CoolX Portable Air Cooler Review: Does CoolX AC Work or Scam

CoolX is a portable air cooler that brings down the cost of electricity while keeping the environment more agreeable than the hot temperatures outdoors. This device is easy to keep running, and there’s no expensive installation that consumers have to consider.

What is CoolX?

Many United States areas are already reaching over 90 degrees daily, and the summer season hasn’t even started. While many facilities are already equipped with air conditioning systems, other buildings don’t have any sufficient way to keep a comfortable temperature. Consumers are left to hope that ceiling fans and oscillating fans do the work but circulating the air in the home only goes so far. CoolX aims to be a helpful solution to maintaining the best temperature for this type of heat.

CoolX is entirely portable, and it can work in the home, office, or car. Providing an icy coolness in any area of the house, users can change the speed settings for the fan, thanks to the pre-set controls that can be manually changed. Rather than fiddle with a remote the way other products might, this particular device is controlled with a simple button on the console.

The illumination that CoolX gives it a relaxing ambiance for the user at night as well. This device perfectly suits calming use in dark areas, showing seven different colors with the LED lights. Since it is portable, users can place it anywhere that they might be. They can even leave it in a bedroom throughout the night.

Other air conditioning units can be incredibly cumbersome to have in the home, especially when they need to be secured in an open window or have hoses to circulate this outdoor air to get the results. To make matters worse, these large units only cool one room anyway, which is exactly what CoolX does but with more cost-effective cooling. Users don’t have to spend nearly the same amount of money that it costs to run these traditional large units, allowing users to get the relief they need from the heat in areas instead of cooling an entire home without worrying about the high costs.

If consumers are concerned about how effective the cooler might be, CoolX’s trophies speak for themselves. Even though the product is so new, there are three different awards that they’ve already earned – the XY21 Innovation “Most Useful” Award, the Dublin Today “Most Innovative” Award, and the “Innovator “Readers’ Choice” Award. In fact, these are just the accolades that have been credited to CoolX this year, though the device is also incredibly quiet to ensure that it doesn’t disrupt any work or recreational activity.

How Does CoolX Work?

The key to this product is that it circulates air, but it is so much more than that. The first step of the cooling process is that the CoolX device draws in the hot and dry air that is found in the room that the air cooler is placed. This air has to pass through the filtration system before it is eventually circulated outward again.

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To deliver the cool air, CoolX has a water tank that the air is filtered through. As a result, the coolness also adds moisture, introducing an icy texture that cannot be found with other devices. Essentially, it acts as a humidifier, purifier, and air conditioner in one. In areas that the environment is a little drier, this device will have a much more profound impact on the air quality, so users in every region of the United States will still be able to find relief.

Setting Up CoolX

The device doesn’t take much work at all to work. Once the water tank is full, and the device is plugged in, all the user has to choose the fan setting. They can change the fan setting as they see fit, and they don’t have to worry about using too much energy. The device doesn’t need any particular plug or charger to be compatible since it only uses a USB connection. Any USB plug will be compatible.

Full instructions will be provided with the CoolX device when it is delivered. Plus, the customer service team can address any other questions for usage.


Purchasing CoolX

There are so many portable coolers being sold online today that it can be difficult to find the CoolX device without directly looking for it. There are no other websites that have been approved to sell the CoolX device, so users will need to go to the official website to procure one.

There are a few packages offered to work with the varied needs of users. While the single CoolX portable cooler is just $89.99, the website ensures that users will get a great price if they decide to order more at once. Rather than paying $89.99 for every cooler, users will get a special discount when they invest in a multi-device order.

The other packages available include:

Even if the user finds that they cannot get the cooling that they’d hoped for, they have up to 30 days to get a full refund for the purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About CoolX

How large is the CoolX unit?

Consumers may be surprised to find that this device doesn’t require much room at all. The website shows that this device measures 6.85” x 6.69” x 6.69”, which means that it can easily be placed on a desk or bedside table. Keeping it within reach at all times ensures that users can customize their cooling experience.

How long will a full water tank last with the CoolX device?

Once the user fills up the water tank of CoolX, it should provide users with about 6 to 8 hours of cooling. The amount of cooling that users get will entirely depend on the settings that the user chooses. If the fan is on the lowest setting, they are more likely to get the full 8 hours of coolness before they need to refill it. If the user chooses the highest fan setting, they will likely deplete the water supply in a matter of 6 hours.

How much power does the CoolX device use?

Considering how small the CoolX device is, it doesn’t use much power to keep it going. With just 2-7 watts, this device will run for as long as it is powered on.

For consumers who want to learn more about CoolX, the customer service team can be reached by sending an email to support@247care.me.


The CoolX purifier and humidifier provide a simple way to get relief from summer air. The device is small and quiet, which means that it won’t negatively impact the workplace or sleeping each night. It is easy to set up, and users won’t have to perform much maintenance to keep it up.

Many happy customer reviews are posted on the official website, showing the advantages of this device in many different homes. Parents have used this device to help their children remain comfortable through the summer months, even for babies. With this incredible safety, users can feel confident about what they rely on to get them through the hottest days and nights.

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