Best CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD industry is continuously becoming popular, both for humans and for pets. Thus, many pet owners nowadays are busy looking for the best CBD oil for dogs. So, you may wonder, “Does pet CBD oil truly work for my best friend?” Well, if you are highly knowledgeable on how and where to obtain the best cbd oils for your pet, these dog CBD oil products can help you treat certain dog health problems. These dog health problems include but are not limited to chronic pain like joint pain, anxious sensations, and low mood.

In this article, we are going to review the five best CBD brands, which are offering high-quality CBD oil. Do they really have high-quality CBD products? We will also answer other questions like, “what type of pet CBD product may I administer to my dog aside from pet CBD oil?”

Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2021 – CBD for Pets Reviews

1. CBDfx



CBDfx is our top choice. It comes in different varieties, addressing your dog’s CBD flavor preference. You will also have CBD options appropriate for your dog’s body weight. Together, you can get a price adjustment with a CBDfx coupon of up to 25%.

About CBDfx

If you are looking for the best cbd oils for your dog, then CBDfx can be your primary option. They are just one of the few companies offering high-quality CBD products in this industry. While it is true that you should avoid buying CBD at lower prices, CBDfx only produces CBD oil for dogs that is safe for pets.

Surely, not all dogs have the same size. Thus, CBDfx offers a variety of options for you to choose from, depending on your pet’s size. This means that each formula is designed for pets, putting the dog’s body weight into consideration.

The brand also offers hemp dog treats. They are available in two different flavors namely chicken and beef, which are great choices you can use to serve a reward to your dog when under training.

All CBDfx CBD products are subjected to a third-party lab test, which results are available on their website. Moreover, the brand uses CO2 extraction in extracting their hemp. Plus, they use MCT coconut oil for the carrier oil. Furthermore, their source of CBD is organic hemp plants within the US farms, which ensures the integrity of their hemp CBD products.

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2. Holistapet



Holistapet is a brand only focusing on pet CBD products. With hemp-seed oil as their carrier oil, their products are gluten-free. Dosage information about their products is all available on their website.

About Holistapet

If you are looking for a CBD brand that sells only CBD oil products for pets, then Holistapet is one of the CBD brands that may come to your mind. Holistapet uses hemp seed oil in any of their products. Of course, it is organic hemp too.

What makes Holistapet more unique from other brands is that they provide CBD dosage information on their website. Therefore, you do not have to struggle experimenting with a dose in your dog. Of course, like other CBD pets’ oil, you can combine them with your dogs’ foods. Alternatively, you may administer it through a dropper.

Aside from making the best CBD oil for dogs, what they also offer is a full-spectrum hemp extract. They source their full-spectrum CBD extract from farms in Colorado, one of the great places for a high-quality hemp plant.

Their dog CBD oil is available in different potencies. Therefore, you can choose the right one depending on the size of your dog. Of course, third-party lab tests should not be absent. All their CBD products are submitted for tests. You can see all the results on their website too. Furthermore, Holistapet uses CO2 extraction when producing all their CBD products.

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3. Sol CBD



Another gluten-free CBD product for your dog is Sol CBD. The founders have direct and first-hand experience on how CBD can help in both humans and pets. CBD is also high-quality, with third-party lab test results available within the website.

About Sol CBD

Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky are the founders of Sol CBD. They started the company because of their passion for the natural healing of certain physical health conditions. But it was also found out that CBD offers more health benefits than expected. As such, it may also positively affect mental health.

The couple is both real-life physical health coaches. Indeed, they have concrete hands-on experience when it comes to health-improving hacks. They now offer different CBD products. One of which is CBD oils for pets. This CBD oil for dogs is water-dissolvable, and of course, underwent third-party lab tests too.

The third-party lab test results of each product are viewable on their website. Rest assured that their CBD oil for dogs is high-quality CBD. Aside from third-party lab-testing, they source their CBD hemp extract from farms within the USA.

Furthermore, their dog CBD oil is also being produced with the CO2 extraction method, which is the safest and the most reliable method in making CBD hemp oil. They offer you both full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD, using MCT oil from organic coconut oil as their carrier oil.

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4. Pure Kana



Pure Kana is a highly reliable CBD brand in the USA. Like most CBD brands, both CBD products for dogs and for humans are available. They also have CBD dog treats, which come in different flavors.

About PureKana

Pure Kana is also often called PureKana. Whether it is your first time hearing this company name or not, it is one of the best CBD brands offering the best CBD oil for dogs in the US. The company is best known for their potent CBD products, both for pets and for humans.

The formula of their CBD oil for dogs is not like the CBD for humans. But it is still a high-quality CBD. Indeed, they only use the USA organically grown hemp plants in their products.

Does your dog not like the taste of pure hemp oil? With PureKana, their CBD oil for dogs is available in bacon flavor. There may be other flavors available aside from this. Thus, we recommend visiting their website for a complete list.

Moreover, the brand also offers CBD dog treats. These treats are also available in different flavors. SO, you can grab the one that your dog likes the most.

Lastly, they only use organic hemp for all their pet CBD products. Their source of organic hemp farms in Colorado as well.

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5. American shaman



Like CBDfx, American Shaman is also one of the CBD brands pioneering in the CBD industry. If you do not want any trace of THC in CBD for your dog, then this is a brand you may consider choosing.

About American Shaman

American Shaman is one of the US-based CBD brands, which became a pioneering CBD provider in this industry. The brand started to operate in 2015, and it continues to grow until now. The team is composed of specialized doctors as well as an experienced research team, who are also passionate about CBD.

Like other brands, American Shaman also has been suggested as the highest-quality CBD oil, it was mentioned in Renton’s community newspaper. It has been said that all their CBD products are made of ultra-concentrated, high-quality, terpene-rich pure hemp extract. Of course, their pet cbd products are CBD derived from hemp, which is sourced from US reputable farms.

However, there is a downside for full-spectrum CBD oil lovers. American shaman CBD only offers THC-free CBD oils. That means that you will be limited with their CBD products, which are broad-spectrum CBD oil. Nevertheless, they come with a water-soluble version, which makes it easier for you to mix it with your dog’s food.

All products of the said brand are Powered by proprietary Nanotechnology. Plus, they use CO2 extraction when making their broad-spectrum hemp extract. Aside from that, they only release products that were lab-tested by third-party facilities. All results are also viewable on their website. Thus, you can be so sure of the purity of their products.

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How Did We Create Our List?

We do not recommend buying CBD oil tinctures or even CBD dog treats out of impulse. Each dog CBD oil or any CBD product should come from a CBD company that is reliable and safe. So, how do you know that a CBD company comes with a safe product and is consistent with their product quality? Here are the things that you should look for when choosing a CBD brand, as well as in choosing a CBD product.

CBD Formula

When buying CBD/choosing a CBD brand to buy any CBD treat or CBD oil tincture, one thing to consider is the CBD formula you would want for your dog. There are three major CBD formula types you can have.

First is the full-spectrum CBD oil. People sometimes also call it full-spectrum hemp extract or full-spectrum hemp oil. It contains all CBD compounds present in a hemp plant, but with less than 0.3% of THC content.

The second is the broad-spectrum CBD oil. People also refer to it as only broad-spectrum oil or broad-spectrum hemp oil. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum oils do not contain any trace of THC. Thus, it is also called THC-free CBD.

The third is CBD isolate products. CBD isolate products are far from full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil. As the name suggests, the formula contains only CBD.

These three CBD formulas apply both to CBD dog treats and CBD oils.

Third-party Lab Test

All dog owners do not want to harm their pets. Thus, third-party lab-testing is significant. As such, CBD oil in any formula should undergo a lab test to ensure that you get high-quality CBD oil. Aside from knowing the company claims that they submit their CD oil to a third-party lab-testing facility, the results should also be viewable on their website.

Potency variation

Often, potency matters, especially if you want to use CBD oil for dogs. The amount of CBD a dog should take may vary depending on its body weight and/or size. In our list, they offer different potency options, where you can select the right CBD oil for your pet.

Hemp Source

A high-quality CBD extract should come from organically grown hemp plants within highly reputable farms in the US such as in Colorado. Since these farms are licensed and regulated by the country, we get higher confidence that the CBD companies we listed above use high-quality hemp in making their CBD hemp oil. The same applies to CBD dog treats and other hemp CBD products.

Carrier Oil

In our list, we only included CBD brands using MCT oil, also linked to organic coconut oil, and brands using hemp seed oil as their carrier oil. This carrier oil, when used with cbd hemp oil makes the dog cbd products healthier.

The Main Reasons Why Dog Owners Choose CBD for Dogs

When we browse the internet, or when talking to a friend who is also a dog owner like you, chances are, you will come across the fact that the health benefits of CBD are real. It is therefore a reason many pet owners are looking for the best CBD oil for dogs. As such, you may encounter information about CBD for dogs with arthritis, anxiety, depression, and many more.

CBD was already proven to be effective in managing Seizures in dogs. Even in humans, there is a study that CBD can help control Seizures. Aside from that, there are also some studies that CBD comes with many promising health benefits. As such, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent inflammation that may occur inside the body.

Organic CBD also helps your dog manage chronic pain. This applies both to humans and pets. According to a study, CBD has an analgesic effect. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties also can control joint pain. Take arthritis as an example. The lesser inflammation in the joint is present, the lesser chances your dog will experience pain.

Furthermore, CBD oil for dogs positively affects their mental well-being. It helps them feel relaxed and calm, thus reducing anxiety. It can also stabilize mood, thus reducing the symptoms of depression.

How Do I Use The CBD Oil

Pet owners who are using CBD oil on their dogs for the first time may struggle with its dosage and procedure. So, you may be asking, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog?”. The “How much CBD oil” you should give to your dog may vary depending on your dog’s size. Most CBD brands have their own dosage instructions, which should aid you in the process.

The dosage instruction of the CBD brand you choose may be found on their website, often on the product’s page. Otherwise, it may be seen on the product label. Encase no dosage information available from the brand, you may start with the lowest possible dose. Observe how your dog responds to it. Then, you can slowly increase the dose if you think that he or she is not getting enough CBD.

You may also go to your dog’s doctor. However, not all veterinarians support the use of CBD in pets. Yet, if you know that your pet’s vet supports it, you can ask for their guidance as well. Another alternative is consulting a CBD expert near you. They may give you some tips and best practices when administering CBD oil to your dogs.

Moreover, there are legit sources about CBD, which you can find on the internet. While there may be false information being scattered online, you may check the blog section of your chosen brand. Sometimes, dosage information about their product can be found on their blog, and not on the product’s label.

Dog CBD Intake

The most common way to let your dog have CBD is through the direct oral application. Here, you can use a dropper for easier CBD administration. However, remember not to squeeze its mouth extremely tight.

Alternatively, you can mix CBD oil with your pet’s food or drinks. This can be helpful if you use unflavored CBD oil, and your dog cannot tolerate it that much. Some are also using CBD dog treats instead of CBD oil. But there are others who are using both CBD oil and treats altogether.

If you decide to use dog CBD oil together with CBD dog treats, stay mindful of the dosage. Be reminded that your CBD oil and CBD dog treat may contain different CBD potencies. Thus, you must balance them before giving them to your dog.

Is It Safe?

Generally, hemp-derived CBD is safe for dogs and even for humans. There may be some side effects. However, lowering the dose usually solves the issue. Moreover, hemp-derived CBD has little to no trace of THC. Therefore, your dog will never get addicted to it.

What Are The Side Effects?

If CBD is taken too much resulting in an overdose, your dog may experience fatigue. CBD may also decrease the production of saliva, thus resulting in a dry mouth. Your dog may also feel a sensation of drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea. To relieve these side effects, simply lower the dosage of CBD.

Is It Legal?

The legality of CBD oil may vary from one state to another. However, in general, the production of CBD is legal, but it should be a CBD derived from hemp. This contains less than 0.3% THC. While both hemp and marijuana both belong to the family of cannabis plants, marijuana contains much more THC, typically at least 0.5% which we consider much more addictive.

In terms of FDA regulation, we currently do not have their full support of having CBD as an ingredient in pet products. However, CBD oil and other pet CBD products may still serve as your dog’s food supplements. Be reminded, however, that food supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, it is our responsibility to choose the right CBD brand, especially when we want to have CBD for our dogs.

On top of that, while researchers can show us evidence that CBD oil treats or just helps treat certain dog health conditions, these products from the brands we reviewed above are not intended to serve as a sole treatment for any kind of illness. They do not promise a cure, nor are they designed as a medicine.

Closing Thoughts – Picking And Buying The Best CBD for Dogs

It is important to choose the right CBD brand if you want to pick a high-quality CBD oil for your pet. Knowing what CBD formula, you want to give to your dog may aid your decision-making process. Of course, third-party lab tests, CBD oil potency, and hemp source are important considerations too.

You may or may not mind the carrier oil a CBD brand uses. However, we considered brands using coconut or MCT oil. These carriers are gluten-free, and safe when added to hemp CBD products.

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