7 Best Adderall Alternatives: Most Effective Adderall Replacements

Are you looking to give your brain a competitive edge? Nootropics are “smart drugs” designed to enhance your brainpower. Taking nootropic supplements to supercharge your thinking, decision-making, and energy levels helps you achieve your life and career goals.

Adderall is one of the top-selling drugs designed to assist people who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity order). It’s a potent drug, and many people use it off-script without their doctor’s consent.

Taking Adderall is risky, even if you have a doctor’s prescription for the drug. The compound interacts with the nervous system, causing different biological reactions in every user. Some users find that they develop severe side effects from using the drug. From erectile dysfunction to shifts in mood and sleep impairment, the drug has many adverse effects on the body and brain.

Adderall is very close in its design to methamphetamine. As a result, many people find themselves forming an addiction to the drug. Using nootropics instead of Adderall offers you a much safer alternative, with very similar effects on your concentration and cognitive processes.

There are dozens of nootropic products available. Many of them replicate the same effects as Adderall, boosting your brainpower without the nasty side effects involved with Adderall use. This post unpacks our picks for the top-rated nootropic products in 2022.

The Top 7 Best Adderall Alternatives

Mind Lab ProOne of the best adderall alternatives, Mind Lab Pro is some of the rare OTC nootropic brain boosters that come without the side effects of adderall.
NooCube Brain ProductivityFighting brain overwhelm, NooCube aims to increase brain productivity without any side effects of adderall. It is one of the best adderall alternatives at an affordable price.
SANE VitaaeSANE Vitaae is one of the best adderall alternatives that obliterates the need of an adderall prescription. It is an effective adderall alternative that increases alpha brain wave activity.
Performance Lab MindPerformance Lab Mind is not just one of the best adderall alternatives but also a reputed alternative to adderall coming from a long-standing company, Performance Lab.
BiOptimizers CogniBioticsBeing one of the best adderall alternatives on our list, BiOptizers CogniBiotics imparts cognitive benefits similar to Mind Lab Pro. You do not require an adderall prescription either.
Zenith Labs Brain C-13Coming from one of the most reputed manufacturers, Zenith Labs Brain C-13 is an effective adderall alternative supplement that has no side effects.
ModafinilThe only adderall alternative that does not come right from the wings of a supplement company, Modafinil is one of the best adderall alternatives. However, it is a prescription medication and must be used only if recommended by a medical professional.

Mind Lab Pro

Product Overview
Core IngredientsMaritime pine bark extract, lion’s mane mushroom, citicoline, Bacopa monnieri, and Rhodiola Rosea extract, and others
Servings Per Container30 servings
Money-Back GuaranteeEmpty-bottle refund guarantee

Mind Lab Pro wins our award for the best nootropic supplement available in 2022. The brand released the fourth version of its nootropic product in 2022, and user reviews say it’s the best formulation to date.

Mind Lab Pro is a popular supplement, with over 1-million bottles sold and thousands of 5-star verified user reviews. Mind Lab Pro results from years of independent study and research into the most effective nootropics available.

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 essential ingredients to help you boost your brainpower. Mid Lab Pro also features the proprietary “NutriGenesis” vitamin blend offering you optimal absorption in the gut. The complex includes Lion’s Mane extract. This adaptogen assists with elevating levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) in the central nervous system (CNS).

You also get a healthy serving of Bacopa monnieri, supporting memory function and circulation, and the inclusion of L-tyrosine boosts blood flow to your brain. Manufactured by the leading health product brand, “Opti-Nutra,” Mind Lab Pro discloses its entire ingredients listing and the dosages of each.

Opti-Nutra works with its medical advisory board to assess the best ingredients in the Mind Lab Pro formulation. It’s our choice for the top-rated Adderall replacement on this list, and it comes with a money-back warranty if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

NooCube Brain Productivity

Product Overview
IngredientsAlpha GPC, Huperzine A, cat’s claw extract, and Bacopa monnieri
Servings Per Container30 days
Money Back Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee

Developed by leading neuroscientists, NooCube Brain Productivity is one of the leading Adderall alternatives on our list. It’s a close competitor to Mind Labs Pro, and it contains similar ingredients at effective dosages.

You get a potent blend of minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and no caffeine in the formulation. The product has thousands of 5-star reviews online, and users state they feel effects like improvement in cognitive processing, clearer thinking, effective decision-making, and enhanced concentration, to name a few.

Like Mind Lab Pro, NooCube Brain Productivity backs up its promise of a better brain with a money-back guarantee. NooCube is slightly more affordable than Mind Labs Pro, and you get a similar effect.

SANE Vitaae

Product Overview
Core IngredientsVitamin-D, CoQ10, acetyl L-carnitine, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, citicoline, and more
Servings Per Container15 servings
Money-Back Guarantee365-day money back guarantee

SANE Vitaae by SANE Laboratories is another leading nootropic supplement making it to our list. The formulation improves cognitive functions in the brain while improving focus and concentration in users. SANE Vitaae offers you a different mechanism of action to Mind Labs Pro and NooCube Brain Productivity.

SANE includes folate, vitamin D3, omega-3 EFAs, acetyl L-carnitine, and citicoline. Users claim they experience increases in concentration and mental clarity. They also note a boost to their mood and feelings of well-being.

SANE Vitaae claims users will experience a boost of 13.6% to brain energy utilization. The supplement produces a 26% increase in membrane turnover, a feature that’s not available in Mind Labs Pro or NooCube Brain Productivity.

Mind from Performance Lab

Product Overview
IngredientsCiticoline, phosphatidylserine, Amino acid, and maritime pine bark
Servings Per Container15 days
Money Back Guarantee30-day money back guarantee

Performance Lab brings us its flagship nootropic product with “Mind.” It’s a potent blend of supportive ingredients designed to improve brain function, cognition, memory while boosting your motivation and energy levels throughout the day.

The proven ingredients in the formulation, like Cognizin, boost brain productivity and energy levels by improving circulation. It also assists with recovering from intense brain exertion. Performance Lab takes a straightforward approach to the ingredients they include in the product.

The supplement has four active ingredients: Cognizin citicoline, Ajipure L-tyrosine, Sharp-PS phosphatidylserine, and Maritime pine bark extract. Performance Lab targets “Mind” to assist with multitasking cognitive processes, reducing mental burnout in stressful environments.

It’s a somewhat pricey supplement, compared with Mind Lab Pro. However, it has a unique formulation to other products on this list, and it’s worth considering for people that find themselves under tremendous stress and workloads in their careers.

BiOptimizers CogniBiotics

Product Overview
IngredientsShen Bu Xin San formula and Chaihu-Shugan-San formula
Servings Per Container30 days
Money Back Guarantee365-day money back guarantee

CogniBiotics offers you a nootropic supplement with a prestigious ingredients formulation. The supplement supports optimal brain function while stabilizing your mood, according to user reviews. CogniBiotics consists of a proprietary blend of Chinese medicinal herbs, including a prebiotic and probiotic blend, featuring 17 adaptogenic and nootropic herbal extracts.

CogniBiotics features ten brain-friendly probiotic strains that reduce inflammation while improving cognitive function in the brain. According to the marketing material, CogniBiotics enhances neuroplasticity and neuroregeneration in the brain, enhancing NGF and BDNF output, enhancing mood levels while increasing learning capacity and memory retention.

While most products offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase, BiOptimizers has the best guarantee in the industry, giving you 365-days to return the product if you’re not entirely satisfied with its effects.

Zenith Labs Brain C-13

Product Overview
IngredientsDMAE, Rhodiola rosea extract, rosemary leaf, turmeric, ginkgo leaf, Huperzine A, and phosphatidylserine, and others
Servings Per Container30 days
Money Back Guarantee180-day money back guarantee

Brain C-13 from Zenith Labs offers you a nootropic supplement from one of the leading industry brands. The ingredients formulation supports your brain’s mental “powerlines,” enhancing cognitive function and memory through its proprietary blend of minerals and herbs.

Zenith Labs formulated this product to assist with managing the effects of age-related mental decline.

You get a 180-day (six-month) money-back guarantee on every bottle. It’s a cost-effective nootropic supplement with thousands of positive reviews online.


Product Overview
IngredientsLactose Monohydrate
Servings Per ContainerStarts from 30 servings
Money Back GuaranteeVaried refund guarantee
PriceStarts $69.00

We finish our list with another drug alternative to Adderall – Modafinil. If you ever watched the movie “Limitless,” Modafinil provides you with the closest effect to NZT-48 available on the market.

Modafinil is only available through prescription or various online sources that don’t require a script. However, it comes with many side effects and risks, similar to Adderall.

Before you decide to play around with Modafinil, make sure you research the drug and its effects. Novices should not use this drug unless under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

How We Ranked The Top Rated Adderall Alternatives

Adderall provides the user with an intense feeling of focus and concentration. However, abuse of the substance is common, and side effects at higher doses can have unfortunate effects on the brain and body.

Adderall alternatives are safe and effective. Sure, you might not get the same chemical amphetamine rush as you do with higher doses of Adderall, but you’re not putting your brain health at risk either. Many people don’t understand that changing their brain chemistry with prescription stimulant-based medications could have lasting effects later in their life.

With Adderall alternatives, you get the best features of the drug without any of the harmful effects of using the medication.

We assessed dozens of nootropic supplements for this review. Our shortlist of products represents the best supplements available in the industry. Before recommending them to our readers when reviewing a product, we look at the following criteria:

Proven Science-Backed Ingredients

The best Adderall alternative supplements included in our list contain proven and scientifically effective nootropic ingredients that work towards cognitive enhancement.

Performance Lab Mind and Mind Lab Pro for example include the most effective excipients that make for the best adderall alternative ingredients for nootropic supplements. Infact, the ingredients included in Performance Lab Mind and Mind Lab Pro have gone through multiple research studies for the test of efficacy.

Any alternative to Adderall that did not have enough research backing its excipients list was not included in our list. Infact, every alternative to adderall included in our list has been thoroughly scrutinized to not contain any banned chemicals, or harmful ingredients, as well as prescription drugs.

Effective Dosages

The dosage in which the ingredients are included into the adderall alternatives is of foremost importance. This is because if an ingredient is underdosed, it won’t work to the best of its efficacy in the adderall alternatives. On the other hand, if an ingredient is included in higher dosages than the clinically safe amount, it can negatively impact the health of the user.

Thus, we only included those adderall alternatives in the list of best adderall alternatives that had both clinically safe as well as effective dosages of the ingredients added.

Evidence-Based Controlled Trials

Sometimes, we’re so keen to see a product work for us that we experience the “placebo effect.” We look for ingredients offering your research-based evidence from clinical trials. Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials are essential for choosing the suitable Adderall alternative.

Supplements offering proven results for efficacy in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials bring you the gold standard in scientific testing and Adderall alternatives.

Proven Benefits

The FDA does not approve supplements in any category. However, the FDA does approve many of the individual components used in these supplement formulations.

Proven amino acids, like L-Theanine, feature in many supplement formulations, but that doesn’t mean that the product has FDA approval.

Who Can Benefit from an Adderall Alternative?

Do you work a stressful job like coding or accounting? If you require your brain to have optimal focus every day under stressful conditions, eventually, you’re going to reach a point where you start feeling burned out mentally.

Supporting your brain with the proper nutrients helps it overcome any extra exertion you place on it throughout the day.

Using nootropic supplements as an alternative to stimulant-based medications like Adderall and Ritalin is a great way to improve your brain health. The supplements don’t damage your brain the same way drugs as Adderall can.

A nootropic supplement can benefit many lifestyles like:

  • People who are working in competitive workplaces and industries that need an edge.
  • Students who are looking to maintain longer study hours
  • Seniors who are looking to halt or slow age-related cognitive decline
  • Professional and amateur athletes for better decision-making
  • Entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs looking to stay sharp
  • Coders and other gig workers like designers who need support for mentally-demanding jobs

We use our brains all day, and many of us don’t realize that we’re not a brain in a box. Without the proper nutrition and supplementation, you’re going to feel an impact on your mental state and your cognitive processing capability.

Taking an Adderall alternative like the nootropics mentioned in this review helps your brain cope with demanding environments where you need to maintain a high level of focus.

What are the Side Effects of Adderall?

Adderall is a very different animal from a nootropic supplement. Adderall is essentially prescription meth, and many users describe its action as similar to methamphetamine, especially at high doses. As a result, there is always the potential for abuse by the user.

Adderall addiction can become life-threatening, and it can ruin your brain chemistry for the rest of your life. It’s important to note that addicts don’t start as addicts.

They keep using the drug outside of medical supervision, and sooner or later, the brain becomes hooked on the dopamine produced by consuming the medication.

Even early users will notice some side effects as their brain and body adjust to the chemical. Some of the common side effects involved with Adderall use include the following.

  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Vision problems
  • Addiction
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Lack of motivation and depression
  • Irritability, lethargy, and fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • High anxiety and panic attacks
  • Hallucinations

Some of the lesser-reported side effects of the medication include severe health issues like heart disease. It’s also common for frequent users to develop issues surrounding dysfunction of the nervous system, such as tremors or headaches.

What Is the Mechanism of Adderall?

Adderall received FDA approval in 1996 as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It might surprise you to learn that medical science doesn’t understand the exact mechanism or pathways involving the activation of the drug in the body.

Ingredients in Natural Adderall Alternatives That Work

Adderall alternatives like the nootropics in this review have proven effective in improving your brain power and stamina. Here is the research on the top ingredients found in most of the seven recommended formulations in this review.

If you are taking Adderall for your health, it might be time to quit and focus on more natural supplements such as the best Adderall alternatives that we have brought forward for you. These nootropic supplements are better than any prescription medication that you are used to because they do not cause any side effects and their ingredients are found in nature.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark extract is one of the most common ingredients that is found in the best supplements that can help you increase your mental energy without causing any unwanted side effects.

This ingredient is a part of most good natural Adderall alternatives. It has the ability to prevent and control the symptoms of ADHD in adults as well as children. People who have trouble concentrating on things and studying different things can focus better by using supplements that have this ingredient.

The benefits of maritime pine bark extract stems from the fact that it is an excellent antioxidant ingredient. It is very beneficial in improving brain health from within without causing any adverse effects.

Numerous studies indicate that this ingredient is very powerful in increasing blood flow to brain cells and helping the brain function better. When there is increased blood flow, metabolism in the brain increases and more energy is provided. The brain gets more clarity.

You can boost brain energy efficiently on account of the increased blood supply to the brain cells. If you are looking for reliable ways to substitute medication such as Adderall, it is a good idea to consider supplements that have ingredients such as maritime pine bark extract. Alternatives to Adderall use this ingredient to promote mental wellness as well as focus.

This is one of the most efficient ingredients in Adderall alternative supplements that prevent stress in the brain that is caused by oxidation due to the presence of too many free radicals. Look out for this ingredient when you are purchasing a supplement for the health of your brain.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most useful ingredients that are found in natural Adderall alternatives. It is effective in increasing blood circulation in the brain and it acts to improve blood flow to brain. By doing so, it is able to boost brain energy and promote increased levels of nourishment of the brain.

You will find that good alternatives to Adderall usually have generous amounts of ginkgo biloba because it is quite important to nourish the brain for the sake of maintaining brain health even as you get older. As you get older, your brain is not able to function as well as it used to due to many reasons. This is why you have to consider smart drugs that do not cause any side effects.

Ginkgo biloba is found in natural nootropics and Adderall alternative supplements. It is very helpful in promoting better management and ways to deal with stress in the brain. It improves the decision making skills as well. One of the most important uses of this ingredient is that it is able to promote healthier levels of cholesterol in the body. It can also help in preventing conditions such as a stroke.


This is a neuro protective ingredient that is found in proper medication as well. It has great action on nourishing the brain cells and protecting them from damage. It improves the chances of survival of the cells in the brain and the nerves. Natural Adderall alternatives use this ingredient to promote brain health holistically.

This ingredient is found in good alternatives to Adderall because it is capable of improving blood flow to brain cells and increasing brain energy as a result. In doing so, it is capable of improving brain health tremendously.

Natural alternative solutions to medication that have to be prescribed such as natural nootropics are a good way of avoiding any unnecessary side effects. It is a powerful ingredient that can help you maintain good mental energy throughout the day and keep your mood stable throughout.


Some of the benefits offered by this ingredient include better cognitive function and improvement of brain health from within. This is why it is found in many good alternatives to Adderall. It can help increase brain energy and it does so by promoting extra blood flow to brain cells. People who supplement this ingredient find themselves having better focus and concentration.

One of the most important cognitive benefits of this ingredient is that it can help prevent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in people of all ages. It improves cognitive performance overall and helps people perform tasks better even as they get older and these functions tend to decline.


It is effective in preventing the build up of proteins that lead to conditions such as dementia which is why it is a very common ingredient that is found in alternatives to Adderall.

DMAE contributes to better cognitive function and is an important part of Adderall alternative supplements that are meant to improve cognitive performance in adults. It is commonly found in fatty fish and other foods but supplementing it is a good idea as it is a great natural alternative to medication that offer cognitive benefits for those who need it.

It is effective in improving brain energy and it contributes to increased mental energy as well. You can boost brain health effectively and avoid conditions such as dementia, depression and other conditions.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an excellent ingredient that is one of the most effective stress busters in the brain.

It is capable of increasing brain energy and it does so by improving the circulation of blood in the brain. It is very powerful in improving the levels of concentration and focus on different tasks. This proves to be very useful to treat ADHD and related conditions.

Rhodiola rosea is a part of most alternatives to Adderall because it significantly improves cognitive function. People tend to use Adderall alternative substances so that they can improve their cognitive performance. Natural alternatives to prescription products usually contain ingredients like Rhodiola rosea so that it can help with different actions to boost brain health by providing cognitive benefits such as improved mental clarity and memory retention.


Creatine is one of the most useful amino acids in the body. It is a very powerful ingredient that is commonly found in supplements that help to build muscle mass and promote lean body structure without compromising on the muscle content in the body. An amino acid is essentially what the body needs to construct proteins which then help in building muscle and other tissues. The action of creatine on proper brain functioning is not well known.

Creatine is important for normal and healthy brain function. It can help with human brain cell regeneration which is important in older people who suffer from conditions that cause losses in memory power. This amino acid contributes to brain health in different ways. It is important for maintaining good focus and also has an important role in improving mental clarity along with memory retention.

This is why creatine is found in many natural alternatives. People who make the change from using prescription products to natural nootropics are prone to Adderall withdrawal symptoms. Creatine can help deal with these symptoms without causing any unwanted side effects.

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium

The importance of essential vitamins and minerals cannot be overlooked when it comes to maintaining the health of the brain. Vitamin B6 is an essential component of a balanced and healthy diet and it is commonly known as folic acid. This is very important right from the beginning to maintain the health of the nervous system even before the child is born. It contributes to the growth of the neural tube.

Both vitamin B6 and magnesium make sure that adequate brain cell regeneration keeps happening as and when required in the body. Other than keeping the brain functioning normally, it contributes to human brain health in multiple ways. These essential vitamins and minerals are useful in improving mental clarity as well as memory retention which is why they are found in the best natural Adderall alternatives. Natural alternatives such as natural nootropics contain the right amounts of these substances and don’t cause any side effects.


Gamma amino butyric acid also known as GABA is an important neurotransmitter that directly affects the brain. It has great effects on brain function and keeps the brain functioning normally even during stressful situations. It contributes to brain cell regeneration to maintain proper brain health and increases brain power which is normally reduced due to age related mental decline. The best natural Adderall alternative products contain GABA because of its actions on improving cognitive functions and overall cognitive enhancement. It is a common ingredient in smart drugs because it increases mental energy tremendously.

Bacopa Monnieri

This herbal extract is prevalent in many nootropic formulations. There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies citing the efficacy of Bacopa monnieri in boosting cognitive function, enhancing memory, and maintaining focus.

The actions of Bacopa Monnieri have been studied thoroughly for ages. It is great in improving brain function and it keeps the brain functioning normally and healthy even when people enter their old age. One of the main benefits that can be availed by using natural alternatives that contain this ingredient is that it contributes to brain cell regeneration. It has several other positive benefits on brain health.

Natural alternative products to Adderall contain this ingredient because it is capable of increasing mental clarity as well as memory retention. Some of the other actions of using this ingredient include improved cognitive performance along with other cognitive benefits that can only be obtained from smart drugs. This is a purely herbal ingredient and it does not cause any harmful side effects.

Some of the other benefits uncovered by clinical trials into the supplement include advantages like improved information processing, faster reaction times, and memory enhancement. We look for products containing between 300mg to 600mg of Bacopa monnieri in the formulation.

Huperzine A

This nootropic is another benchmark ingredient in many products. A 1999 study on Huperzine A shows participants experienced improved memory and cognition. The study also shows improvements in cognitive function in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

Even small doses of Huperzine A effectively support cognition, replicating some of the best effects of Adderall.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea. Interestingly, the combination of 250mg to 500mg of L-theanine and a cup of coffee (for the caffeine) is the world’s most popular nootropic stack.

L-Theanine is one of the most popular ingredients that is found in natural Adderall alternatives. L-Theanine has excellent antioxidant properties and helps in removing free radicals that cause damage to the cells of the brain due to oxidative stress.

This is one of the main reasons why the brain tends to age quickly and suffer from symptoms related to this. L-Theanine is also found in almost all alternatives to Adderall because it has the power to boost brain energy and improve brain health tremendously.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that is found in your cup of tea and it is what keeps you refreshed when you drink tea in the morning and feel good afterwards.

It increases the blood flow to brain cells. It helps you concentrate better on different tasks which is useful in preventing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Because L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in your body, it does not cause any adverse effects either.

Studies also show that using L-theanine alongside caffeine reduces the unwanted effects of caffeine, like the jitters, discomfort, and anxiety.


Caffeine offers an array of benefits for the brain. It is one of the most commonly found ingredients in natural Adderall alternatives. You don’t have to worry about Adderall alternative supplements causing any side effects that are commonly associated with caffeine such as jitteriness or discomfort.

This is because the most common alternatives to Adderall contain caffeine in regulated amounts such that it boosts cognitive function without causing any of the undesirable effects.

It positively affects brain health and increases blood flow to the brain. It improves the cognitive abilities of the brain and helps you say goodbye to Adderall pills forever.

The popularity of caffeine with boosting energy levels led to many supplement manufacturers producing it as a standalone product in powder form or mixed into other supplements, such as pre-workout products.

Adderall Alternative Supplementation FAQs

Q: What is Adderall?

A: Adderall is a prescription drug commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Doctors prescribe the medication to children and adults.

Q: Is Adderall a legal drug?

A: Yes, the US FDA first approved Adderall in 1996 to treat ADHD. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) currently lists Adderall as a Schedule II medication, meaning you need a doctor’s script to acquire it from the pharmacy.

Q: Can I take Adderall if I don’t have ADHD? Will it harm me if I do?

A: Adderall has the same effect on people with ADHD. The drug stimulates the central nervous system using a stimulant-like result.

While many people think that the stimulant effect would cause them to be more hyperactive, it increases cognitive function in the brain, improving focus and concentration.

Q: What’s the difference between Ritalin and Adderall?

A: Adderall and Ritalin are medications designed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

However, Adderall has fewer side effects than Ritalin, and the dose results will typically last longer. The two drugs provide users with a similar effect, but one may prove better than the other, depending on the user’s unique physiology.

Q: How long does it take for Adderall to start working, and how long does it last?

A: Typically, it takes Adderall up to an hour for the user to start feeling the effects of the medication. Adderall is available in two versions, Adderall XR and Adderall IR.

Adderall XR (Extended Release) will last between 7 to 12-hours, while Adderall IR (Immediate Release) lasts under four hours.

Q: What’s the difference in effect between Adderall XR and IR?

A: The IR version provides faster absorption into the bloodstream, with a shorter half-life on the drug. Unfortunately, it’s also the preferred version found in black markets and the variant with the higher potential for abuse.

Q: Will taking Adderall to increase my creativity work?

A: Yes, Adderall acts on dopamine production in the brain. Many new users to the drug state they experience better creative processes in the early stages of using the drug. However, as tolerance to the medication develops, people usually find these flashes of creativity decline.

Q: What are nootropic supplements?

A: Nootropics are OTC supplements providing a cognitive enhancement to users. They provide many advantages of using Adderall without the associated health risks and the need for a doctor’s visit.

Q: What do nootropics do, and how can they benefit my brain?

A: Nootropic supplements can give you all the advantages of Adderall without the need for a doctor’s prescription. Boost your brainpower, improve your attention and focus, and supercharge your decision-making.

Q: What’s the difference in mechanism of action in the body between nootropics and Adderall?

A: Nootropic supplements use proven herbs and nutrients designed to optimize your brain’s natural function. With Adderall, you get a drug directly stimulating the production of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain.

Q: Is taking an Adderall alternative safe for my body and brain?

A: Yes, an Adderall alternative like the products in this review makes a suitable replacement for Adderall. You don’t have to deal with any nasty side effects, and you get all of the benefits without the threat of overstimulation to the CNS.

The Top 7 Best Adderall Alternatives: Final Word

Every year in the United States, Doctors write over 50-million prescriptions for stimulant-based drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.

If you can’t get a script, don’t resort to buying “Addy” on the black market. Instead, try a nootropic supplement from this review and see how it improves your cognitive performance. We’re confident you’ll find the results impressive and way safer than using dangerous black market drugs.

The side effects and potential addiction with Adderall just simply aren’t worth the risk. Using a nootropic alternative gives you a safe experience. It won’t land you in the hospital or cause you to check into rehab.

With our Adderall alternatives, you get all the benefits of Adderall without any of the downsides of the drug. Our recommendations for the top Adderall alternatives stack up to the best in the industry, with proven ingredients, third-party tested for purity and efficacy.

Pick out a few products and give them a try; we would love to hear about your results!

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