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Fast Track to Fat Loss Reviews: Fitera Fat-Burning Gene Weight Loss Program?

Fast Track to Fat Loss Reviews: Fitera Fat-Burning Gene Weight Loss Program?

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Fast Track to Fat Loss is a weight loss regimen that doesn’t eliminate the foods you like; instead, the program shows you how to make adjustments to the meals and snacks you love and burn fat instead of storing it. These modifications help users to enjoy the foods they want without completely overhauling their food favorites.

What is Fast Track to Fat Loss?

Weight loss is hard. Anyone who has a weight loss goal in their mind will understand the difficulty of getting in shape, especially if it has been put off for so long. Every diet supplement, program, or even a hypnosis session in the world cannot do the individual’s work; there has to be commitment and willpower. The Fast Track to Fat Loss program helps users shed the weight they want to lose, and it takes 12 weeks to accomplish.

The Fast Track to Fat Loss, featured in publications like Whole Living and Women’s Health, works quickly. In fact, the creator Kriss Berg is a personal trainer certified in Precision Nutrition, in the program she describes methods that will help users get to their desired body. He says that most people struggle with weight loss because of a “fat-burning gene” full of control.

This genetic issue can be corrected, activating it with the right foods to trigger weight loss. Some of the foods that may shut down weight loss include fruit juice (cause insulin to spike), processed meats (our bodies store this as fat), and “healthy nutrition” bars (refined sugars). The program isn’t necessarily about erasing the foods that consumers want to eat but finding a better way to eat them. They’ll describe improved recipes for foods like pizza, French fries, burgers, cake, and even cookies, and even your favorite alcoholic beverages (among many other foods).

The program is beneficial to users who have struggled with their emotional relationship with junk food and overindulgence. If consumers aren’t sure if this program will work for them, ask yourself a few questions – is the user over age 21? Do they have at least 10 pounds to lose with the willpower to commit for just a week to this program? Are they willing to share their success story at the end? If so, Fast Track to Fat Loss might be a good solution, no matter your age or how much weight you want to lose, even if all other programs have failed.

Purchasing Access to the Fast Track to Fat Loss

At the moment, Fast Track to Fat Loss offers a coupon code that reduces the total cost of a one-time enrollment to $6.95. If users start now, they may even end the month at least 10 lbs. lighter than before. However, the discount will only be available to a small group of people, so users will have to sign up quickly to get it.

With the purchase, users will have lifetime access to the main program, as well as access to:

  • The members’ community website

  • Meal planners with recipes for hundreds of delicious fat-burning recipes that are updated twice a week are simple, inexpensive, and quick to make.

  • Goal planners

  • Recipes that are balanced to burn off fat

  • Workout videos

  • Participation in weekly challenges and motivational contests

If the user finds that this program doesn’t actually help them lose weight, they have up to 30 days to request a refund from the creators. To contact the Fast Track to Fat Loss creators, consumers can do so by contacting the customers support on the Support Portal on the website or by sending an email to:


Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Track to Fat Loss

Will this program work for everyone?

In a sense, yes. However, the only way to get the weight loss that consumers hope for is to follow the step-by-step instructions as perfectly as possible to see a change. All of the guesswork is removed, leaving users only to follow along. Plus, they have the support of the community and the motivation of weekly challenges.

How long do users have to wait to receive their content?

Everything is digital, so users should receive access to everything in a matter of minutes.

What can users expect?

Most people see a loss of 10 pounds or more for the first week. This weight loss may regulate during the following weeks as the body sheds water weight and then fat.

Final Thoughts on Fast Track to Fat Loss

Fast Track to Fat Loss helps users who typically struggle with their fitness, outlining everything they have to do to achieve their goals. The program is relatively straightforward, changing the foods that users typically love to indulge in. Users will see a drastic change in their body without needing to give up many of the foods they loved. Instead, they’ll change up recipes they may already create with ingredients that trigger a slimmer waistline and faster metabolism.

So far, over 7,000 people have tried this program and experienced success. To learn more, reach out to the customer service team.

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