Geoff Neupert Easy Muscle Review (The PFT Power Fiber Training Method)

After their fourth decade, most men start losing their muscles, gain fat easily, have lower energy levels, poor libido, and have sleep issues. Experts claim that the diet, workout routine, and overall lifestyle habits may determine men’s ability to maintain masculinity, vitality, and health after their fortieth birthday.

What is the Easy Muscle Training Program?

Geoff Neupert is the creator of the Easy Muscle & PFT program. He is a renowned coach with several decades of experience. Geoff is also the developer of multiple workout programs that can help you achieve your specific goals. The workout program uses the PFT method (Power Fiber Training Method) that can supposedly turn back your biological clock and help you stay younger, leaner, and healthier regardless of age.

Benefits of Increasing the Number of Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Mass

  • It can reverse obesity and support weight loss.
  • It augments the metabolic rates aiding your system to burn stored fat
  • It can reduce current fat levels
  • It can improve sleep quality
  • It can enhance the immune response

What is the PFT Method?

Short for Power Fiber Training, the PFT method aims at targeting, training, and increasing the fast twitch muscle fiber mass. How does it work?

According to Geoff, the PFT method applies the knowledge of athletic power training. It involves:

  • The PFT avoids the common working to failure technique. Instead, the method focuses on managing lactic acid buildup and fatigue, which assists in creating better muscle composition.
  • It uses unique sets, reps, weights, and rest periods to train the fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • It applies unique rep ranges that support strength and muscle growth
  • It uses unique “guardrails” to prevent users from wearing out the nervous system, heart, or metabolism.

Disadvantages of Training to Failure Workouts

Aging men are required to give their muscles time to recover. Performing multiple Training to Failure workouts causes:

  • It increases cortisol levels, which triggers hormonal imbalance and an upsurge in visceral fat. High amounts of cortisol in aging men reduce the testosterone levels that prevent muscle growth and support fat storage.
  • Chronic cortisol levels destroy the muscle tissue making it hard to grow lean muscles.
  • Training for muscle failure hinders the production of testosterone and IGF-1 hormones affecting the sexual health of men. It can suppress sexual drive, energy, and performance.
  • Training for muscle failure can cause cellular exhaustion and prevent muscle protein synthesis.
  • It causes mental fatigue that elevates cortisol levels and oxidative stress.
  • It causes extreme muscle soreness resulting in physical fatigue.

Training for muscle failure increases the risk of developing joints and muscle injuries. Similarly, it increases unhealthy inflammations that may affect your overall wellness. Training to failure can result in sleeping issues that inhibit muscle recovery. Experts recommend getting a quality result to reinvigorate the muscle cells and promote muscle growth.

What is Inside the Easy Muscle Training Manual?

The Easy Muscle Training program consists of a revolutionary 24-week training program, special reports, a training manual, and quick start videos. The PFT program from Geoff Neupert is divided into six components, including:

  • Module 1 – Easy Muscle Training Programs that run for 24 weeks. It has three sub-components listed as schedule A, B, and C. The workouts on this component are ideal for individuals of all ages.
  • Module 2 – Easy Muscle Training Journal
  • Module 3 – It has several videos listed as One Best (Power Fiber) Exercise Quick Start Videos
  • Module 4 – The Advanced One Best Exercise” Deep Dive Videos. The videos are ideal for seasoned bodybuilders.
  • Module 5 – The Second “Best Power Exercise” Deep Dive
  • Module 6 – Easy Muscle Exercise Video Resource Center

Easy Muscle FAQs

Q: How long is each Easy Muscle Workout?

A: Each exercise session lasts about 20-30 minutes, depending on your needs.

Q: What exercises are in the Easy Muscle Program?

A: All the workouts aim at increasing your muscle strength, vitality, and growth of muscles. They include parallel dips, squats, and other variations.

Q: What if I cannot perform all the workouts?

A: Geoff provides alternative workouts to help you choose that meets your needs and abilities.

Q: Should I get a gym membership, or can I exercise from home?

A: Some workouts require using dumbbells, sandbags, barbells, and kettlebells. Therefore, you can perform them at the gym or at home.

Easy Muscle Pricing

The easy Muscle workout program by Geoff Neupert is available via the official website chasingstrength.com. The calisthenics program is 100% digital and is availed to your email after purchase. Geoff offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The Easy Muscle program by Geoff Neupert is ideal for aging men that wish to maintain their muscles, improve sexual health, and maintain their masculinity. The program runs for 24 weeks, and each daily workout can take up to 30 minutes. The Easy Muscle program is based on the PFT techniques. You can purchase the program via the official website.