Best Legal Steroids: Review the Top Picks for Steroid Alternatives

Steroids have been a well-known staple in the world of bodybuilding and weight loss for years. Yet, as we all know, most of them are either illegal or accessible only through a prescription written by our doctors. And for a good reason.

Most steroids out there are actually quite dangerous. They contain a number of ingredients that were proven to be perilous in the long run, causing severe damage to the body.

Quite a bummer, eh?

Fear not! You can still get your hands on some of the best steroid supplements out there! And without the side effects!

Yes, we’re talking about the best legal steroids. They exist! Not only will they help you build muscle faster, but they’ll do it with the help of natural ingredients. And they’ve become incredibly trendy too – you can actually order them in all of the fifty states.

And we can vouch for their safety; they’re actually natural supplements, not some shady pills or “magical” drugs that will turn you into a Michelin-like balloon overnight.

If you’re interested in getting some, we’ve compiled a list of the best legal steroids on the market – including their properties, prices, and availability.

The Top Legal Steroid Supplements in 2022

If you think about it, there’s one possible “danger” endemic to legal steroids – not all of them work. They all market themselves as miraculous helpers when it comes to building muscle or losing weight, but only some actually deliver.

Because of that, we went over the most popular legal steroid brands, researching and testing them. Safe to say, we found the best ones.

DBULK: Incredibly strong Dianabol alternative
D-Bal: Great substitute for Dianabol
D-BAL MAX: The best legal substitute for Dianabol in 2022
HGH X2: Naturally doubles HGH levels to boost workouts and reduce body fat
HyperGH 14X: Successfully raises HGH (human growth hormone) in a natural way
CCUT: A sophisticated, reputable legal alternative to Clenbuterol
Clenbutrol: The best way to get a non-prescription variant of Clenbuterol
NO2 Max: Oxygen circulation and blood flow stimulator, boosting nitric oxide; gives you more energy boost and improve protein synthesis
TBULK: Incredibly famous Trenbolone substitute with top-quality androgenic effects
Trenorol: Melt fat, get muscle growth and vascularity with a great legal alternative to Trenbolone
Testo-Max: A Sustanon substitute for increasing testosterone levels
TestoGen: Best-selling a natural testosterone booster that can also increase muscle mass
TestoPrime: One of the top testosterone-boosters out there to improve lean muscle ratio
HBULK: Natural alternative to both Somatropin and HGH
SBULK: Strength, muscle mass, high testosterone alternative to Sustanon
Anadrole: Extremely potent Anadrol substitute that enhances power and strength
ABULK: A natural alternative to Anadrol, mimicking the influences of Oxymetholone, inducing the bulking-up of muscle tissue
ACUT: A great alternative to Anavar that can build lean muscle tissues
Anvarol: Well-known Anavar simulator synthesizes phosphocreatine
DEKA BULK: One of the best Deca-Durabolin substitutes, great for gaining muscle
Decaduro: A tried-and-tested alternative to the steroid Deca-Durabolin for gaining strength
Winsol: Get lean mass and power by emulating the effects of Winstrol (Stanozolol)
WINCUT: A super-effective imitator of the steroid Winstrol (Stanozolol)
Best Bulking Stack: The best legal bulking stack you can get in 2022
Best Cutting Stack: One of the best legal steroids that you can get in 2022

Brutal Force DBULK

Key Information
Ingredients: Ashwagandha, L-Leucine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and others
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100-day money-back guarantee
Brutal Force DBULK: $60

Brutal Force DBULK, also known as simply DBULK (Brutal Force), is one of the safest substitutes for Dianabol, legally and effectively giving you all of its benefits without the negative consequences.

The legal steroid pills do their best for enhancing muscle-building, retaining muscle mass, speeding up your recovery, and giving you short-term, explosive energy! It does many other things too, but in order to find out, you’ll have to buy it first!

CrazyBulk D-Bal

Key Information
Ingredients: The legal steroid alternative contains MSM, L-leucine, and ashwagandha
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
CrazyBulk D-Bal: $60

Fast recovery, huge lean muscles, explosions of energy – this only scratches the surface of what CrazyBulk D-Bal can do. Aiming to become a healthy alternative to Dianabol, CrazyBulk D-Bal relies on an anabolic formula to give you the desired results.

Don’t be doubtful – it doesn’t just put a bit of everything in the mix; the legal steroid alternative contains solid doses of natural ingredients. After all, big gains come from big scoops! Quality, legal steroids are serious bulking supplements, and they’re supposed to be taken seriously.


Key Information
Ingredients: Branched Chain Amino Acids, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, and whey protein complex
Quantity: 45 capsules per tube (Two tubes for one month supply)
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
D-BAL MAX: $69 (Free worldwide shipping)

D-BAL MAX bases itself on one of the most popular illegal steroids ever – Dianabol. Thus, it makes sense that it’s one of the most popular and best legal steroids, enabling users to get crazy muscle gains without experiencing any severe side effects!

If consumed on a regular basis, D-BAL MAX positively influences the synthesis of protein while also increasing IGF-1, testosterone levels, and cellular energy (ATP). In other words, it makes you bigger, stronger, and lets you last longer – in the gym!

Crazy Bulk HGH X2

Key Information
Ingredients: This natural steroid contains Maca root, Hawthorne berry extract, L-Arginine, and others for increasing muscle growth and muscle strength
Quantity: 60 capsules
Dosage: Two capsules
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
Crazy Bulk HGH X2: $60

Crazy Bulk is, indeed, a crazy brand that has a lot to offer. HGH X2, however, focuses specifically on your body’s HGH levels. When triggered by the natural production of the mighty, anabolic, human growth hormone targeting your pituitary gland, HGH X2 results in significant muscle increase, shorter recovery time, and crazy fat loss.

Hit the gym, pump iron, stack protein, lose fat, and quickly repeat! That’s what you get if you only take two capsules of this legal steroid alternative per day! An equivalent to the illegal Somatropin, this legal steroid supplement comes with absolutely no side effects!

HyperGH 14X

Key Information
Ingredients: L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, GABA, Deer Antler Velvet, Astragalus Root Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Colostrum, Anterior Pituitary Powder, L-Ornithine, and others
Quantity: 120 tablets
Dosage: Two tablets two times a day
Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee
HyperGH 14X: $70

Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the most important (and well-known) keywords in the world of bodybuilding.

HyperGH 14X targets specifically this hormone! It does so in a perfectly safe and natural way, which is what makes it a legal steroid alternative, so it makes perfect sense that it may not work as fast as some of the other entries on this list. In fact, only after six weeks have passed will you be able to notice any significant change in lean muscle mass and muscle growth.

CCUT (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Garcinia, Guarana, Bitter Orange, Vitamin B3, and Griffonia
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
CCUT (Brutal Force): $60

Clenbuterol is a prescription drug that induces weight loss. CCUT is Brutal Force’s equivalent to it – except it’s completely legal (unlike some other substitutes), accessible, and designed to integrate into your cutting cycle!

Relying on thermogenic properties, CCUT melts your fat cells, magically erasing that stubborn body fat while keeping your muscles intact. Apart from increasing muscle mass, it will help you in burning fat and improve muscle size.

This is one of the best legal steroid alternatives, and the company offers free worldwide shipping.

Clenbutrol (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: Vitamin B3, Garcinia cambogia, bitter orange extract, guarana extract, and others help you with building lean muscle mass and offering an energy boost
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
Clenbutrol (Crazy Bulk): $62

A substitute for the prescription weight loss drug Clenbuterol, Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol represents one of the best legal steroids for fat loss and cutting on the market with free worldwide shipping.

Unlike some other dietary supplements on this list, which are primarily focused on muscle gain, Clenbutrol prioritizes your needs during the cutting phase. It makes you leaner, helps burn body fat, provides significant muscle gains, and can promote lean muscle growth. Additionally, the loss of body fat improves your performance!

NO2 Max (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: Calcium, L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate, Crospovidone, Stearic Acid, and many others
Quantity: 60 tablets
Dosage: Two tablets
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
NO2 Max (Crazy Bulk): $60

NO2 Max is Crazy Bulk’s version of a nitric oxide supplement, with a specific focus on pump and vascularity while also providing a quite needed pre-workout bout of energy! It increases protein synthesis.

The degree to which this all-natural supplement improves your performance is mind-boggling and different from other legal alternatives! You’ll inevitably feel completely drained by the end of your gym session – in the best way possible!

One of the best natural steroid alternatives that can boost your energy levels and blood flow to gain lean muscle mass and burn fat.

TBULK (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: It relies on natural ingredients like beta-sitosterol, cat’s claw extract, pepsin powder, and diindolylmethane
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
TBULK (Brutal Force): $60

Build muscle, burn fat, emphasize that vascularity! Become a true beast, reaping all the benefits of the illegal steroid Trenbolone while ridding yourself of its side effects! Get Brutal Force’s TBULK!

TBULK is a complete bodybuilding supplement in that it cuts fat and helps you stack up lean muscle at the same time while giving you intense energy levels and speeding up recovery times. This legal alternative is completely safe to build lean muscles, lose weight, and burn unwanted body fat.

Trenorol (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: It includes nettle leaf extract, beta-sitosterol (about 600mg per serving), and pepsin, in addition to many other natural ingredients
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Trenorol (Crazy Bulk): $62

A legal substitute for Trenbolone, Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol is one of the best legal steroids that will help you build muscle and accumulate power without any potentially accompanying side effects.

Take three Trenorol capsules around 45 minutes before working out, and see it do its magic! A bigger, mightier pump, a stronger drive, and long-term muscle-building properties are only some of the benefits that Trenorol possesses.


Key Information
Ingredients: With a combination of magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin K1, and D-aspartic acid, Testo-Max figures as a legal, side-effect-free replica of Sustanon!
Quantity: 120 capsules
Dosage: Four capsules
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Testo-Max: $60

Testo-Max’s main purpose is to combine the properties of testosterone-boosting steroids with purely muscle-building, fat-loss supplements and to deliver a high-quality, healthy product just for you!

It naturally boosts your natural testosterone production, exponentially increases your muscle strength and muscle mass, improves your performance, and shortens your body’s recovery time!

You only need to take it once, before breakfast, and leave the rest to science!


Key Information
Ingredients: It has fenugreek, D-aspartic acid (DAA), zinc, and others for burning fat and providing muscle gains
Quantity: 120 capsules
Dosage: Take four capsules a day
Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
TestoGen: $60

An enormous number of men suffer from low testosterone levels. Whether due to aging, inappropriate lifestyle, or other hormone-related issues, this can result in fat accumulation, muscle loss, and sexual drive, among other things.

To help overcome these unpleasant issues, here comes TestoGen – a legal testosterone-boosting supplement! If taken regularly, TestoGen will naturally help you regain or boost testosterone levels without any of the dangerous side effects associated with anabolic steroids.


Key Information
Ingredients: D-Aspartic Acid, Panax Ginseng, KSM66, Fenugreek, and others
Quantity: 120 capsules
Dosage: Four capsules
Guarantee: Lifetime money-back guarantee
TestoPrime: $60

As the name itself suggests, TestoPrime is a natural, testosterone-promoting supplement. This means that it promotes protein synthesis, building muscle while simultaneously burning fat and giving you both physical and mental energy.

It literally does this! It prompts your body to spontaneously produce more of the hormone, regardless of age and background. Considering how it positively influences muscle growth, energy levels, sex drive, and fat loss, TestoPrime is, well-deservedly, one of the best legal steroids.

HBULK (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: L-arginine, Hawthorn berry, maca, and many others similar to them
Quantity: 30 capsules
Dosage: One capsule
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
HBULK (Brutal Force): $60

HBULK is Brutal Force’s Somatropin alternative – powerful, muscle-boosting, yet completely legal, healthy, and free of any undesired side effects!

HBULK from Brutal Force allegedly coats your body in pure muscle. It also improves your performance, gives you pure power, and speeds up your recovery time.

All this with a single capsule a day!

SBULK (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Containing fenugreek, Korean red ginseng, D-aspartic acid, and a crazy blend of vitamins and minerals, SBULK helps bring out the best in you
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
SBULK (Brutal Force): $60

What can we possibly add? The name says it all! Brutal Force’s SBULK prioritizes your bulking objectives, using all means necessary (within the healthy, legal, danger-free zone) to help you achieve them!

It increases your testosterone production, gives you strength, stamina, and prompts you to build more muscle! But, being as strong as it is, SBULK also strengthens your bones, boosts your concentration and memory, and gives you a stronger sex drive! It truly makes your entire life bulky!

Anadrole (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: Acetyl L-carnitine, shilajit concentrate, Tribulus Terrestris, whey protein isolate, and soy protein isolate
Quantity: 60 capsules
Dosage: Two capsules
Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
Anadrole (Crazy Bulk): $55

Anadrole is a legal and healthy substitute for the anabolic supplement Anadrol (Oxymetholone), often used to gain lean muscle mass, reduce muscle soreness, recover faster, and accumulate strength and stamina. Crazy Bulk’s product, of course, comes with none of the side effects such as hair loss and hormonal disorders.

Consume two capsules before the first meal, and its natural properties will do their magic! These properties primarily focus on producing red blood cells, leading to significantly higher amounts of oxygen in your muscles!

A miraculous way to Pump-valley!

ABULK (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Acetyl L-carnitine, Longjack, and bulbine natalensis
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
ABULK (Brutal Force): $60

What Brutal Force’s ABULK does is amp up your testosterone levels, improve the quality of your muscles, improve your performance, and induce anabolism! It does all this in a natural, safe manner, with precisely ZERO risks!

This is worth pointing out since it is based on Anadrol, one of the most famous anabolic steroids, which come with a fair share of side effects. Still, none of them remain within Brutal Force’s product!

ACUT (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, BCAA, and others
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
ACUT (Brutal Force): $60

Our bodies like to burn things. Who knew that was a thing? But, in a way, it makes sense! That’s how they produce energy!

Unfortunately, as much as they burn fat, they also burn muscle! And this is bad news if you’re a gym head.

If only there was a way to redirect somehow this tendency to burn things from the muscles to the adipose fat. Wait, there’s Anavar, of course, but it is one of the illegal and anabolic steroids. Isn’t there anything else?

Of course, there is! Brutal Force’s ACUT is what you’re looking for! This natural and legal alternative to anabolic supplements perfectly optimizes fat loss and lean muscle retention without resorting to any shady ingredients, unlike anabolic steroids.

This is one of the best natural steroids that will energize you, speed up your recovery, and help you carve out the ideal physique during the cutting stage!

Anvarol (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: This natural and legal alternative to anabolic steroid has soy Protein, BCAA, Yam, Adenosine 5, and others
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Anvarol (Crazy Bulk): $55

Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol is just the right post-workout supplement for you if you want to retain every gram of protein that you’ve packed in your muscles while exercising! A safe, legal, and healthy replacement for the anabolic steroid Anavar, Anvarol will help you maintain high energy levels, enhance muscle mass, and lose body fat.

DEKA BULK (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Acetyl L-carnitine, L-citrulline, and L-arginine
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
DEKA BULK (Brutal Force): $60

Have you been tempted to try Deca Durabolin but have decided against it for fear of suffering some of its side effects? Good choice! You can get all of its benefits in a safer, natural way – through Brutal Force’s DEKA BULK!

Unlike anabolic steroids, DEKA BULK contains significant dosages of three essential amino acids in order to perfectly emulate the effects of Deca Durabolin. These effects include boosting your metabolism, boosting your blood flow, and the increased production of nitric oxide (NO).

Overall, this is a great alternative to illegal anabolic steroids.

Decaduro (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: Acetyl L-carnitine, L-citrulline, L-arginine, ginseng, and wild yam
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Decaduro (Crazy Bulk): $62

Specially constructed with the purpose of imitating the effects of Deca Durabolin, a well-known and anabolic steroid, Crazy Bulk’s Decaduro focuses on your muscles while also pumping you up, helping you recover faster, and allowing you to acquire endurance and strength!

But more than just this, it also helps you with joint pain and assists you regardless of whether you’re bulking or cutting! And all of this is completely risk-free!

Winsol (Crazy Bulk)

Key Information
Ingredients: Wild yam, Acetyl L-carnitine, DMAE, and safflower oil
Quantity: 90 capsules
Dosage: Three capsules
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Winsol (Crazy Bulk): $62

You have muscle-building supplements, fat-loss supplements, and then you have something like Winsol – a crazy strength booster! Based on Winstrol – a well-known anabolic steroid often used by track and field athletes – Winsol replicates all of its benefits while eliminating the side effects like change in hormone activities, hair loss, and others.

WINCUT (Brutal Force)

Key Information
Ingredients: Containing Choline bitartrate, DAME bitartrate, and acetyl L-carnitine, this is one of the best anabolic steroids which are natural and legal
Quantity: 60 capsules
Dosage: Two capsules
Guarantee: 100 days money-back guarantee
WINCUT (Brutal Force): $60

One of the anabolic steroids, Winstrol (Stanozolol), is known to give athletes a significant boost of strength while allowing them to keep their lean physique during cutting cycles. Their performance improves, but their muscles remain. Yet, this comes with plenty of side effects.

Not, however, if you opt for Brutal Force’s WINCUT!

WINCUT, too, increases muscle and strength and improves stamina, but it comes with none of the negative consequences!

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

Key Information
Products: With the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack, you get:
  • D-Bal
  • Decaduro
  • Trenorol
  • Testo-Max
Quantity: 60 to 120 capsules
Dosage: Varies
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack: $180

In case you’ve decided to go for one of these best legal steroids yet haven’t been able to make your mind up as to which, our favorite brands have got you covered too! Crazy Bulk offers an, indeed, crazy combination of a handful of supplements that are natural and legal! Their Bulking Stack is, perhaps, the most convenient way to get your hands on several of these legal and healthy steroid supplements!

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Key Information
Products: With the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack, you get:
  • Clenbutrol
  • Anvarol
  • Winsol
  • Testo-Max
Quantity: Varies
Dosage: Varies
Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee
Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack: $185

In case you want a good combo, this time intended for the cutting season, Crazy Bulk has got you covered again!

In addition to the pack–stack – you also get a free cutting guide meant to assist you on your sculpting journey. Among other things, in it, you can find a clear schedule for these natural supplements; take Testo-Max every morning, Clenbutrol pre-workout, Anvarol, and Winsol every day – regardless of timing!

EXTRA NOTE: If you still can’t decide on one of the stacks, Crazy Bulk offers yet another, so-called Ultimate Stack, which contains six different but best legal steroids of mixed types to promote muscle growth, muscle building, and fat loss! Whatever you may want, they have it!

Brutal Force Stacks


Brutal Force offers a wide variety of different stacks and natural supplements, combined in a straightforward or creative way, in order to convince you that whatever you might want to achieve this bodybuilding season, you’ll always have something to find in their stores!

Gain muscle, lose weight, bulk, cut, build up testosterone, boost those red blood cells, target something else specifically! You can choose to do anything!

Brutal Force’s most popular stacks made up of legal steroid alternatives are the following:

  • Mass Stack Bulking Stack: DBULK, SBULK, HBULK, DEKABULK, and ABULKA – earn tons of muscle – $180
  • Sculpt Stack: ACUT, WINCUT, and CCUT – lose fat like crazy – $120
  • Definition Stack: TBULK, WINCUT, SBULK, ACUT, and CCUT – boost testosterone, build muscle, and lose fat – $180
  • Bulking & Cutting Stack: DBULK, SBULK, TBULK, ABULK, and CCUT – earn muscle and cut fat – $180
  • Beast Stack: DBULK, TBULK, SBULK (x2), ABULK, HBULK, DEKABULK, CCUT, ACUT, and WINCUT – collect them all, like a champ, at a discount – $360
  • Ripped Cutting Stack: ANDALEAN, CUTSR9, IBUTALEAN, and CARDALEAN – SARMs to speed up your metabolism, help you lose fat, and reduce inflammation – $160
  • Ironbound Bulking Stack: OSTABULK, LIGABULK, YKBULK, and RADBULK – SARMs for extreme gains, better vascularity, extra performance – $160
  • Goliath Stack: CARBLEAN, OSTABULK, and YKBULK – SARMs to get you fast and extreme strength and muscle gains – $120

Our Methods for Ranking the Top Ten Legal Steroid Supplements

Of course, there are many brands of legal steroids that allegedly perfectly capture the beneficial essence of their illegal counterpart. Yet, most of them have been proven to be inefficient and of low quality.

In order to compile our list of the best legal steroid alternatives, we used the following criteria to separate the good from the bad:

Properties and Doses

To us, it wasn’t just important to find ingredients that mimic the effects of illegal steroids; we prioritized legal steroid alternatives that were clinically tested in safe environments and completely free of any side effects.

Transparency About Levels of Potency

Realistically speaking, the best legal steroids will never fully substitute the dramatic effects of anabolic steroids. After all, the reason why steroids are illegal is that they severely affect your organism and hormones, causing drastic changes. The best a legal steroid supplement could hope for is about 10% to 20% of that power.

It’s always better to know what you’re ingesting and to be sure that it’s safe and tested.

Medical Backing

It’s imperative to know the background legal steroid alternatives. While some are made by professional nutritionists, experienced athletes, and doctors, others are made by opportunistic amateurs. A certification or proof of a medical advisory board backing the given supplement always puts the product at the top of our list.

Value and Price

Let’s get this off the table – best legal steroids can be much pricier than basic whey protein or creatine powder. And it makes sense – they contain more natural ingredients in higher quantities.

The key is to know whether a certain product is truly as valuable as it costs. You can find a worthy supplement for even less than $45, as long as you know what you get for that. The same goes for deluxe, over-$100 products. You should always get what you pay for.


It goes without saying, but natural alternatives and legal supplements – like all other supplements – do not require that you inject yourself. We valued the ease of use when deciding which supplements to recommend. Just drink a pill, and you’re good to go!

A Guarantee for Returns

Quality dietary supplements should come either with a satisfaction guarantee or a money-back deal. Not everything works for everyone, so the option for a refund should always be there.

Customer Opinions

Before we created our list of best legal steroid alternatives, we checked online customer reviews, bearing in mind that no product ever satisfies every single person. As long as at least 80% of customer reviews showed a level of satisfaction with the acquired results (and a lack of complaints), we were sure that the legal steroid alternatives delivered on their promises.

Lack of Negative Consequences

Heart palpitations, sexual dysfunction, and acne are only the tip of the iceberg regarding the potential side effects of illegal steroids. Legal substitutes should have zero side effects. Every product we chose in the list of our best legal steroids had to be completely safe.

Brand Reputation

It’s easy to succumb to pressure when you’re in a competitive market of legal steroid alternatives. Some legal steroid brands have even sneaked illegal steroid properties in their products. Those kinds of brands were immediately eliminated from our lists. For this reason, we relied primarily on the top two legal steroid brands – Crazy Bulk and Brutal Force.

The natural steroid alternatives have proven their quality time, and again, so we know that whatever they sell, it’s always high class and supported by a good reputation.

Who Should Use Legal Steroid Supplements?

So, now that we have a guarantee of quality, who are we advising to take legal steroids? Actually, anyone!

Anyone who wants to make use of the benefits of natural steroids without the side effects is welcome to purchase some of these products.

They are especially recommended to:

  • People experiencing low-testosterone problems wanting to increase the production of this hormone.
  • People who want to increase muscle mass and/or strength.
  • People who want to lose weight.
  • Bodybuilders who’ve hit a plateau and want to break through it.
  • Everyone who wants to achieve one or more of these effects without breaking the law or endangering their own health.

Potential Side Effects of Legal Steroid Supplements

Luckily, most legal steroid supplements come with zero side effects! That’s kind of their whole point – they contain natural ingredients, which enable people to gain benefits without paying the consequences for them!

Unlike standard, illegal steroids can lead to a variety of health issues. Some of these are hormonal disbalances (gynecomastia, hair loss, testicular cancer, among others in men; increased body hair, deeper voice, baldness, among others in women), cardiovascular issues, acne, jaundice, liver issues, mental illness, and many others.

In comparison, the only potential side effects which you could experience from legal steroid supplements are:

  • Digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea)
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Of course, there are at least two scenarios that increase the risk of you experiencing some side effects from legal steroids:

If you purchase your product from an unauthorized brand or reseller

If you already have some medical issues which would make you susceptible to health disbalances after consuming certain natural ingredients

This means that whatever you want to achieve and however enthusiastic you are about buying a particular product, you still need to consult your doctor before doing so. Bearing that in mind, the best legal steroids and natural supplements on the list have been scientifically proven to be incredibly beneficial! Read on to find out more details!

What Scientists Say About Legal Steroids

There are many things to be said when it comes to the best legal steroids.

First of all, we have to delineate what kind of brands and natural supplements we’re talking about; quality, science-approved producers, or shady, unverified suppliers. If it’s the latter, we can’t and don’t want to guarantee anything – everything comes at your own risk.

However, if it’s the former, we can tell you that proper brands usually rely on clinical trials to provide backing for their legal steroid alternatives or on their own medical advisory board, composed of dietitians, personal trainers, doctors, and nutritionists.

The results which have come out of their research are varying.

On the one hand, ingredients in natural steroids such as Dimethylamine (DMAA), which is quite famous among people who want to build muscle and lose fat, have produced some shaky results. DMAA is not dangerous per se but can be a tad bit too strong for some consumers.

FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements. Actually, the FDA warns people to be cautious around it.

A bit safer, yet still not fully “in the black,” is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which incites your metabolism, speeding up weight loss. Studies haven’t cast doubt on its safety, but they do point out that it hasn’t been properly researched yet.

On the other hand, countless natural ingredients are as safe as they come. One that comes to mind, for example, is a legal steroid that many athletes already take daily – creatine. Our bodies naturally produce creatine, but the supplement enables us to store more of it, giving us more energy, building muscle mass, and improving pump during workouts.

Aside from the requirement to consume more liquids, the consumption of creatine has shown no side effects. In fact, a study from 1999 came to the conclusion that creatine triples the growth of muscle fibers, while a study from 2003 proved that it increases muscle mass while strengthening the legs.

As long as you stick to the proper dosage of natural alternatives, you’re good to go!

There’s backing for similar, plant-based legal steroid supplements as well!

For instance, Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal supplement that has often been associated with the increase of testosterone levels. Now, studies have shown that while it doesn’t actually increase testosterone, it does positively affect your sex drive and libido, in addition to giving you more energy.

Similarly, 20-hydroxy ecdysterone also affects hormone levels in your body. Even though some studies claim that this doesn’t really apply to humans, others have concluded that it boosts both testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body. After all, athletes from Soviet Russia in the 1980s regularly used it to improve their performance!

Other natural steroid alternatives impact the body by inciting fat loss. Bitter orange extract and cayenne pepper have been backed by studies, for example! Apparently, these natural ingredients are thermogenic, boosting your metabolic rate!

In that vein, there’s no safer and better-tested supplement than protein! Amino acids are, quite literally, the building blocks of our bodies. According to studies, one branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), L-isoleucine, can explicitly target and build lean muscle tissue and enhance testosterone production.

Moreover, muscle-building, fat loss, and the healthy production of hormones are all dependent on steady amounts of stress.

Now, we know life is stressful; unfortunately, you just can’t avoid that!

However, you can take certain natural steroid alternatives which serve to stabilize and manage the production of cortisol – the stress hormone – in our bodies. These natural ingredients are called adaptogens. One of them is ashwagandha, which is present in quite a few of the products on our list.

It has been shown that ashwagandha manages both physical and psychological stress, allowing us to reap the benefits of working out and eating properly to the fullest! Lose fat, gain muscle, and stay carefree.

All things considered, the best legal steroid supplements are most definitely not as potent as the anabolic steroids they are aiming to replace. Still, they are full of healthy natural ingredients and can only bring you a variety of benefits in the long run.

In case you have any more questions, feel free to browse through our FAQ section – maybe you’ll find the answer you’re looking for!

Legal Steroid Supplements FAQ

There are a number of questions we regularly get regarding legal – and anabolic– steroids, different supplement substitutes, the way they’re supposed to be consumed, etc. We’ve selected some of the most frequently asked questions for you to go through:

What Is an Anabolic Steroid?

Anabolic steroids promote anabolism – the development of skeletal muscle tissue – by emulating male sex hormones, such as testosterone. These are called androgenic effects.

How Are Anabolic Steroids Misused?

While anabolic steroids are meant for medical use, prescribed in limited quantities, people who misuse them ingest or inject 10-100 stronger amounts into their muscles to achieve certain bodybuilding effects.

Do Legal Steroids Depend on Prescriptions?

Unlike with anabolic steroids, you don’t need a prescription to purchase legal steroids! That’s the entire point! They’re legal and available everywhere!

Are Legal Steroids Good for Athletes?

Athletes can use legal steroids without any issue. Still, if you don’t want to risk disqualification, look for legal steroids that are NSF Certified for Sport.

Are Legal Steroids Good for Women?

On paper, legal steroids are made to be used by anyone! Nevertheless, since some of the impact specific hormone levels, women should consult their physicians lest they damage their health in some way.

Now that your questions are answered, it’s time to conclude!

Concluding the Best Legal Steroids Guide

The legal steroid supplements that we selected here are safe, natural, legal, healthy, and available in both physical and online stores.

Even though the best brands out there are probably Brutal Force and CrazyBulk; there are other quality manufacturers which can offer you good products at a suitable price.

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