Best Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges: Top Product Reviews (2021)

Vape cartridges have long been the favorite method of many users for taking delta 8 THC and other types of THC. Technically legal across the United States, these vape cartridges are easy to buy, use, and deliver a mellow buzz quickly.

Largely because of the growing popularity of delta 8, there are many brands and types on the market today.

Of all the kinds you can buy, we look at products that give you a good experience of vaping and the production methods, price, and other elements to make this list. Let’s take a look at the all-around top three.

Top Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges in 2021

  • Area 52 Delta 8 Vape Cartridges
  • Finest Labs Delta 8 Vape Cartridges
  • Delta8 Pro Cartridges
  • Diamond CBD
  • Delta Effex
  • Exhale Wellness
  • Budpop

1. Area 52

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Based in California, Area 52 prides itself on the purity of its products. Every individual infused item you buy comes with information about its batch testing, which is always conducted by third-party laboratories (industry best practice). You also receive information about the batch’s terpene and cannabinoid profiles. All of this quality does not come inexpensively. Area 52 is among the most expensive delta 8 carts available, and they are honest about that. National media outlets like Observer, Herald Net, Bellevue Reporter, and Kent Reporter agree that Area 52 vape is worth the high price.

Area 52 vape carts will give you a clear and energizing experience. They’re perfect for enhancing a day of relaxation or for getting creative juices flowing. Some people also use them to help manage moderate pain or anxiety.

As of right now, Area 52 makes three types of delta 8 vape cart: A delta distillate blended with Pineapple Express, Berry Gelato, or Granddaddy Purple Terpenes. They also sell gummies, tinctures, and other products.

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2. Finest Labs

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Finest Labs has a remarkable amount of transparency regarding their sourcing and farming practices for their products, as well as extraction methods and extensive third-party laboratory testing, similar to Area 52.

These cartridges have won several awards in 2020 alone and have received recognition from publications including Kitsap Daily News, Peninsula Clarion, Peninsula Daily News — just to name a few.

Where Finest Labs stand out most is in their flavor and potency. Their products tend to be (intentionally) less potent. The company has been awarded for having some of the best Delta 8 vapes on the market — including publications such as We Be High and many others.

Their delta 8 vape carts are infused with Strawberry Cough strain cannabis, which gives it a somewhat sweet flavor. Finest Labs is an excellent choice if you’re new to using delta 8 or looking for a calming experience.

3. 3Chi

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3Chi is a pioneer vendor in the delta 8 industry. This company was the first to sell the cannabinoid to the public, or so they claim. So far, it is worth noting that no other company has disputed this medal.

3Chi’s vape carts are good quality and affordable options. Their vape carts contain 900 mg of delta 8 per ml of distillate. In addition, the company uses terpenes to flavor its products and small amounts of other cannabinoids.

Although this company has some less-than-happy reviews in its history, don’t be alarmed. This is a common occurrence in the delta 8 markets. Yet, most users of their products are happy with their purchases from 3Chi.

4. Delta8 Pro

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They’ve been in business for almost a decade and produce a wide range of products and flavors, including Cali Orange Kush, Grand Daddy Purp, and Strawberry Cough.

That being said, they have a strict return policy and aren’t super transparent about all of their sourcing and production practices, though they do third-party testing, and their products are consistently high quality. They make this list more because of their variety and reputation than information from testing.

5. Diamond CBD Chill Delta 8 Vape Cart

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After dominating the CBD market for years, Diamond CBD decided to enter the delta 8 industry. This happened recently, but this brand has already positioned itself at the top.

Their vape carts contain 900 mg of delta 8, and come in flavors that will exhilarate your taste buds. Among them, green crack, guava, mango kush, and much more.

Some of this company’s products contain inaccurate labeling. Therefore, you should always verify the content of these products by reading their COAS.

6. Delta Effex

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In the Delta Effex store, you will find two types of vape products. The conventional vape carts or their customized vape pods. The catch with the latter is that you can only use them with their vape device.

Conventional vape carts, on the other hand, fit in any device. Therefore, we recommend you to go for this option.

Delta Effex has a rigorous testing scheme that backs up the content of its products. However, remember to check the lab test dates each time.

7. Exhale Wellness

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Exhale Wellness decided to focus its company on an unconventional approach to the market. As a result, this brand is a leader in the delta 8 smoke and vapor niche.

In their store, you will find several flavors of vape carts. This is the vendor with the broadest catalog of flavors in their vape products. They also sell other products such as delta 8 cigarettes, infused hemp flowers, and more.

8. Budpop

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Budpop takes care of the aesthetics of its brand as much as the quality of its cartridges. As a result, the quality of the design of these products is fantastic (and their vape carts are great too).

The vape carts you’ll find on Budpop’s store contain 800 mg of delta 8 per ml. There are two flavors available: grape runtz and strawberry gelato.

However, this company reports 85% purity in these products. So far, we wonder what the remaining 15% contains. The rest of their certificates of analysis do not seem to indicate harmful contents or illegal substances.

What Are Delta 8 THC Cartridges?

Delta 8 vape cartridges, or “carts” for short, are small containers filled with vape juice. They plug into a battery component for use (often called a pen) that is reusable (the carts themselves get thrown away when done). The size is fairly standard. Most come in 510-threading.

Buying carts for a reusable pen is more affordable and better for the environment since you reuse the battery and pen repeatedly, needing only to replace the cartridge itself when it is empty.

The vape juice itself is typically a distillate of delta 8 blended with terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Delta 8 THC can’t be synthesized naturally, unfortunately. Instead, it is a byproduct of delta 9 CBD. To get it, delta 9 first has to be synthesized from CBD, then converted to delta 9, then to delta 8.

What Does Delta 8 THC Feel Like?

Especially compared to other THC products, delta 8 is mild; it has only about half the potency of delta 9.

It is a similar experience to using a small amount of marijuana, but many find it preferable for a few reasons. First, it is hard to take too much delta 8 and experience an unpleasant high. Second, it is great for people who experience undesirable effects of marijuana, such as increased anxiety or paranoia; the lower potency means that those people can often enjoy THC without those more unpleasant effects.

If you’re seeking an energizing, low high, delta 8 THC products are a great option, and vape carts are the best way to do it since it is fast-acting and easy to control how much you’re using.

Why Are Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges So Popular?

Indeed, part of the reason people love delta 8 carts has to do with the wonderful, steady, lower high that they experience. But there are other reasons as well, including:

  • Fast-acting: you’ll feel it almost right away
  • Consistent high: no surprises here
  • Portable, reusable, and easy to use
  • A single cartridge lasts a long time, so you can just use it a little at once
  • High bioavailability
  • (Ostensibly) legal everywhere in the United States

How to Store Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Delta 8 carts are durable little things, so there isn’t a lot to worry about. Still, to be safe, store in a cool, dry place, such as inside a drawer in your home away from direct sunlight or extremes in temperature. It should last a few years.

How Much Delta 8 THC Should I Vape?

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There’s no single answer to this question, as it depends very heavily on the user. Here are some factors that affect how much you should use:

  • Your brain and how sensitive you are to THC
  • The temperature settings of your pen
  • Your draw
  • Your individual needs and their severity (reduce inflammation or anxiety, increase appetite, and more)

We recommend starting on low settings with just a few draws, about five puffs, and experimenting from there. Keep in mind—do not expect a strong high.

Can You Build a Tolerance to Delta 8 THC?

Yes, you can and will, especially if you use it on a very regular basis. It’s the same with most substances that act on your brain. It appears that people build a tolerance to delta 8 faster than delta 9 and other kinds of THC, though.

The good news? That tolerance won’t last. If you’ve stopped feeling the same buzz you used to, take a break for a few days or a week. When you come back, you’ll have an easier time accessing those same pleasant effects.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

The laws governing THC are in constant flux right now. However, under the Farm Bill passed in 2018, delta 8 THC products are deemed legal by the federal government as long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

However, it is illegal to buy in certain states, even some states where the sale of recreational THC is legal. This includes Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Utah, and Vermont.

Take a look at the statutes where you live to be completely sure.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

Unfortunately, very few scientific studies of delta 8 THC have been conducted. However, while some users report some unwanted side effects, delta 8 THC is safe.

For one thing, there have been no known deaths from delta 8 THC overdoses. The parts of the brain that it acts on do not control respiratory or other vital functions, so there’s no chance of that being affected.

There is also less chance for side effects than with “regular” or delta 9 THC because it is less potent. Users have reported less anxiety, paranoia, and other extreme results.

Still, there are some side effects, including:

  • Impairment of motor functions (you should not drive a vehicle or use other heavy machinery while using delta 8 THC)
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Trouble staying focused
  • Some adverse mental effects (although these are rare)

While Delta 8 THC is very safe, potential users need to use caution because risks are involved. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Potential risks of delta 8 THC cartridges. Most of the risks involved with these products are related to the manufacturer more than the delta 8 itself. Less reputable companies put unsavory, sometimes dangerous chemicals in their juice.

Chemicals are also used in the extraction process when delta 8 is extracted from the hemp plant. If the best practices aren’t used in this process, some of those chemicals remain.

Always buy from companies that received trustworthy third-party reviews and those with test results available. If they don’t, it might be because they are trying to hide something.

Third-party testing is just one element to look for when shopping. The following section includes a few more.

Delta 8 THC Cartridges Buying Guide

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What’s the point of reading all of this information if you aren’t going to put it into practice by purchasing delta 8 cartridges? While this article has already provided some factors to look for, we’ve also compiled a comprehensive buying guide. After all, there are several other companies besides the top three discussed above.

1. Third-party testing

We’ve mentioned it time and again, but this is the absolute most crucial factor when you purchase a delta 8 THC cartridge. It is also worth mentioning that almost all THC and CBD products should conduct third-party testing and make the results available, in case you’re ever in the market for those.

Conducting third-party testing isn’t enough on its own, though. You need to know what to look for in the results. Here is a short list to use for referral:

  • The potency of the delta 8 THC. Remember, it will be less than 0.3%.
  • Terpenes
  • Cannabinoid profile, both acids, and neutrals
  • Pesticides
  • Bleaches
  • Heavy metals
  • Solvents

You want relatively low levels of pesticides, bleaches, heavy metals, and solvents, though some presence is expected.

There are a few reasons why a company might not provide or conduct third-party testing, and none of them are good. One thing, and perhaps the least offensive, is that they don’t understand the importance of third-party testing. While lack of knowledge isn’t necessarily nefarious, it does also indicate a lack of expertise. You want to use something you know expertly manufactured, from beginning to end.

Second, the company may have neglected to do the testing in the first place. The argument can certainly be made that skipping the testing is a sign that the company is willing to cut corners, not something you want in a delta 8 THC cart. Even if that is not the case, third-party lab results are often a point of pride for reputable companies. They want to share it with you! So be wary of those who don’t.

Finally, it’s also possible that the product failed the test or that the test results were very unappealing. There could be many residual solvents or other harmful elements in the development, or it could also not contain the promised amount of THC, which is disappointing.

Third-party testing is a must for anyone who cares about what they put into their bodies. But there are some other good signs to look for when buying delta 8 carts.

2. Sourcing

Just like third-party testing, companies that make delta 8 THC should be transparent about how they source their hemp and other ingredients. This is because specific sources are not legal in the United States, and you want to make sure you’re complying with the law.

Delta 8 THC extracted from the marijuana plant is only legal in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, including Vermont and California. Delta 8 THC must be extracted from hemp to be legally sold and possessed everywhere else.

Finally, sourcing can also be important in a lesser way, which is nonetheless worth mentioning. As with any growing, there are some not reputable methods used to grow hemp. If you’re shopping from a company that boasts about its growing practices and organic ingredients, it’s likely a company that takes pride in its products in other ways.

3. Ingredients

Just as with food products, companies that make delta 8 THC carts publish their ingredients, and you should read them and use caution. The elements should be limited to the following: delta 8 THC distillate, cannabinoids, terpenes, vegetable glycerin, vegetable glycol, and flavorings.

Never use a vape cart that contains vitamin E acetate, as it is dangerous for your lungs. MCT oil can also cause pneumonia when smoked. For other ingredients, look them up and use caution before purchasing a product that contains them.

Companies to Avoid

It is essential to recognize that delta 8 THC is unregulated, meaning that it is up to individual companies to inform and protect consumers. That also means that we, as consumers, have a responsibility to demand transparency and quality in our products.

Delta 8 THC cannot be extracted directly from the plant, so the whole process takes a lot of complicated machinery and uses many chemicals. Once that process is complete, the company’s responsibility is to remove traces of those chemicals that remain. What’s worse, the better the method, the more expensive it is.

The only sure-fire way to ensure the quality and safety of the delta 8 THC you’ll vape is to read the third-party lab test results. Spend some time understanding the information contained in them and making an informed choice.

At the time of this writing, the following companies are not using best practices for extraction and have more chemicals than others. That said, they always have the opportunity to change their practices: Cake, CannaAid, CannaClear, Honey Creek Labs, Skyhio, Terp Flex, and Truelive.

Are There Other Forms of Delta 8 THC Available?

Yes. There are many ways to ingest delta 8 THC besides vaping. It also comes in edibles (gummies, baked goods, oil), tincture, concentrates, and delta 8 sprayed cannabis flowers.

Final Thoughts

Delta 8 THC is a wonderful product for a variety of reasons. It provides a softer, more relaxing, and milder buzz than traditional marijuana products. This is especially great for people who are sensitive to THC or using it for pain management or getting a boost of creativity.

Vape cartridges are the best way to use them. They are typically compatible with a 510-thread battery and are easy to use, have high bioavailability, and are relatively inexpensive.

That said, the delta 8 THC industry is unregulated, which means that some companies have abuses or poor practices in manufacturing. You must make sure to read the third-party laboratory results before buying a delta 8 THC cartridge.

The three best delta 8 THC vape cartridges available are Area 52, Finest Labs, cartridges. All of these companies use best practices in their manufacturing and conduct extensive third-party testing.

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