Best Blood Pressure Pills to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

As most of our readers are probably well aware, an individual’s blood pressure levels can be used to gauge their heart health quite easily. This is because studies have shown that unhealthy BP variance can lead to a range of medical issues, including poor heart health, lowered arterial activity, reduced circulatory function, etc.

That being said, in recent months, the market has been flooded with a range of high-quality blood pressure supplements that come loaded with an array of natural ingredients, including beetroot extracts, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc. These nutrients have been found to help the body expand its blood vessels (thereby allowing for better circulation) and provide users with other benefits such as reduced inflammation, etc.

Best Blood Pressure Pills

With so many products available today, we have devised this list to help you weed out the fluff and choose only the best, most high-quality blood pressure products available in the market. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the heart of the matter.

Cymbiotika The Omega

One of the most widely used blood pressure supplements in the market today, Cymbiotika, is an omega 3 DHA / EPA supplement that has been designed to help support one’s heart health via the delivery of various omega-3 fatty acids. In this regard, it bears mentioning that while most other blood pressure supplements rely on herb and plant extracts to deliver their benefits, Cymbiotika The Omega uses a precise ratio of omega-3 fatty acids that have been clinically shown to support healthy blood pressure levels in men and women.

As per the official company website, some of the other core benefits associated with this supplement include:

  • It may be able to support one’s neural health and fasten muscle recovery after any strenuous exercise.
  • Each serving of this product comes loaded with several efficacious antioxidants, such as astaxanthin.

As pointed out earlier, Cymbiotika The Omega features several natural ingredients that have been shown to support inflammation and oxidation throughout the body.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that the product comes in a liquid tincture form (rather than a capsule), thereby making it extremely easy to consume. In fact, according to the manufacturer, to make full use of the product, all one has to do is take 14 pumps of the solution daily. From a pricing standpoint, each unit of Cymbiotika The Omega is priced at $65.

Blood Pressure 911

As the name seems to quite clearly allude to, Blood Pressure 911 is a BT regulatory supplement that PhytAge Laboratories have developed. The manufacturer claims that the product can help reduce unhealthy blood pressure figures quite drastically when taken regularly. For example, as per various testimonials available on the official product website, many users have claimed that their blood pressure numbers reduced significantly after a few weeks of using Blood Pressure 911.

In terms of its compositional structure, Blood Pressure 911 features a range of ingredients that are typically not found in other similar products, such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, and niacin. However, by adding these specific nutrients, the supplement can deliver a range of holistic benefits.

Some of the other core aspects of this supplement include:

  • As some of our readers may already know, PhytAge Labs is an industry leader that has gained a massive following within the supplement industry over the last decade or so.
  • All of PhytAge’s products have been devised in an FDA-inspected cGMP facility.
  • All of the company’s products are made to undergo third-party lab testing to ensure that users are only getting the best quality product possible.

From a pricing standpoint, it should be highlighted that each bottle of Blood Pressure 911 is available for a base sum of just $79.

BP Zone

Another top-rated product that has grabbed the attention of the masses in recent months, BP Zone from Zenith Labs, is a blood pressure supplement that comes loaded with several highly efficacious nutrients, including saffron hibiscus and garlic. These ingredients have been closely studied and shown to deliver a wide range of benefits, including blood pressure regulation, enhanced circulation, and improved cardiovascular function.

Furthermore, it bears mentioning that Zenith Labs’ Dr. Ryan Shelton has created BP Zone in conjunction with other renowned medical professionals. According to Shelton, he created this formula after learning about it during his travels through Spain. As pointed out earlier, some of the key ingredients that make this product so effective include saffron, hawthorn, arjuna, hibiscus, ginger, garlic, Dan Shen, berberine, taurine, CoQ10, and theanine.

The supplement comes in the form of pills that have been designed in an FDA-approved facility. Not only that, the manufacturing sites are cGMP approved and designed to provide users with the highest quality supplement possible. Each bottle of this product is available for a base sum of just $59.

Blood Pressure Optimizer

Much like our previous entry, Blood Pressure Optimizer has been created using a precise blend of 13 nutrients to promote healthy blood pressure levels. The manufacturer claims that the product can deliver real, visible benefits in less than 30 seconds per day.

Each serving of Blood Pressure Optimizer features a total of 13 ingredients sourced organically and has been tested for their overall purity and usefulness. The product has been around for more than 17 years, suggesting that many people have benefitted from its regular use. The company even shares blood tests as proof of its product’s efficacy, with all of the reports being available for download instantly.

The supplement is the brainchild of Dr. Sam Robbins, who is widely considered one of the foremost experts within this space. As per info available online, Dr. Robbins has helped thousands of patients (with some of them being in their 80s and 90s). To deliver its wide range of benefits, each serving of Blood Pressure Optimizer comes loaded with clinically verified agents such as hawthorn berry extract, grape seed extract, celery seed extract, and L-arginine.

Price-wise, a single bottle of Blood Pressure Optimizer is currently available for a base sum of just $69.

Total Blood Support

Much like the other products included in our list, Total Blood Support is a blood pressure supplement designed to help regulate one’s circulatory levels in an easy, optimal fashion. As per several customer reviews available online, Total Blood Support, when taken as prescribed, can help users keep their BP within the 120 to 130 range. A few highly respected doctors (including Dr. Brian Wells) have endorsed the product, calling it one of the most efficient ways of maintaining a “healthy blood pressure.”

Total Blood Support has been created by a Canadian firm called Applied Science Nutrition. According to a spokesperson for the company, the product can help provide users with a range of benefits such as improved heart health, enhanced overall wellbeing, increased energy levels, heightened mental acuity/sharpness, etc.

Price-wise, a single bottle of Total Blood Support Price is currently available online for a base sum of $79.

VitaPost Blood Pressure Support

VitaPost’s Blood Pressure Support is a highly effective supplement that comes loaded with various ingredients such as hawthorn extract, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, among other ingredients. These nutrients work synergistically to deliver benefits such as regulated blood pressure levels, improved cardiovascular and blood health, enhanced heart conditioning, heightened circulatory activity, etc.

Not only that, but each serving of Blood Pressure Support also provides the body with a range of antioxidants that have been derived from various plants and herbs (such as juniper berry, decaffeinated green tea leaf extract, buchu leaf).

In terms of its availability, the supplement can be purchased via Walmart and other major retailers. A single bottle of the product can be bought at press time for a base sum of just $34.


BPS-5 is a product that has gained a lot of traction within the supplement market recently, thanks in large part to its creator Dr. Dan Ritchie, Ph.D., who is extremely well respected within this space. As per the official company website, BPS-5 has been designed to provide users with benefits such as:

  • It can help in the faster, more efficient release of energy within our bodies.
  • It can help users optimize their blood pressure levels in a quick, hassle-free manner.
  • It can help users increase their immunity levels.

Also, it should be pointed out that BPS-5 is marketed primarily as a product for older men and women. In this regard, the product also packs in a range of peripheral health enhancers such as calcium, magnesium, glycine, citric acid, etc. In terms of its price, each bottle of this supplement is available for a base sum of $49.

Blood Balance Advanced Formula

Blood Balance Advanced Formula gained a lot of market attention last year, thanks to the many reviews from users claiming that the product helped them achieve a range of benefits such as regulated blood sugar levels, improved cardiovascular health. Not only that, as per the official product website, the supplement even comes packed with specific weight optimizers that can allow users to shed their excess fats quickly, seamlessly.

In terms of what’s contained in the product, each Blood Balance Advanced Formula serving comes loaded with a range of clinically verified active agents derived from ingredients such as mulberry leaves, berberine extract, bitter melon, chromium, and vitamin B7, and cinnamon bark.

As per the official product website, the Blood Balance Advanced Formula is designed to help provide users with noticeable benefits within a month of using the formula. Each bottle of this supplement is priced at a reasonable $69.


StrictionBP is another top-rated supplement that has been designed by Optimal Health & Wellness, the company that has given us several popular BP control products in the past. Additionally, it should be highlighted that Striction BP has been made in conjunction with Dr. Ben Yeboah, the company’s Chief Medical Advisor.

When taken regularly, the supplement can purportedly support healthy systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Not only that, but StrctionBP can also provide users with other peripheral benefits such as regulated blood sugar levels, increased fat loss, etc. Some of the core ingredients contained in the mix that make it unique include Ceylon cinnamon. Each bottle of this product is available for just $64.

Lion HRT

Lion HRT is a heart health supplement that supports blood health in unique ways. While other supplements listed here focus on widening blood pressures and improving blood flow, Lion HRT targets insulin production, lipid metabolism, and cholesterol, making it easier for blood to flow throughout your body.

According to the official website, Lion HRT features certain active ingredients designed to help reduce the body’s innate cholesterol level, thus allowing our arteries and veins to function at a much higher level. The supplement comes with several vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including garlic, hawthorn berry, and rosemary in its compositional structure.

Price-wise, each bottle of Lion HRT is currently available for a base sum of just $69.


Alistrol from CLE Holistic Health is one of the most popular BP regulation supplements available in the market today. It has been made using several efficacious ingredients such as hawthorn berry, daikon seed, garlic, and holly leaf to help improve one’s natural blood pressure levels and improve the overall circulatory efficiency of our body.

For those unaware, garlic has been scientifically shown to be extremely useful in controlling one’s BP levels, thanks to the presence of a naturally occurring chemical called allicin. To elaborate even further on this point, it should be highlighted that allicin is responsible for providing the human body with benefits such as reduced inflammation, heightened mental focus, improved blood circulation, etc.

According to the manufacturer, users should ingest three capsules of Alistrol twice per day to obtain maximum benefit from this product. A single bottle of this product is available for a base sum of just $49.

Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula

As the name suggests, Longevity Premier’s Blood Pressure Formula is designed to help optimize one’s BP levels by using various carefully selected plants and herbs that have been scientifically studied and found to deliver a range of excellent benefits. According to the official product website, two capsules of the product per day can help provide users with benefits like:

  • Increased blood flow and vascularity
  • Improved blood pressure levels

Each Longevity Premier’s Blood Pressure Formula serving comes with a hawthorn berry extract, garlic extract, quercetin, algae extract, etc. The supplement also contains specific niche’ nutrients derived from kudzu root extract, malt extract, natto processed extract, and radish seed extract.

From a pricing standpoint, no other product even comes close to matching Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula value, with each bottle of the supplement currently being sold online for a base sum of $15.

Bonus Guides

To maintain healthy Blood Pressure levels, it is essential to take the right supplements and facilitate specific changes to one’s daily lifestyle. This section will seek to outline some detailed guides that users can employ to transform their lives radically. Some BP control systems worth checking out in this regard include:

Barton Nutrition’s The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit

The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit from Barton Nutrition is the brainchild of world-renowned nutritionist Dr. Scott Saunders, MD. As part of the program, users are provided with a whole host of food tips, nutrition plans, exercises, kitchen remedies, etc., that can help repair the body and support healthy blood pressure levels in its users.

To be a bit more specific, the High Blood Pressure Solution Kit program features a 3-step plan of action that addresses the root issues underlying high blood pressure. The entire report can be availed of digitally and downloaded almost instantaneously upon a small payment of just $20.

The Blood Pressure Program

Much like the above-stated system on this list, The Blood Pressure Program has been devised by Christian Goodman in conjunction with the Blue Heron Health News team. When used properly, the system can help users source out a wide range of ways through which they can get rid of their BP-related ailments. The program features many exercises and dietary changes that users can employ to get their health levels back on track.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the Blood Pressure Program comes backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee and is priced at $49.

The Blood Pressure Solution

Not to be confused with The Blood Pressure Solution Kit outlined above, this solution comes in an e-book that features an array of comprehensive information regarding the underlying causes of hypertension, thereby allowing users to control their blood pressure levels seamlessly.

To be a bit more specific, The Blood Pressure Solution is the brainchild of Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition, who, over the years, has helped thousands of individuals. In fact, as per several reviews available online, Dr. Merrit’s program can help users regulate their health using things like balanced meal plans, eliminating 99% of their health issues in the process. When writing this review, the Blood Pressure Solution is available for a base sum of $54.

Heart Strong

The last entry on our list, Heart Strong, is a detailed digital e-book. It has been clinically validated and provided various tools to help users keep their BP levels around the 120/80 range. Not only that, but each purchase of Heart Strong also allows users to gain access to four bonus documents — i.e., Heart Truths, Heart Fuel, Heart Blood, and Hearts of Women.

All of the methodologies outlined in this solution are entirely natural. They can help users reverse many heart ailments that affect many older men and women over 40. The entire Heart Strong program is currently available for a base sum of $29.

FAQs About Blood Pressure Supplements

Many people tend to have queries regarding blood pressure supplements, especially regarding the way they work. So in this section, we will seek to tackle some of the most common issues that people have.

Q: What do you mean by a blood pressure supplement?

A: In its most basic sense, a blood pressure supplement is made using a wide array of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts, all of which work synergistically to help regulate blood pressure levels.

Q: How exactly do these types of products work?

A: Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question. For example, while some blood pressure supplements work by raising an individual’s natural nitric oxide (NO) levels, others are designed to behave like antioxidants (i.e., they help reduce any inflammation that our arteries and veins may face). Not only that, some products seek to lower one’s blood pressure using a variety of different complex mechanisms.

Q: What’s the benefit of maintaining healthy BP?

A: Individuals suffering from high blood pressure are much more prone to developing a range of cardiovascular ailments, diseases. There is a mountain of evidence to suggest that high BP is one of the biggest killers worldwide today.

Q: Which vitamin-based supplement is the best for controlling one’s blood pressure?

A: Based on medical research, potassium and magnesium are the two minerals that are the best for optimizing one’s BP levels in a quick, seamless manner. In this regard, it further bears mentioning that some of the best potassium-rich foods that users can buy from the market include dried apricots, spinach, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, fat-free yogurt and milk, and bananas.

Similarly, doctors recommend consuming almonds, spinach, cashews, peanuts, black beans, avocados, potatoes, and brown rice for magnesium. However, some of these items may contain high levels of fat, carbs, etc. Therefore users should consult their doctors before switching up their diets completely.

Q: What items should be avoided to regulate one’s blood pressure levels?

A: The easiest, most convenient means of reducing one’s blood pressure is by avoiding certain foods and drinks, including alcohol, caffeine, NSAIDs, antidepressants. Not only that, certain prescription medicines come loaded with active ingredients that are known to raise one’s BP levels quite substantially.

Q: Is high blood pressure preventable?

A: In a vast majority of cases, it is entirely possible to control one’s BP levels by making simple changes to one’s diet and daily lifestyle. That being said, individuals with a history of cardiovascular ailments and certain other genetic factors may be more susceptible to these problems.

Q: What’s the best BP product in the market today?

A: There is no straight answer as any of the items included in our list can be purchased by those interested in getting their health back in order. Also, as pointed out previously, users should choose products that come replete with controlled doses of potassium, magnesium, omega-3, probiotics, and calcium for optimal benefits.

Q: What’s the best way of lowering one’s BP?

A: Straight off the bat, making specific lifestyle changes is the most efficient means of enhancing one’s BP levels. For example, users can start adopting a healthier diet or incorporate particular exercises into their daily routines.

Other factors that can help control one’s BP levels include reduced smoking, weight loss, decreased stress levels, lowered alcohol consumption.

Q: When does one say they suffer from high blood pressure?

A: Most medical experts believe that a person diagnosed with high BP is when their pressure levels exceed the 130/80 mark. Most people don’t even know that they’re suffering from elevated blood pressure, as a result of which they only find out when things have become quite bad. Therefore, individuals (especially those over the age of 40) must get a regular physical checkup.

Q: What are the root causes of high blood pressure?

A: While the factors may be manifold, most medical experts agree that issues such as obesity, diet, one’s exercise habits can have a direct impact on one’s circulatory functions. Other aspects such as race, family history, smoking, and salt intake can also influence heart health.

Q: What is considered a ‘normal’ blood pressure reading?

A: A vast majority of doctors across the globe consider a reading of 120/80 (and below) to be a ‘normal’ blood pressure reading.

Q: What is mm Hg?

A: As many of our readers may be well aware, Mm hg refers to millimeters (mm) of mercury (Hg).

Q: What does the term hypertension mean?

A: Simply put, hypertension is a more professional, medically derived term for “high blood pressure.”

Q: What is the DASH diet?

A: The DASH has gained an immense amount of popularity in recent weeks. In essence, DASH is an acronym that stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. As the name suggests, this dietary regime seeks to reduce sodium intake while promoting our daily intake of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Q: Can one follow a Mediterranean diet to control their blood pressure levels?

A: There are several studies available online that seem to quite clearly suggest that a Mediterranean diet (which comprises mainly of various fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, nuts, and seeds) can have an extremely positive impact on one’s heart health.

Q: What kinds of foods are best to lower one’s blood pressure levels naturally?

A: Individuals looking to get their health back in order should look to consume a lot of leafy green vegetables, berries, beets, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. Any food items with a decent amount of fiber or roughage should be given preference.

Q: Are blood pressure supplements safe to ingest/consume regularly?

A: Most high-quality supplements (at least the one listed here) are safe for regular consumption. However, it is best to consult one’s GP regarding dosage, especially if one suffers from a severe medical ailment or heart condition. Some of the best herbs that one can consume to regulate these levels include garlic and hawthorn.

Q: What do people mean when they talk about systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

In its most scientific sense, systolic pressure is the force a person’s blood exerts on their artery walls when the heart runs at an optimal level. On the other hand, diastolic pressure refers to the force that an individual experiences in between two heartbeats. Lastly, as pointed out previously, blood pressure readings are done in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), like 120/80 mm Hg.

Q: What are the most obvious/common symptoms related to high blood pressure?

A: There are millions of people across the globe today who do not feel the ill effects of high BP. However, over significant periods, the issue can manifest itself in different ways like headaches, chest pain, breathing problems, etc.

Q: Are there any side effects when one takes high blood pressure medication?

A: Some of the most common side-effects related to high BP include dizziness, heart rhythm issues, swelling, etc. That being said, it is essential to recognize that these effects can vary quite massively depending upon the type of medicine one may be taking (such as diuretics, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, amongst others).

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