Best Metabolism Boosters: Top Products to Boost Metabolic Health in 2022

Metabolism is a set of biochemical reactions crucial in sustaining the life of living things. The primary purpose of robust metabolic responses is to provide all cells with energy and help eliminate cellular waste, which otherwise would cause toxicity. When normal metabolism is sporadic, your immune system becomes weak, making you susceptible to various conditions, including diabetes and cancer. Also, all metabolic reactions are facilitated by enzymes produced in multiple body parts.

Over the years, experts have shown a significant relationship between obesity and poor metabolism. As a result, people looking to shed pounds look for methods to increase their metabolism and weight loss. Body size, genes, gender, and age affect the rate and effectiveness of metabolic reactions. For example, youthful individuals have a rapid metabolism, enabling them to shed fat rapidly. Older individuals lose lean muscles and gain fat due to a slower metabolism. Also, men naturally have a better metabolism (male hormones support the growth of skeletal muscles) than women, which gives them an edge when it comes to burning fat.

Oral dietary formulas and some physical activities boost metabolic reactions, but some nutritional supplements and strength training work better than others. Also, if you are looking for metabolism boosters, you may get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices currently available on the internet and in physical stores. Therefore, this review helps you narrow down some of the best metabolic boosters in 2022.

The Best Metabolism Boosters in 2022

Before compiling this list, we ensured we reached out to reputable manufacturers, read numerous peer-reviewed researches, and pondered over with our team of editors to decide the ranks below.

  • Exipure
  • Java Burn
  • Meticore
  • PhenQ
  • Resurge
  • MetaboFix
  • Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
  • LeanBeam
  • Gluconite
  • CircadiYin
  • Keto Charge
  • Burn Lab Pro
  • Instant Knockout Cut
  • Trimtone
  • PhenGold
  • Metabrim NRG
  • Autaphagene
  • PrimeShred
  • Metabolic Renewal
  • Cellubrate
  • Thyroid Rescue 911
  • 5-Day Metabolism Fix
  • Metabolic Stretching
  • Metabolic Burn
  • Meta Burn



Exipure is a new and popular weight loss product that features a proprietary blend of eight natural ingredients. According to the official website the weight loss properties of Exipure target low levels of adipose tissue, which are known to be at the root of weight gain. Research has shown low levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) to be one of the main reasons for obesity.

The body has two types of adipose tissue, brown adipose tissue and white adipose tissue. Each adipose tissue or essentially fat plays a different function. WAT is related to weight gain and fat accumulation, while BAT is a kind of fat that generates heat and has fat-burning properties.

In nutshell, Exipure focuses on helping increase brown adipose tissue and the production of calorie-burning cells. Among the formula’s main ingredients are Perilla leaves, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Kudzu Root, Amur Cork Bark, and Quercetin. Exipure sales for $49 a bottle and can be purchased with additional discounts when you buy more than one bottle.

Additionally, Exipure comes with a 180 day back guarantee to protect your purchase. The formula in Exipure may help you boost metabolism and help you attain your weight loss goals. For best results drink 1 capsule of Exipure every day with a glass of water. Be consistent and follow a clean diet for optimal results when taking the new brown fat boosting supplement for weight loss and boosting metabolism in Exipure.

  • 1 bottle $59 + $9.95 shipping charges
  • 3 bottles + 2 bonuses: $147 + $9.95 shipping charges
  • 6 bottles + 2 bonuses + free shipping: $234

Java Burn


Java Burn is described as a one-of-a-kind flavorless powder that you can add to your morning cup of coffee. Unlike most supplements on this list, you should consume Java Burn with coffee to be effective. Each Java Burn box contains 30 strips of single-serve packets, which gives you the recommended daily dosage of vitamins and nutrients that accelerate metabolic rates.

You can mix Java Burn with any coffee, whether warm, hot, or cold. Also, the unique blend of herb extracts, vitamins, and minerals rapidly dissolve into your bloodstream to supercharge cellular metabolic reactions. Therefore, Java Burn maker strongly recommends you consume this product only in the morning as increased energy levels can affect your sleep pattern.

Java Burn maker suggests that you consume Java Burn for a minimum of 90 days to balance your metabolisms. Also, this dissolvable metabolism booster can aid in weight loss. However, the producer recommends pairing it with at least 30 minutes of cardio activities five days a week and consuming healthy diets.

Java Burn is currently available on the official website. Thus, the manufacturer warns against consuming more than the recommended dosages. Each Java Burn package comes with a solid 60-day full money-back guarantee.



Meticore is a dietary formula that boosts metabolism by raising the corer body temperatures. According to the manufacturer, individuals struggling with weight gain have a low cellular temperature which inhibits the conversion of fat to energy. Meticore is rich in 6 metabolic-boosting nutrients that work naturally to address a slow metabolism. Additionally, Meticore is free from harmful additives, GMOs, and 100% vegetarian. Also, unlike most formulas on this list, it contains zero stimulants and is unlikely to lead to addiction regardless of how long you take it.

Meticore claims to transform your system by addressing the root cause of low core temperature. Therefore, within weeks of using Meticore, users can have supple, well-toned skin and silkier and shinier hair. Also, Meticore claims that you will be able to shed stubborn fat in the tummy, thighs, and arms. In addition, this supplement can help fight fatigue by alleviating your energy levels throughout the day. The Meticore ingredients can also support better brain health and improve blood flow, thus raising your immune response and reducing the risk of developing heart failure, stroke, and diabetes.

Before consuming Meticore, get medical guidance from your health provider. Also, do not exceed the suggested dosage of one capsule daily, preferably in the morning before meals. Meticore is exclusively available on their official website. The manufacturer recommends consuming Meticore for more than 90 days to rebalance your metabolism and support weight loss.



PhenQ is a 5-in1 metabolic booster that claims to have helped hundreds of folks cut weight, boost metabolic rates and improve their general wellbeing. It contains signature ingredients such as capsimax powder, chromium Picolinate, nopal, and caffeine, scientifically verified to support better metabolism. PhenQ makers claim it surpasses similar products as it naturally addresses the root cause of a weak metabolism. Instead of consuming more than five metabolic booster supplements, PhenQ combines all these superfoods to help you stay focused and full of energy.

Some of the benefits of consuming PhenQ dietary supplements include:

  • It supports rapid fat-burning mechanisms, which allows you to reclaim and maintain your sexy sculpt.
  • The natural PhenQ ingredients inhibit the production of new fat cells, which free you from worrying about adding weight.
  • PhenQ supplement suppresses your appetite and makes you feel complete for extended periods, accelerating the weight loss process. Also, it fights against cravings that add calories and fat into your system.
  • Each PhenQ pill boosts energy production in your system, which allows you to stay active and productive for extended periods.
  • PhenQ components are mood-enhancing, which helps alleviate stress and anxiety. As a result, you can enjoy better moods, quality sleep, and improved relaxation crucial in rejuvenating your cells.

It is exclusively available at PhenQ.com and nowhere else. Ensure you stick to the recommended dosages for effective results. Additionally, due to the positive PhenQ feedback, the manufacturer recently launched the plant-based PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, supporting the natural loss of weight.



Resurge is an innovative metabolic booster cum weight loss regimen that claims to help individuals augment their health naturally. As per their official sales page, Resurge claims to have sold thousands of bottles, and most customers reported positive reviews. Also, it is moderately priced and compared to most supplements on this list.

Resurge maker asserts that the natural ingredients accelerate metabolic rates, support better blood flow, and convert fat into energy. Also, Resurge contains zero stimulants. Instead, it works by optimizing quality sleep, which stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The HGH is vital in supporting biochemical reactions in your system and balancing all the other secretions in the body.

Resurge manufacturer suggests consuming four capsules daily to boost metabolic rates. However, users should only consume this supplement a few minutes before sleep. Also, Resurge maker suggests that consumers make dietary changes and exercise daily to make this product effective. However, Resurge recommends getting medical guidance before taking this supplement if you have hormonal issues.



MetaboFix is a dietary supplement that helps you reduce your waistline naturally without following a strict diet or getting into strenuous exercises. The manufacturer describes it as a 4-second ritual that can boost your energy levels throughout the day by hastening metabolic reactions. In addition, it comprises brain improving fixings that help you have better concentration and focus for extended periods.

In addition, MetaboFix makers claim it helps regulate hormones, including reproductive health chemicals, thus can improve your sexual wellbeing. Also, it can fight high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions by reducing triglycerides levels and improving blood circulation. In addition, MetaboFix is rich in antioxidants that can fight against diabetes and joint issues.

MetaboFix is rich in thinning polyphenols such as green mango, Aronia berries, mulberry fruit, and cinnamon bark, proven by research to support metabolism, enhance weight loss, and reduce joint use issues and fix hormonal imbalances. The red MetaboFix blend is delicious and energizing, and the producer recommends consuming it before any meals for effective results. It contains zero added sugars, GMOs, or any toxic elements. MetaboFix works by improving the function of mitochondria, whose primary role is to enhance energy production at cellular levels. Currently, it’s only available via the official sale page.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic


It is an all-natural combination of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins that augment metabolism and support weight loss. As per the maker, this powdered fruit-flavored formula works naturally to condition your body to burn fat. Some of the benefits of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic include:

  • Increase metabolism, thus allowing your system to burn fat instead of carbs
  • Support better digestive health and absorption of nutrients
  • Boost your immunity by flooding your system with various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Improve brain and nerve function
  • Heighten blood circulation for proper delivery of nutrients and effective removal of waste products.

You should mix one scoop of Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic with plain water, shakes, or your favorite healthy beverage. A solid 90-day money-back guarantee backs each purchase. Therefore, you can use this flat belly tonic, and if it does not own up to its promises, you can ask the marketer for a full refund.



LeanBean is a women-only metabolic booster supplement. It is rich in Glucomannan (3g per serving) – a powerful appetite suppressant that makes you full and reduces constant snacking. As a result, it allows you to reduce calorie intake while accelerating your metabolism to convert fat into energy. The thermogenic ingredients in LeanBean, such as choline, support fat metabolism, enabling women to lose weight naturally.

In addition, LeanBean contains vitamins that can fight against tiredness. Consequently, it can help you exercise more and stay active throughout the day. All the ingredients in LeanBean are in clinically accepted dosages to support better biochemical reactions and enhance fat loss. Also, LeanBean works by regulating hormones that can slow your metabolic rates.

LeanBean maker recommends consuming two capsules before breakfast, lunch, and dinner for not less than 90 days. Since all ingredients are natural, LeanBean is unlikely to cause any side effects. The creators suggest that you purchase LeanBean only from their official webpage.



Gluconite dietary formula is mainly for individuals with unstable blood sugar levels. However, experts indicate that obesity, poor quality sleep, and poor metabolism are the primary causes of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, Gluconite makers combine ingredients that support better sleep and metabolism in making this supplement.

The herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins target the root cause of poor quality sleep to augment metabolic rates. When your brain and body get enough sleep, your metabolic reactions increase. Also, Gluconite manufacturer claims that cell regeneration occurs when you get adequate rest, and consequently, more healthy cells lead to better metabolism and subsequent weight loss. Each Gluconite component is from an organic source, thus unlikely to cause users any side effects.

Gluconite helps stabilize blood glucose ranges, support better blood circulation, reduce inflammations and increase immune response. However, Gluconite users should not consume more than the suggested dosages. Also, if you are diabetic or hypertensive, ensure you get medical guidance before taking this blood sugar support and metabolism booster formula.



CircadiYin is a dietary formula that claims to fight slow metabolism by improving heart health. The heart is a vital organ as it determines blood flow into your system, and every nutrient and gas is delivered into the cells via the blood. Therefore, poor heart rhythm can cause “metabolic hibernation,” making you gain weight.

The ingredients in CircadiYin are popular in Chinese medicine. Research indicates that poor sleep patterns interrupt healthy biochemical reactions. Therefore, CircadiYin supports better sleep to allow your system to heal and restore itself naturally. Additionally, the manufacturer boldly claims that you can experience better metabolic rates without changing your diet and lifestyle. A daily dose of 2 CircadiYin pills is enough to supercharge your metabolic rates, aid in torching fats and help you sleep well. In addition, CircadiYin can balance hormones such as insulin leading to better blood sugar management.

CircadiYin marketers claim that they project the supplement might run of stock soon due to its popularity. However, by purchasing this metabolic booster from their official website, you are guaranteed to get a genuine and premium quality supplement.

Keto Charge


Keto Charge takes control of your metabolism by conditioning your system to stay in ketosis. It is a biochemical method where your system utilizes fat deposits to generate fuel. Human beings can use fat deposits to release energy and provide their blood with enough glucose. However, some individuals have low ketone volumes, which makes their bodies depend on carbs in generating fuel.

The ketogenic diet can help you increase the levels of ketone bodies in your system. However, achieving an adequate state of ketosis can be a daunting task for many persons. Keto Charge claims it can help your system stay in ketosis by producing enough ketone bodies. In short, Keto Charge is purported to work even without following the restrictive keto diet and counting your calories. Thus, you can consume whatever you wish.

By regularly consuming Keto Charge, you can boost your metabolism, burn fat in stubborn areas and increase energy levels in your system. Unfortunately, it is challenging to compare Keto Charge with other similar supplements in the market as there is zero information on their dosage and ingredients. Also, you must buy Keto Charge straight from the manufacturer and nowhere else.

Burn Lab Pro


Burn Lab Pro supports better metabolism by using natural ingredients with zero stimulants. According to the manufacturer, this product is effective and safe. Adult men and women can use it to torch fat and fortify their general wellbeing.

Unlike most supplements on this list, Burn Lab Pro claims to support metabolic rates using 100% natural ingredients that enable you to burn fat while retaining lean muscles. Individuals looking to shed excess fat and maintain their muscles will find Burn Lab Pro a compelling choice.

In addition, Burn Lab Pro can suppress your appetite, thus reducing your daily caloric intake. Also, it helps in stabilizing hormones enabling you to fight obesity-related conditions such as diabetes type 2, joint issues, and hypertension. Also, Burn Lab Pro can boost your endurance and intensity during cardio activities while also boosting recovery after workouts.

Some Burn Lab Pro fixings include HMB, Capsimax, chromium, ForsLean, and others that are clinically proven to help you achieve your ideal body goals rapidly. Similarly, Burn Lab Pro is among the few manufacturers on this list that discloses their ingredients and dosages upfront.

Instant Knockout Cut


Unlike most supplements on this list, Instant Knockout Cut has been on the market since 2014. The manufacturer claims they use premium quality vitamins, herbs, and minerals to produce a metabolic boosting supplement. The company boasts of selling its metabolic booster formula to millions of folks around the globe. Additionally, Instant Knockout Cut emphasizes that this supplement is the work of professionals and is designed to work on all body types.

Some of its benefits include:

  • It suppresses unhealthy cravings and appetite
  • It enables athletics and active folks to work out for extended periods by improving endurance and supporting recovery after workouts.
  • It improves cellular metabolism and rapid conversion of fat to energy
  • It can help in the growth of lean muscles, six-packs, carved legs, and chiseled shoulders and chest
  • Some Instant Knockout Cut ingredients include Vitamins, amino acids, caffeine, cayenne and black pepper, green tea extract, and Glucomannan. All these fixings are clinically verified to boost metabolism and increase fat burning mechanism naturally.

Each Instant Knockout Cut capsule is easy to swallow and unlikely to give users any side effects. The newest 2.0 version of this weight management formula comes in a unique packaging that would appeal to most users. However, the manufacturer strongly recommends you purchase only from their official website to ensure you get a candid and high-quality formula.



Trimtone is a women-only metabolic booster that also stimulates thermogenesis. Women naturally store more fat than men. Therefore, there is a need to use a supplement that addresses the real cause of weight gain in women to torch fat effectively. Trimtone works by increasing the conversion of fat into fuel and stabilizing hormonal issues in women, thus supporting weight loss.

By consuming Trimtone daily, the manufacturer claims that you increase metabolic boosting nutrients in the body, allowing a natural fat burning mechanism. In addition, Trimtone can help increase energy levels in women, thus allowing them to stay active throughout the day. Also, the antioxidant nature of this formula helps in fighting inflammations and toxins that lead to weight gain.

Trimtone manufacturer suggests you consume one capsule daily, preferably in the morning, to help you reach your ideal weight rapidly. Also, the maker recommends you purchase these pills via their official page only. Trimtone fixings include green tea, green coffee, caffeine, and Glucomannan.



PhenGold is a weight management formula that claims to contain 100% natural ingredients, and it works by supercharging your metabolic reactions and accelerating the conversion of fat into fuel. PhenGold manufacturer gives the dosages and list of ingredients upfront, which is vital when comparing it with competing formulas sold online.

Some of the metabolic boosting fixings in PhenGold include L-Theanine, green coffee, green tea, caffeine, cayenne pepper, among others. The manufacturer guarantees users that all ingredients are from clean sources, and each pill is a product from a US-based facility that complies with FDA and GMP directives. Also, the creators assert that PhenGold works from within to eliminate the root cause of a slow metabolism. Some of the advantages of consuming PhenGold include:

  • Improve metabolic reactions for effective weight loss
  • Support the growth of lean muscles and enhance recovery after a workout
  • The PhenGold antioxidants fight inflammations and infections, thus helping in boosting your immunity
  • It can regulate blood flow by widening arteries and reducing harmful cholesterol levels.

Metabrim NRG


Metabrim NRG boldly states that you can lose up to 8 pounds 14 days after you start taking this formula. Additionally, the manufacturer vehemently claims that you can augment your metabolism naturally by consuming these capsules daily. Also, the thermogenic ingredients in this formula make it easy to lose weight as they target fat deposits to generate energy.

As per the official Metabrim NRG sales page, the maker claims hundreds of users have reported losing significant weight shortly after consuming this formula. Also, the manufacturer claims that this product will leave you jitter-free as it contains zero stimulants. However, users can expect elevated energy levels days after consuming this metabolic booster.

Metabrim NRG is currently available only via their official website. The manufacturer warns against buying it from elsewhere as there are counterfeit products too that are ineffective.



Autaphagene is a unique metabolic booster specifically targeting older individuals. However, any adult person looking to torch fat can also use this supplement. As folks get older, their metabolism becomes slower. Therefore, most senior citizens suffer from low energy levels, chronic fatigue, low immunity, and the risk of becoming obese.

Autaphagene makers claim all ingredients are natural and can help boost metabolic rates in aging individuals. The natural compounds work together to support the rapid production of fuel and increase blood flow. Also, Autaphagene helps in stabilizing hormones that could otherwise cause weight gain.

Users should consume one Autaphagene pill daily to:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Enhance loss of weight
  • Encourage better blood circulation
  • Stabilize hormones
  • Suppress appetite
  • Fortify immune response



PrimeShred claims it can help you manage weight issues without losing muscles. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for individuals looking to burn fat while retaining their lean physiques. All the ingredients in PrimeShred are scientifically proven and in clinical dosages to support rapid metabolism.

PrimeShred works by activating your system to burn fat instead of carbs in fuel generation. Moreover, PrimeShred ingredients can suppress appetite and unhealthy cravings, thus allowing you to consume fewer calories and expel more fat. Also, PrimeShred is a hormone regulator that stimulates chemicals and enzymes that target fat cells in energy production.

PrimeShred manufacturer discloses all the ingredients and dosages straightforward for users to make a better comparison with competing products sold online. The maker assures consumers that this product contains zero allergens and is unlikely to cause any side effects.



Cellubrate is a fat-burning formula that claims to use natural ingredients. As per the creator, Cellubrate enhances metabolism by balancing moods and increasing immune response. A poor immune reaction leads to the accumulation of toxic metabolic wastes, which increase fat cells and subsequently cause weight gain. Also, an unbalanced mood inhibits quality sleep and relaxation, leading to increased oxidative stress.

Cellubrate manufacturers claim that 100% natural ingredients can help your system fight infection and inflammations. In addition, it can regulate the production of stress hormones, thus amplifying your moods and supporting better sleep quality.

Cellubrate official websites claim that this supplement is so effective that you will lose weight without changing your eating or lifestyle habits. However, the manufacturer does not disclose the complete list of ingredients and dosage straightforwardly, making it difficult to compare it with other supplements on this list. However, if you have faith in the manufacturer, you can use a Cellubrate dietary supplement and find out whether it will work on you or not.

Thyroid Rescue 911


Thyroid Rescue 911 is a dietary formula from PhytAge Labs Company. The manufacturer is well known in the supplement space and reputed for making quality formulas using organic ingredients. One of the causes of slow and poor metabolism is a malfunctioning thyroid gland. The thyroid is a crucial gland in the human body that regulates various hormones directly influencing metabolism, such as the Human Growth Hormone.

Thyroid Rescue 911 is rich in antioxidants such as Schisandra, which helps to heighten thyroid gland function. Additionally, this formula can aid in supporting better blood flow and stabilize hormones that lead to weight gain.

PhytAge Labs recommends purchasing this metabolic booster and hormone regulator exclusively from their official sales page. In addition, users should consume Thyroid Rescue 911 continuously for a minimum of 90 days to stabilize hormones and fix metabolism issues permanently.

Best Metabolic Booster E-books

Supplements may not be adequate in improving your metabolism. Metabolic booster eBooks can help you adjust to a healthy and happier lifestyle and diet. Each of the eBooks guides below teaches you how to effectively ditch habits that compromise your metabolism and general wellbeing.

Metabolic Renewal


Metabolic Renewal is a doctor-formulated guide specifically for women. As per the creator, by following this manual to the latter:

  • You can naturally improve your metabolism and support weight loss
  • You can boost your immunity and regulate hormones regardless of age
  • You can fight aging by improving the health of your skin and hair
  • You can improve your cognitive health and fight age-related conditions
  • You can escalate your energy levels naturally, which allows you to remain active for lengthy periods

Metabolic Renewal is founded on Dr. Teta’s 4M core principles which help improve your moods, strengthen bones and hair, increase energy levels, and support general wellbeing for holistic development.

What is inside?

  • The 4 Body Sculpting Phases
  • The 12-week Body Sculpting Exercise Plan
  • The 12-Week Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan

5-Day Metabolism Fix


As the name suggests, the maker claims that it can take you five days to fix your metabolisms. However, the 5-Day Metabolism Fix requires you to make certain lifestyle and diet habits to stabilize your metabolism. Some of the components of this program include:

  • How to torch 5lbs of fat in 5 days
  • Smoothies that can support weight loss
  • Fasting procedures that aid in the loss of weight
  • Fat-burning workouts that you can perform at home
  • The 5-Day Metabolism Fix is only available via the official website and comes with an iron-clad 60-day money-back surety.

Metabolic Stretching


Metabolic Stretching is an eBook that suggests that you can augment your metabolism by performing simple stretch routines. Thus, there is no need to engage in restrictive workouts requiring special equipment or work from the gym. All the stretches are easy, and you can perform them in the comfort of your home.

Through these simple stretches, the creator claim that you can:

  • Accelerate fat-torching mechanism and improve metabolism
  • Enhance better blood circulation and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions
  • Support better sleep quality and alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Fight chronic joint and back pains

Metabolic Burn


Metabolic Burn maker claims that you can boost your metabolism and lose weight by working for ten minutes daily. This metabolic booster eBook contains seven guides that can help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing. The creator, Andrew Hall, claims that the recipe for total wellbeing is enough rest, proper diet, adequate exercise, and good moods.

Andrew Hall claims that each person has a fat-incinerating furnace within their system. However, poor dietary and lifestyle patterns can inhibit your system’s metabolic functions. Therefore, you must unlock your natural ability to expel excess fat to boost your health.

You will discover metabolism-boosting recipes, meal plans, muscle-building strategies, and simple workouts inside the Metabolic Burn package. Each purchase comes with a one-year money-back assurance.

Meta Burn


Meta Burn creator claims that you can only expel excess fat through specific exercises. All the workout activities in this guide are simple, and you can perform them in the comfort of your home. Additionally, Meta Burn maker offers users a variety of tricks and tips that make the workouts enjoyable, which allows you to elevate metabolism.

Meta Burn maker claims that you can augment your metabolic rate without starving yourself, consuming bland diets, or working out for hours at the gym. Once you trigger your metabolism, your system rapidly torches fat, and your well-being is augmented.

How We Ranked the Best Metabolic Booster Formulas

All the metabolic booster supplements support weight loss and boost metabolic rates. However, consumers should be aware that not all boosters work as marketed. To isolate top metabolic boosters from similar products, we used the following ranking criteria:

Manufacturer History and Reputation

There are thousands of weight loss supplements in the supplementation industry. However, it holds the highest number of scammers. Some manufacturers have a track record of producing quality and effective metabolic boosters. However, other manufacturers take advantage of the growing number of obese individuals to scam users and overprice their supplements. This ranking preferred companies known for producing premium quality formulas.

Transparent Dosages and Ingredients

Scam manufacturers hide that their products contain stimulants like caffeine to trick users into working. Also, some makers hide low dosages by using proprietary formulas. We chose supplements that disclosed a complete list of ingredients and servings upfront.

Upfront Marketed Benefits

Any metabolic booster claiming to support significant weight loss quickly is not realistic. A simple weight loss formula recommends combining a healthy diet and good exercise routines, among other strategies, to heighten effective weight loss. Any weight loss formula that supports weight loss without changing lifestyle and diet routines is probably a scam.

Ingredients and Dosages

There are specific metabolic boosting ingredients such as caffeine that are scientifically proven. According to numerous research, these ingredients accelerate fat-burning mechanisms and aid in weight loss. The top metabolic booster supplements on this list contain scientifically proven ingredients.

Money-back Guarantee

Any producer offering 100% money-back surety is confident that their products will provide users with the advertised benefits. However, some metabolic boosters will work on certain body types and not on others due to individual differences. So, with a money-back guarantee, you can request a refund if certain supplements do not yield satisfactory results.

Who Can Consume Metabolism Boosters?

A metabolism booster is beneficial to burn fat and increase energy levels. The metabolic booster formulas work by increasing the rate of incinerating fat. Thus, if you usually expel about 1500 calories daily, a metabolic booster will increase this number, thus aiding you to burn fat. Thus, even without a special diet or engaging in numerous cardio activities, metabolic boosters can enable you to lose weight. Below is a list of individuals who can benefit from consuming metabolic boosters:

  • Anyone who feels like they have hi the weighty plateau and are unable to shed more pounds
  • Persons who are cleansing their system or starting a certain weight loss regimen
  • Persons looking to shed fat regardless of age
  • Someone struggling to shed fat in problematic areas like on the butts, thighs, and belly
  • Anyone who wishes to combine various weight loss solutions for better results

What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Metabolic Boosters?

Metabolic boosters are designed not to cause significant side effects to users as they contain natural ingredients. However, all manufacturers strongly recommend taking metabolic boosters according to the suggested dosages. Still, most metabolic enhancers contain stimulants that may make users get anxious, become sleepless and restless. Also, higher doses of metabolic booster supplements can cause:

  • Digestive system issues like constipation and diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting

Therefore, consumers should stick to the recommended manufacturers’ dosage directions. Also, confirm you are not allergic to any ingredient in the metabolic boosters. A certain supplement causes you adverse reactions; you should get medical help and stop the dosage immediately.

Metabolism Booster Suggested Dosages

Before taking any supplement, it is advisable to read the manufacturers’ dosage instructions carefully. Different makers recommend consuming different dosages in various concentrations. Most of the metabolic boosters in the above list recommend drinking one or two capsules daily to elevate metabolisms.

Most metabolism boosters’ ingredients claim to be 100% safe and thus unlikely to cause any severe side effects. However, if your preferred metabolic booster has high contents of stimulants like coffee and caffeine, it is best to follow the makers’ guidelines strictly. Also, if you have medical issues, it is best to get medical guidance before consuming these pills.

What Does Science Say About Metabolic Boosters?

According to numerous research, a high metabolism equals better wellbeing. Most weight loss supplements contain metabolic-boosting fixings as they increase the fat-burning mechanism, hence accelerating weight loss.

Today, numerous individuals are hooked on metabolism boosters like caffeine. For example, in a 1980 study, researchers gave a group of participants caffeine and placebo then asked them to work out. The scientists discovered that those who took caffeine had higher metabolic rates than the control group. Additionally, experts have found that caffeine can assist your system in burning more pounds as it increases fat oxidation.

Harvard Health deliberates that an adult consuming about four cups of unsweetened coffee can burn significant amounts of fat. Also, some researchers claim that drinking caffeine can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as diabetes.

Green tea is a popular ingredient in metabolic boosters and weight loss formulas. In a 2013 study, scientists discovered that green tea could lessen blood pressure, regulate body mass index (BMI), and stabilize total body weight. Also, green tea is effective in blood sugar management, particularly in individuals with type two diabetes. Renowned medical specialist and TV host Dr. Oz recently claimed that his green tea formula could increase total metabolic rates by up to 12 percent. Similarly, American Women’s Health magazine described green tea supplements as “weight loss magic.”

Some metabolic boosters are rich in antioxidants from brown seaweed extract or kelp. As per researchers, antioxidants stimulate thermogenesis by reducing toxic levels that prevent fat-burning mechanisms.

However, not all weight loss supplements work as advertised. Also, some metabolic boosters only offer temporary results, while others are harmful to one’s health. Still, clinical analysis shows that green tea and fiber supplements in their correct dosages can effectively support your weight loss goals.

Additionally, it takes more than just ingesting metabolic boosters to enhance fat oxidation. As per multiple kinds of research, exercising for about 45 minutes can elevate your metabolism for up to 14 hours. In a 2011 analysis, researchers discovered that after working out for 45 minutes, individuals continued to incinerate more calories for 14 more hours.

Generally, science has proven that you can augment your metabolic rate by working out daily, adjusting your diet, getting enough rest, and consuming metabolism boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metabolism Boosters

Below are some of the questions readers ask about metabolic boosters:

Q: What is metabolism?

A: Metabolism is a general term referring to a set of biochemical reactions in your system responsible for processes such as blood circulation, breathing, digestion, locomotion, and other methods that distinguish a living organism from a non-living thing.

Q: What is a metabolic rate?

A: Each living cell requires energy to function. The energy comes from food eaten or fat deposits. The rate at which your system burns calories to release energy is the metabolic rate. For example, when working out, your metabolic rate increases compared to when you sleep.

Q: How can I increase my metabolic rate?

A: According to experts, intensive working out is the best way of elevating metabolic rates. However, certain supplements and foods can also amplify the metabolic rate.

Q: What factors affect metabolic rates/metabolism?

A: Your diet and exercise significantly affect your metabolic rates. Also, age, gender, hormone levels, pregnancy, and occupation can determine your metabolism.

Q: What is the difference between catabolism and metabolism?

A: Catabolism is the process of breaking down glucose into energy (ATP), while metabolism is a series of biochemical reactions that ensure your system is functioning optimally. All metabolic reactions depend on catabolism.

Q: What is anabolism?

A: Anabolism is a chemical process involving converting simple molecules to more extensive and complex molecules.

Q: What are the components of metabolism?

A: Anabolic and catabolic reactions are the main components of metabolism.

Q: What regulates your system’s metabolic reactions?

A: The thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormone, the primary regulator of all metabolic reactions in your body. The thyroid hormones influence various processes such as respiration, gaseous exchange, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Q: Can Hypothyroidism slow metabolic rates?

A: Hypothyroidism condition means that your thyroid glands are malfunctioning and thus generating inadequate hormones. If it is not managed, it can affect your metabolism and significantly reduce your quality of life.

Q: What is the difference between the metabolic rates in men and women?

A: Men naturally produce hormones that increase muscle growth rather than fat. Therefore, the metabolic rates in men tend to be higher in men than in women. Also, lean muscles support burning more calories than fat, making men have higher metabolisms than women.

Q: Do obese individuals have a slower metabolism?

A: Lean individuals automatically have more lean muscles than obese individuals, and therefore, skinny people have higher metabolisms than overweight folks. According to scientific proof, your system requires about two calories to maintain a pound of fat. However, to support a pound of muscle, your system must generate six calories daily. Thus, the more muscles you have, the more calories you need to maintain the muscular mass.

Q: Which foods can raise metabolism?

A: According to clinical evidence, foods rich in protein are the best in elevating metabolism and building muscle mass. To digest proteins, your system requires more energy. Still, it is unhealthy to consume excess protein-rich foods.

Q: Why does metabolic rate slow down with age?

A: Metabolic rates slow down after the age of 30. Also, it is easier to lose lean muscles after a certain age. Equally, older folks gain fat more readily than youthful individuals. Experts claim that the thyroid gland reduces its functionality with age, slowing metabolic rates.

Q: What is the relationship between a low-calorie diet and metabolism?

A: Contrary to most beliefs, a low-calorie diet does not elevate your metabolism. Instead, it makes your body survive in starvation mode, which lowers the metabolism and is detrimental to your health.

Q: Can Intermittent Fasting (IF) elevate your metabolism?

A: Intermittent Fasting conditions your body to burn fat instead of carbs in energy production. However, such a state reduces your metabolic rate and is not sustainable in supporting long-term weight loss goals.

Q: Can workouts/exercises elevate metabolism?

A: Aerobic exercises such as cycling and running can stimulate your metabolic rates even hours after working out. Strength training workouts support the growth of muscles and heighten your metabolism. The development of muscles increases metabolic rates.

Q: Can a slow metabolic rate cause obesity

A: Metabolic issues do not directly influence obesity; however, an Unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet plans are the primary cause of excessive weight. Still, overweight individuals have a slow metabolism as it requires fewer calories to sustain fat. As a result, obese folks find it hard to shed weight due to low metabolic rates.

Q: How do you measure your metabolic rate?

A: Specialists measure your metabolic rates by comparing how much oxygen your system utilizes after a duration of a period. The resting metabolic rate and basal metabolic rate can also determine your metabolism.

Q: What is BMR?

A: As per experts, Basal Metabolic Rate is the primary indicator of how much energy you require to sustain all life processes at rest, including breathing and significant organ functions. The BMR accounts for 70 percent of calories that your system burns daily.

Q: What is RMR?

A: The RMR is the total amount of calories combined with BMR required to perform daily activities like walking and sleeping. It does not comprise any exercises or strenuous activities.

Q: Is it possible to shed fat with a slow metabolic rate?

A: Unfortunately, it is harder to lose fat when you have a slow metabolism. However, combining various weight loss solutions can elevate fat-burning mechanisms leading to significant weight loss.

Q: Can Metabolism Boosters work?

A: Most metabolic boosters contain scientifically proven ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which can heighten your metabolism.

Q: Which are the best metabolic boosters?

A: Any of the above metabolic boosters in the rank above can effectively raise your metabolism.

Q: Can eating late at night cause erratic metabolism?

A: Your body has zero internal clocks to show whatever time of day you consume food. However, most folks rest at night, and therefore, eating at that time can make your system store glucose to fat instead of burning calories. Thus, most weight loss programs recommend consuming food about 4-5 hours before sleeping to reduce glucose to fat.

Q: Can hormones affect metabolism?

A: Yes, hormones such as HGH, insulin, and reproductive hormones directly influence fat distribution and appetite, thus affecting metabolisms.

Q: Where can I buy metabolic boosters?

A: Most metabolic boosters are available online without a prescription. However, most manufacturers recommend purchasing directly from their official sales page. Also, buying from the maker allows users to enjoy various discounts, offers, and money-back guarantees. In addition, you can only protect your money by purchasing quality products from reputable manufacturers. Some online and physical sellers market fake products with the aim of harvesting customers’ confidential details, which they later use to comment on fraudulent activities.

The Best Metabolism Boosters in 2022 Final Word

Natural supplements make the process of elevating metabolic rates easy. Therefore, you can burn calories and increase energy levels, enabling you to cut down weight. Some metabolic boosters boost metabolic rates by supporting better sleep, while others fight against inflammations and infections that slow metabolism. Additionally, some metabolic boosters on this list recommend combining cardio activities—a better diet and supplementations with raising the overall metabolic rates for rapid weight loss. Try one of the best metabolism boosters above!

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