Relaxium Sleep Reviews: Dr Eric Ciliberti Natural Sleep Aid?

Relaxium Sleep is a natural dietary supplement that claims to be able to balance the natural sleep cycle for its consumer sleeps better, deeper, and when there’s the time to do just so. There are many health benefits associated with being able to have a sound sleep every night. People who don’t manage to sleep restfully experience mental fog, a loss of appetite and memory, irritability, and many other dangerous symptoms that eventually lead to very serious health diseases. This is why there are so many sleeping pills and natural supplements available on the market. But Relaxium Sleep promises to be one of such natural supplements that helps to solve any sleeping problem without causing side effects or being harmful to the health in any way.

Who Made Relaxium Sleep?

The person who is said to have created the Relaxium Sleep formula is not someone who has studied what having a good sleep means, and even if he would be, that wouldn’t be a problem. He’s a certified doctor. More exactly, he’s Dr. Eric Ciliberti, one of America’s most appreciated neurologists who has focused specifically on sleep. However, the company behind Relaxium Sleep, so the manufacturer and distributor of this supplement, is the American Behavioral Research Institute.

How Does Relaxium Work?

Claimed to be an all-natural formula that helps with having a night of better sleep, Relaxium Sleep is the ideal sleeping pill for anyone trying to regulate their sleep cycle and enjoy a deeper sleep at night. It’s said to do just so because it contains GABA and melatonin, both of which are known to improve the quality of sleep and make it easier to fall asleep every night, even if the consumer has rested more a night before. GABA and melatonin are the human hormones known to regulate sleep. And there are many other natural ingredients in the Relaxium Sleep formula. These ingredients are known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. They are Ashwagandha or magnesium, both of which have been related to having a good night’s sleep and being able to enjoy rest without any problem. But more about this formula’s ingredients in the following section.

Relaxium Sleep Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients in Relaxium Sleep, as per the product’s label is mentioning them and the health benefits they’re known to provide according to what they have been discovered to do for the human body:


GABA stands for the term Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, which has been noticed to encourage the ability to sleep deeply. In other words, GABA helps the brain relax and get better rest during the REM state.


This hormone that naturally gets produced in not so significant amounts into the human body is one of the best sleeping aids out there. Melatonin pills and supplements are often used to cure jet lag in travelers too.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium has shown great results when it comes to helping with sleeping well. While it does indeed increase energy levels, when it comes to how it helps with being able to sleep well at night, this is by making it possible to remain active during the day so that the person who consumes it is tired at night and can sleep properly.


A root extract that the Ayurvedic medicine has a lot used for centuries, Ashwagandha reduces stress and anxiety levels, this way inducing a state of relaxation and calm.


This amino acid plays a very important active role in the body as far as synthesizing proteins goes. Moreover, it activates the production of melatonin, vitamin B3, and serotonin, which is very helpful when it comes to curing mild insomnia or falling asleep early at night.


Relaxium Sleep Benefits

Here are Relaxium Sleep’s benefits, as per the product’s official website outlines them:

  • It helps with falling asleep faster
  • Provides the L-Tryptophan dosage that the body needs
  • Relieves stress and anxiety so that a deeper sleep is achieved every night faster
  • It helps with sleeping for longer at night

How to Use Relaxium Sleep?

According to Relaxium Sleep label, 2 capsules of this product have to be taken every day for the best results to be achieved faster and sustained in the long run. Each bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules, which should last the consumer for 30 days. Being categorized by the FDA as a dietary supplement and containing only 100% natural ingredients, Relaxium Sleep is said not to cause any side effects, meaning that it’s different from the chemically formulated sleeping pills that are currently available on the market and can cause some dangerous damage for one’s health when consumed in the long run.

What Are People Saying about Relaxium Sleep?

Analyzing the reviews left on Relaxium Sleep everywhere online, it can be said this product already did a great job for more than half of the people who have used it so far. Therefore, Relaxium Sleep should really be given a try, especially since it comes with a money-back guarantee, which means that buying it is a completely risk-free investment, but more about this later. Individual results obviously vary so that Relaxium Sleep may work faster for some and slower for others. Another thing that should be noted about it is that it’s not at all a miracle product that can provide the most amazing results if consumed only once or from time to time. It has to be taken regularly and exactly as indicated on its bottle in order to bring about the most amazing results it claims to deliver. Reviews on Relaxium Sleep are realistic and not at all filtered to reveal the most positive ones. This shows the product’s manufacturers can be trusted when it comes to honesty.

Who Should Use Relaxium Sleep?

Relaxium Sleep is said to work perfectly for any adult person, be it man or woman, who has trouble sleeping, either because they can’t fall asleep early at night or don’t sleep deeply enough to feel rested in the morning. Children, pregnant and lactating mothers shouldn’t use this supplement at all. When it comes to those on prescribed drugs for the different chronic conditions they might be suffering from, these need to talk with their doctor about how they should use Relaxium Sleep or if they can take this formula at all. This is not because Relaxium Sleep may cause any side effects when interacting with their pills’ effects. It’s just that the ingredients in it can reduce the effects of some substances or the other way around. Some substances in their medication may cause the supplement to no longer be as effective as it promises to be. People who know themselves to be allergic to any of the ingredients in Relaxium Sleep should not use these capsules at all.

Where to Buy Relaxium Sleep?

At the moment, Relaxium Sleep is being sold only on its official website so that distribution costs that would increase its price are avoided. Getting the product from its official website guarantees the formula is original and that the money-back guarantee coming with it can be claimed. On its official website, Relaxium Sleep costs exactly:

$44.95 per bottle

There are some price deals being offered for those who decide to buy Relaxium Sleep in bulk too. All products are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning unsatisfied customers can return them for a full refund of their money in case they’re not happy with the way the formula works for them. However, this can be done only within 30 days since they have made their purchase.

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