Ice Box Air Cooler Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Know THIS First!

There are times of the year when the heat becomes unbearable. Experts claim that the climatic changes have resulted in hotter summers. While most people look forward to enjoying the warm weather, the soaring temperatures can weigh down a person. An effective cooling mechanism is paramount for an enjoyable summer. Signs that you are suffering from heat wave include:

Heavy sweating- Sweat is accompanied by dirt and an unpleasant odor. Working in clothes that are already drenched in sweat and smelly can hinder you from working confidently.

Dizziness and confusion: Despite drinking gallons of cold water, excessive heat interferes with the proper blood circulation; hence you can experience light-headedness. Some people may feel like they cannot get enough breath as the air around them is dry.

Lack of focus- Most people are unable to stay focused when the temperatures are high. Working in a hot environment causes weakness and fatigue preventing you from being productive.

Heat rash- Excessive sweating can cause small blisters on the neck, groin area, elbow creases, under the breast and the chest. The rashes can be irritating and itchy.

How IceBox Air Cooler Works

Icebox Air Cooler is an easy-to-operate device. The package comes with a pictorial instruction manual to guide you on how to install your IceBox cooler. After reading the manual and ensuring all its components are present, the first step is to open the door. Next, add some cold water or ice. Connect the IceBox plug to a power source. Switch the power on and adjust to your preferred coolness. The IceBox air cooler can cool a 215 square feet room effectively.


Features of IceBox air cooler

How to Stay Safe in Hot Weather

It is recommended to ensure you drink a lot of fluids, particularly water. Drink about 5 ounces of water in regular intervals throughout the day. Stay away from beverages that can cause dehydration, like coffee and caffeinated soft drinks. While these drinks offer quick relief, they cause more harm to your body.

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It is wise to work at your own pace in heated environments. Do not exhaust yourself and schedule frequent breaks to rest and hydrate. Also, use sunscreen and wear a hat if you go out to prevent sunburn. Additionally, eat smaller meals and fruits rich in fiber. Lastly, ensure your cooling device is in excellent working condition before summer starts.

Top Benefits of IceBox Air Cooler

According to the manufacturer, the IceBox air cooler is an innovative device that can help you beat the long summer days. The company claims this AC can help you feel relaxed even in the strongest heat waves.

During summer, most people tend to be aggressive and destructive. The reason being the hot temperatures affect their mental health and moods. IceBox air cooler claims to support cool temperatures that you can comfortably bear.

Sleeping when the temperatures around you are high is almost impossible. You will spend many minutes waking up to drink water and wipe sweat, which affects sleep quality. IceBox air cooler claims the device can run for up to eight hours, provided you fill the water tank. Apart from providing you with a cool breeze, the air cooler runs noiselessly, allowing you to have a peaceful sleep. As a result, you can wake up in high moods, ready to tackle your daily tasks.

IceBox air cooler claims to help improve the quality of indoor air by purifying the air around you. Dust, pollutants, and allergens are tiny particles that affect your respiratory health. Asthmatic individuals can benefit from this air cooler as it minimizes the irritants that can trigger an attack.


Hot temperatures can prevent you from focusing on your work or studies. The IceBox air cooler claims it can keep the temperatures comfortable for the proper functioning of the brain. When your body tries to cool itself down naturally, the brain lacks enough energy to think and reason.

The IceBox air cooler allows you to sweat less hence protect some of your garments from hideous sweat satin that causes embarrassment. Additionally, when you sweat in your feet, you might get some infections on your toes.

When the temperatures are cool, you feel more energized, which improves your productivity.

The IceBox air cooler company claims that this device requires low amounts of power to run. This helps you save on substantial monthly power bills in these tough economic times.

The IceBox air cooler is sturdy and lightweight. Therefore, you can comfortably carry it around in the gym, car, office, or even on a picnic. The IceBox air cooler is compatible with standard USB devices; thus, you can power it using your phone, computer, or laptop when you are indoors or outdoors.

The IceBox air cooler has five levels of coolness levels allowing you to choose which fits your needs.

This IceBox AC also acts as a humidifier, thus can protect your skin and hair from excessive dryness.

Who Can Use IceBox Air Cooler

IceBox air cooler is an easy-to-operate gadget that can be used by anyone who wants to regulate the hot temperatures around them. According to the manufacturer, the IceBox AC can cool a 215 square feet unit effectively hence an economical device in small rooms. You can move around with your IceBox air cooler as it is compact and lightweight. Most conventional cooling units are noisy and can affect the quality of your sleep. With the IceBox air cooler, you can relax as it functions noiselessly.

IceBox Air Cooler Pros

  • The process of purchasing an IceBox air cooler is easy and fast. You can buy from any part of the world.
  • The company provides free shipping to any part of the world.
  • For a limited time, the IceBox air cooler is offering a 50% discount on this product.

IceBox Air Cooler Cons

  • You cannot get an IceBox air cooler in stores or electronic shops. You have to order directly from the IceBox air cooler official website.
  • It may not be effective in large households.

Where to Buy IceBox Air Cooler

Purchase your IceBox air cooler from their official website. The company warns against buying from other online stores that claim to stock IceBox air cooler. After purchasing your product, you will be provided with a tracking number to help you approximate the exact arrival of your package. For those residing in the US, the IceBox air cooler takes about 3-7 days to reach their destination, while the international deliveries take about 10-15 days.

Final Verdict

IceBox air cooler can make your living space comfortable in hot summer weather. This gadget is portable and light, thus convenient for people who travel a lot. According to the manufacturer, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to enjoy a cool breeze regardless of the temperatures around you.

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