Pet De-Stress Reviews – Real Sound Healing Relaxation Songs?

Pet-De Stress claims to be the most effective vibrational calming modality for helping animals and humans to relax and feel calmer. It combines the allegedly most relaxing instrumentals with calming human voices, meaning it can serve as a sonic recharger for pets and humans. According to its official website, Pet De-Stress can be gifted to those who have to go through their pets’ death because it helps animals pass more easily and without panicking about what’s happening to them.

What Is Pet De-Stress For?

Pet De-Stress’s goal is to relax and to bring about a feeling of relaxation and peace. It’s not unusual to have pets that are suffering from sadness or anxiety. So that things aren’t getting worse in this situation and the animals are put back in a good mood, Pet De-Stress can work to relax them in no time. Everyone wants their pet’s life to be the best, so this program can be of great help as far as this goes. When pets are happy, then their owners are happy too, so Pet De-Stress has as its main purpose making both the pets and their owners feel at peace and relaxed.

How Was Pet De-Stress Made?

Pet De-Stress is said to work on both humans and animals. It consists of classical music that soothes and positive affirmations that have been carefully selected to send the strongest and most positive energy vibration. When a specific keynote is being used in the human voice, that voice carries a modality that can relax. In order for this to happen, the modality of the voice needs to be soothing, and the highest vibrational words have to be used. At the same time, the person’s etheric field must be charged with positive energy only. Pet De-Stress claims to be all this and brings about the perfect calm through the most soothing voice. This is why, by using high vibrational sounds, it can:

  • Induce a feeling of warm relaxation
  • Help with sleeping better for longer hours
  • Bring about the feeling that a weight has been lifted off the shoulders

How Does Pet De-Stress Work?

Here’s how Pet De-Stress process work, as the product’s official website indicates:

A clean, relaxing, and peaceful environment has to be selected

2 to 3 bowls of water have to be placed around and any sort of flowers or plants. Angel plants are said to be of most help, especially if located as closely as possible to the pet and the owner so that the plants’ energy gets combined with the ones of the pet

Soft-colored clothes should be worn, and the black color avoided because living bodies resonate more with soft colors

The pet should feel cozy. If possible, its owner should lay next to it and let the vibration of the program penetrate its body. Pe De-Stress can be used more than once a day, according to the needs of each pet. The more the animal will listen to the calming vibrational sounds, the calmer it will feel, as well as sooner later than later

Once again, and this cannot be stressed enough, colors are significant for the pet’s mental state. Black is not at all advised. The colors in the surroundings of your pet, so the ones of your clothes included, should be warm and soft

How Should Pet De-Stress Be Used?

Since Pet De-Stress is all about special and relaxing sounds, it should be used in an enclosed space for the pet to hear them. If used out in the open, such as in parks or outdoor recreational areas, Pet De-Stress can’t give the sounds it’s being comprised of very clearly, meaning it may not be as effective as it claimed to be. According to Dr. Gerber, who has created Pet De-Stress and wrote many books about sounds, soothing sounds can perform miracles, as they have been proven to have soothing and calming effects. Pet De-Stress is made out of such sounds, so it should be used in a space in which everything can be heard clearly.

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Does Pet De-Stress Work for Humans Too?

As mentioned a few times above, Pet De-Stress consists of calming and relaxing sounds. Humans and animals are pretty much the same because they both have their ups and downs when they can’t communicate through spoken words. But Pet De-Stress is claimed to help both of them relax and become calm again. Until now, it has worked only on cats, dogs, and humans, meaning it hasn’t been used for other pets or creatures. But the answer to the above question remains to be yes. Pet De-Stress is definitely a product for humans too. Many people who have used it said they experienced a more peaceful and restful sleep after listening with their pet to the sounds contained in this program, the official Pet De-Stress website points out.

When to Use Pet De-Stress?

Pet De-Stress can be used at anytime and anywhere for both pets and humans to feel more relaxed and enjoy their life to the maximum. The natural atmosphere is much more relaxing during and after sunrise, so after 5 pm. But Pet De-Stress works no matter the part of the day. Of course, it would be a good idea to play it right after the sun went down, just when the Nature is as well relaxed.

How Much Pet De-Stress Cost?

Pet De-Stress comes in digital form, as it contains audio materials that can be downloaded as soon as the program has been paid for. At the moment, on its official website, just where it’s available for sale exclusively, it comes at $29.95 + $5.69 VAT, so a total of $35.64. It’s also great to know about it because it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning unsatisfied customers can renounce their access to it and get a full refund of their payment, but this only within 60 days after they have made their purchase. Pet De-Stress customer service can be contacted via ClickBank with any request for a refund, as well as all sorts of questions and inquiries about the product.

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