Golden Trump Bucks Review: Commemorative Patriotic Dedication to the 45th US President

Trump Bucks are a commemorative bill that features the image of the 45th president of the United States – Donald Trump. While they can not be used as currency, this souvenir is another way to show love for the former president.

What are Trump Bucks?

Politicians have always been able to generate strong emotions among the people. Many people have a political figure they wholeheartedly support, and what better way to convey that support than with the right memorabilia? Passionate supporters of former president Donald Trump have collected many things with his notorious Make America Great Again logo. Golden Trump Bucks are the next big thing every supporter needs.

Golden Trump Bucks feature a logo as a $1,000 bill, though it, unfortunately, cannot be spent as such. This commemorative bill is an incredible gift for any patriot that exudes adoration for Donald Trump, and it is even small enough to fit in a wallet. With the massive discount currently offered on the official website, consumers can even buy a bundle to hand out to others who may not be aware of the support they can offer. It is a collective gift that can celebrate the legacy that Trump left behind, making it the perfect present for the 74 million Americans who showed their support in the 2020 election.

Each bill is created with a particular type of high-quality gold foil with a delicately embossed surface that no other product offers. The face of Donald Trump boldly smiles between the emblem for the United States Treasury and the number 1000. However, those are the only historical references found on the bill. Customers will also notice that the bill has a special date – July 4th, 1776 – which any patriot will see immediately. Just below the date near Trump’s arm, the Liberty Bell stands proudly.

Trump Bucks are not legal tender, and they are meant for entertainment purposes only. However, consumers need to purchase while they can because these commemorative dollars aren’t found anywhere else. If necessary, the customer service team is available for questions, concerns, and compliments at all times.

Purchasing Trump Bucks

For such an exclusive purchase, consumers will have to shop on the official website for Trump Bucks. No other retailer is currently authorized to sell it, so consumers should ensure they are on the official website to avoid getting a fake version.

The four package options include:

  • 10 golden Trump Bucks for $89.90 (or $8.99 each)
  • 30 golden Trump Bucks for $209.70 (or $6.99 each)
  • 50 golden Trump Bucks for $299.50 (or $5.99 each)
  • 100 golden Trump Bucks for $499.00 (or $4.99 each)

All of these products are free to ship, and consumers will be able to get them within seven business days. Plus, these bills come with a 60-day money-back guarantee—email customer service at contact@trumpbucks.com with any questions or to request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trump Bucks

When will the user find out that their order has shipped?

Customers get a notification as soon as the product is shipped. Once it goes out, most orders are delivered within 5-7 business days. If the shipping department is overwhelmed, the product may take up to three weeks to arrive.

Do the Trump Bucks come with free shipping?

Yes. Every order comes with free shipping and handling out of Colorado.

What should users do if they get a defective product?

Consumers should email the customer service team if there is anything wrong with their product.

What type of shipping is used?

All orders are sent through the United States Postal Service. Parcel details are provided via email.


Golden Trump Bucks provide customers with a gift that keeps on giving. Whether purchased as a gift or as a personal souvenir, the commemorative memorabilia are one more way that consumers can feel a little closer to their favorite businessman-turned-politician. Even though it can’t be spent on anything, it can be proudly displayed in a home with MAGA memorabilia or given away to encourage others to join the country’s true patriots. Visit the official website today to order your Golden Trump Bucks!