filling out details. Some are easy to use and have zero complications when filling out the online application forms. We chose payday loan websites that are user-friendly and allow you to complete the application process within minutes.

Security – It is easy for swindlers to use your bank and personal details to commit fraud. An insecure payday loan website is easy to hack, making it easy for swindlers to steal your personal information to commit evil. Most lenders require specific sensitive details, including your Social Security Number and bank details. To prevent hackers, the law requires an average payday loan website to have secure HTTPS and 256-bit encryption. We prefer payday loan websites that invest in their customers’ security and data protection.

Credit Score – A payday loan website should allow you access to loans whether you have a good or bad credit score. Research indicates that most borrowers looking for payday loans have an average or low credit score. We considered payday loan websites allowing borrowers with an average or bad credit score to access loans. In short, we chose lenders allowing borrowers at all credit levels to access their services.

Borrowable Amount – Some payday loan websites do not allow you to get more than $5000 loans. Some can process loan requests of up to $40,000, depending on your needs. Some people require vast loans to buy cars or houses, thus requiring large amounts of money. Some customers need emergency cash to clear a bill or buy personal items and only need a few hundred dollars. We considered the least and maximum borrowable loan amount in our ranking. Whether you need a few hundred dollars or several thousand, a payday lender should help you secure that amount.

We ranked the best payday loan websites based on the above standards. The better the conditions on the lending website, the more we rated it. We were wary of payday lenders with poor ratings, unstable, and deals with blacklisted lenders.

How Do Payday Loans Websites Work?

Different payday loan websites have varied conditions. Still, most payday loan websites are user-friendly, accessible, and offer affordable means of borrowing money. An average payday loan website is systematic and has zero complications. Below is a step-by-step guide on how a payday loan website works:

Step 1 – Visit the Website and Start the Application Process

Most Payday loan websites permit users to commence the loan application process via the homepage. Some may recommend reading educational materials on loans before proceeding with the loan application. After filling in the basic information, such as your official name, the payday loan website allows you to view initial offers in your state.

Step 2 – Complete the Application

Apart from personal information, a payday loan website requires you to enter several sensitive details about yourself for verification purposes. For example, most payday loan websites only extend their services to Americans living in any state of the US at the time of application. In addition, you may are required to give out your Social Security Number, personal data, and earning information to allow lenders to generate the best loan types specifically for you.

Step 3 – Check Out Available Loan Offers

A payday loan website must verify your identity and share your details with potential lenders. You can access the different offers from financiers competing for your business hence allowing you to pick the one with the best rates.

Step 4 – Select Loan Amount

After choosing your preferred lender, you can enter the amount of loan that you wish to borrow. Most lenders give out loans of up to 5000 dollars. However, some may give out more than $5000 depending on your needs and credit history. Therefore, there are high chances of a payday lender giving you financial help to clear a bill, buy a house, pay for a car, renovate your home, travel, and other personal use.

Step 5 – Enter Bank Details

Most payday lenders do not deal with cash and instead prefer depositing your loan amount in your bank account directly. Bank deposits are fast and safe compared to cash delivery. Therefore, lenders require you to provide them with an active bank account once they successfully accept your loan application.

Step 5 – Receive Funds

Best payday loan websites deposit money into your bank account within a day. Some process and disburse the loan amount after two hours. However, some payday lenders transact business during official days and are unavailable during weekends and holidays.

Step 6 – Spend the Money as You Wish

Once the lender deposits money into your bank account, you can use it as you wish. The payday lender will not require an explanation of how you spend it. Still, it is best to use the payday loan you requested to prevent misusing it.

Step 7 – Start Loan Repayment

Payday loans require you to make payments once you receive your paycheck. On average, most payday loans require you to clear your debt within 2-4 weeks, failure to which it starts accruing interests. However, some lenders recommend paying a certain amount each month if you borrow large loans.

What Is The Cost Of A Payday Loan Website?

A payday loan website serves as a link between borrowers and potential lenders. Thus, they offer their services at zero charges. So, how do payday loan websites make money? The payday loan websites charge lenders a certain amount for competing for your business.

Like other lending institutions, a payday lender earns money by charging borrowers interests and fees. Still, suitable payday loan websites provide borrowers with different lenders offering various proposals tailored to their specific needs. Thus, borrowers should be wary of any payday loan website charging any amount for a loan application.

Payday lenders charge their lending fees and may have different interest rates. Still, most lenders charge interest based on a simple Annual Percentage Rate (APR). For example, if you borrow $3000, you need to repay the lender $3300 within 2-4 weeks. The extra $300 is referred to as the cost of borrowing or interest rate. The law requires lenders to disclose any type of fee or charges upfront before finalizing the deal. In addition, most states put a cap on how much interest a lender should charge. Still, borrowers MUST understand the terms and conditions for borrowing loans before finalizing a deal.

Why Choose a Payday Loan?

Most people opt for a payday loan as it allows them to get money before their next payday. Payday lenders service your loans quickly and deposit the money within a day. Some lenders may take days or weeks to review your loan application, thus inconvenient when you need money.

Why get a payday loan? The simple reason why most people get a payday loan is to cover emergencies before the following paycheck lands in your account. Some of the reasons for getting a payday loan include:

  • You need to pay a debt or bill immediately, failure to which you get fines
  • You have unforeseen costs like a car repair or emergency travel fees
  • You require the payday cash to cater for basics like shelter, food, or medical services
  • You are worried that your current financial situation may not last till your next payday
  • You require emergency cash for personal use

Payday loan lenders may require you to explain why you need a loan. However, once you get the money in your account, you can spend it as you wish. You will not require explaining how you spend it during repayment.

What are the Requirements for a Payday Loan?

Not everyone qualifies for a payday loan. Payday lenders require certain information about you to offer a payday loan. It is impossible to receive an unspecified payday loan via traditional websites. The lenders must verify the information you provide them before making a deal with you. However, payday lenders must preserve their customers’ confidentiality and may not share your information with third parties unless such a clause exists in the loan application form. Most lenders will require sharing your details with a third party if you default on loan repayment and refuse to communicate with the lender.

Some of the conventional payday loan requirements are:

  • The borrower should be a legal adult with a minimum of 18 years
  • The borrower must be a US citizen currently residing in the specified state on the loan application form
  • Must have a reliable, valid, and active phone number and email address
  • The borrower must have an active bank account open for a minimum of thirty days
  • The borrower should not be bankrupt or in debt at the time of borrowing

Payday lenders require other necessary details, including proof of income, for example, a paycheck verifying you earn not less than a thousand dollars per month. Others may require your employer’s address and contact information to authenticate that you are on payroll. In conclusion, most payday loans offer high loans to borrowers earning higher amounts. Thus, it will be impossible for a payday lender to give you $5000 if your monthly payment is $1000.

Do I Need a Proof of Income to Get a Payday Loan?

A payday lender provides you with financial aid before your next payday. Most Americans receive their paychecks after a week, fortnight, or at the end of the month. Thus, most payday loans websites require you to attach proof of income before considering your loan application. You only need to scan your most recent paycheck slip online for verification purposes. Some lenders use your income amount to decide on the amount of loan they can provide; hence, high-income earners are likely to get high loan limits.

Still, some payday lenders will not require proof of income, particularly if you have good credit ratings. Therefore, it is possible to get a loan without providing a paycheck confirmation. Regardless, it is best to maintain a good to average credit score to help you secure a loan in case of emergency.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

Each payday lender has different offers. The amount a payday lender can offer you depends on state lending laws, credit score, and the payday loan website you use, among other factors. However, most payday loan websites can offer $200- $5000 without hassles.

A good credit score allows you to get great offers and higher loan limits. A person with an average credit score may borrow up to 5000 dollars, while one with higher credit scores may get more than 10,000 dollars. Still, some payday lenders offer higher loan limits regardless of your credit score.

6. Benefits of Payday Loan Websites

A worthy payday loan website allows you to access any loan type when you are in need. Some of the benefits of reliable payday loan websites include:

1. Access to Money Regardless of Financial History and Credit Score

Payday loan websites should give you loans regardless of your credit or financial history. Financial past and credit score should not inhibit you from getting a payday loan. Still, some with good financial past and credit scores are likely to get higher loan limits than borrowers with poor credit ratings. Still, a good payday website should have lenders ready to offer financial aid to any borrower.

2. One-time Application to Multiple Lenders

Traditional payday lenders require you to submit personal loan application forms to various lenders, which is tedious, time-consuming, and inconvenient. However, payday lending websites allow you to submit one application form to various lenders in under 10 minutes. Thus, it is easy to get offers from multiple lending institutions within a short time.

3. Cheaper Compared to Credit Cards

Financial experts indicate that paying for credit cards is more expensive than paying for a payday loan interest. Credit cards can charge up to 40 percent of APRs, while payday lenders’ interests are below 30 percent per annum. Still, you can significantly save money by getting payday loans instead of maxing your credit card.

4. Choice of Numerous Lenders

Good payday lending websites link borrowers with multiple lenders with various offers. The more the lenders, the easier it is to settle for the one with the best options. Some payday lending websites connect borrowers with over a hundred financiers with a good reputation.

5. Personalized Payment Terms

A payday loan website allows you to get a lender to customize your specific loan repayment terms. People require loans for various reasons. Therefore, regardless of the loan amount you need, a good payday website can tailor a loan based on your specific loan situation.

6. Enhance your Credit Score

A payday loan can improve your credit score. Most borrowers who make timely payments get good credit scores. A good payday loan can help you offset other credit balances, boosting your overall credit score.

Acceptable Income Types for a Payday Loan

Some payday lenders do not require proof of income to approve your loan. However, lenders that do not ask for income proof offer lower loan limits, and borrowers must have a good or average credit score to qualify. Below are some income types that lenders accept:

  • Pensions
  • Paystubs from employers
  • Disability payment
  • Government salary
  • Self-employment earnings
  • Any other valid source of income

Can I get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit?

Payday lending companies offer loans to borrowers with zero credit scores or bad credit. Most payday lenders offer a $200-$5000 loan limit regardless of your credit history. Below are the criteria most financiers use to determine credit rates:

  • Exceptional Credit – over 800
  • Very Good Credit – 740-799
  • Good Credit – 670-739
  • Fair Credit – 580-669
  • Poor Credit – Any score below 580

Payday lenders may offer significant loan amounts to individuals with low credit scores but a consistent paycheck.

Features of a Payday Loan

There are numerous loan types today, including payday loans. What are the unique attributes of a payday loan? Below are some of the features of a payday loan:

Lending Terms – Most payday loans require you to make payment after two or four weeks. Conventional lenders allow borrowers to service a loan for extended periods between 1-4 years for auto and mortgage loans for 20-30 years.

Loan Limit – Payday loans cover expenses that cannot wait for your next paycheck. Thus, it is impossible to use a payday loan to purchase a car or house. Payday loans offer loan limits between $100 and $10000, and the precise amount is dependent on your income levels and credit history. Traditional loans offer higher loan limits and give borrowers adequate time to make payments.

Deposit Speed – Most payday loans approve loans within 24 hours and make deposits immediately. It may take weeks for a conventional lender to deposit money in your bank account.

Rates – Payday loans are high-risk and have higher interest rates and shorter repayment periods. For example, a conventional mortgage APR may be capped at 3%, while a payday lender insists on a 20% or higher rate.

All Credit Score Acceptance – Most conventional financiers process your loan request if you have a strong credit score. On the other side, payday lenders rely on your latest paycheck details instead of your credit score. Thus, regardless of your credit history, you can still get a loan from payday lenders.

How safe are Payday Loans?

Reputable payday loan websites are safe and secure. Still, some payday lenders may offer dishonest services to unsuspecting borrowers. Below are some of the risks of a payday loan:

Extra Charges for Late Payments – Payday lenders require borrowers to service their loans in 2-8 weeks. Still, some people may not be able to clear their loan debts within the stipulated time leading to the accumulation of penalties and late payment charges.

Hidden Charges – The law requires all payday lenders to disclose all fees required to service their loans. Borrowers must read the loan repayment terms and conditions before entering into a contract with a payday lender. Still, some payday financiers hide extra charges, including higher APR rates.

High-Interest Rates – Borrowers must check the APR rates of their ideal payday lender before borrowing money. Some payday lenders exaggerate the APR charges making payday loans an expensive option.

Disreputable Companies – Some payday lenders share your personal and bank details with third parties without your knowledge. Some harvest your details, including your social security number, with zero intentions of giving you loans. Borrowers should only share their details with reputable payday companies with a record of safeguarding customers’ details.

Other Payday Loan Alternatives

There are avenues of getting financial aid other than payday loans. These include:

  • Selling assets
  • Family and friends
  • Online personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Local credit unions
  • Advance from employer
  • Government emergency funds
  • Pawnshops

FAQs about Payday Loans

We are payday loans experts. Below are some of the questions about payday loans from potential borrowers.

Q: What is a bad credit score?

A: Any credit score below 580 is bad

Q: How do payday loans work?

A: Payday loans are intended to give borrowers financial aid before the next paycheck. Thus, depending on the lender, you use the next paycheck to clear it or part of it after getting a loan today.

Q: What is a high credit score?

A: Good credit scores range above 670.

Q: Is it necessary to provide proof of income when requesting a payday loan?

A: Most payday loan websites require that you attach your most recent paycheck to your loan application form to calculate your loan limit. Still, some payday lenders are not strict about proof of income, particularly if you have a higher credit score.

Q: How much can a payday lender offer a customer?

A: Some payday lending websites offer a maximum of $5000 to all customers. Nonetheless, some lenders can give you up to $40,000.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to qualify for a payday loan?

A: Payday lenders require your official names, proof of income, active contact information, social security number, and bank account info.

Q: How long should I wait before I get a payday loan?

A: Most payday lenders make direct deposits to your bank account within 24 hours after successfully reviewing your application form.

Q: What is the cost of a payday loan?

A: Overall, payday loan fees and APRs are dependent on borrowing duration and credit score. The law requires a payday lender to disclose all repayment information before making a business deal with the lender.

Q: What happens if I default on a payday loan?

A: Payday lenders charge extra fees and penalties on all late repayments. Others contact the borrower to negotiate settlement terms, including more time to repay the loan.

Q: How safe are payday loan websites?

A: Most payday loan websites are reputable and follow all the applicable laws. Still, borrowers should conduct a background search on a payday lending website to ensure it is honest.

Q: Which is the best payday lending website in 2022?

A: Any of the payday lending websites on our ranking above is reputable, including MoneyMutual, CashUSA.com, FundsJoy.com, PickALender, BadCreditLoans.com, and Next Day Personal Loan.


Most people require emergency cash to offset a specific bill, repair a car, and get medical aid, among other reasons. A good payday lending website connects borrowers with potential and honest lenders to help those in need secure funds within a day. If you are in a monetary crisis and require quick aid, a payday loan website can link you with potential lenders regardless of your financial past.

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