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Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundation Program Reviews – Real Lessons?

The Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program was created by a veteran reading teacher who claims he has the formula to help parents quickly teach their child to be a great reader. Children that read well have more self-confidence and can achieve their full potential. The Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program includes the following materials and free bonuses,

  • 32 phonics lessons that show step by step instructions
  • Lesson plans for parents with flashcards and printouts
  • Videos lessons for parents to follow the creators teaching guide
  • MP3 Audios of every sound of the phonics
  • Activities and illustrated storybooks lessons that make learning easy
  • Games that make learning phonics fun
  • Extra Bonus: Nursery rhymes book full of children’s favorites

About the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program

According to the official website, The Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program creator has more than 10 years of experience teaching children under the age of 5 how to read and has helped older children struggling to read overcome their problems in just 8 to 10 weeks. The teaching method he uses with every one of his students has been proven to work, he says. Moreover, he claims that it’s straightforward, and any parent who wants to teach their child how to read better, become more comfortable, and read faster can use it. He also says that more than 78,600 parents have used his lessons and successfully taught their children to be proficient at reading. His phonics lessons are claimed to turn any child into a reader and a good speller.

The Science Behind the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program

According to scientific studies, Phonemic Awareness, together with Synthetic Phonics, is the most efficient method of teaching children, regardless of their ages, how to read. However, many schools don’t use these methods and only teach phonics that, according to the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program creator, aren’t logical nor coherent. And what’s even worse, in his opinion, is that many schools prefer teaching how to read with the help of sight words. This is an ineffective strategy for teaching how to read because it involves guessing, not to mention it skips over unknown words. Since many children have a real problem with learning how to read, it’s easy to see the Program’s creator’s perspective. At the moment, one-third of the students in the 4th grade can’t read, even on a fundamental level. This can be very stressful not only for the child but also for the parents.

The Children Reading Phonics Foundation’s creator says it shouldn’t be this difficult and that many children can’t read because they were taught using the wrong methods. According to him, the children who lack Phonemic Awareness (PA) are sure to have further spelling problems. PA and Synthetics Phonics have been claimed by researchers and the creator of this course to accelerate both reading and spelling abilities, regardless of the child’s age. Moreover, they’re said to improve comprehension of the words while reading.

Why use Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program?

Furthermore, the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program creator also says his course shows parents the exact methods of teaching children how to read. The course’s lessons consist of PA and step-by-step phonics and fun activities and games for children to learn how letters are associated with sounds. This program is supposed to work for children of any age and boost their IQ by more than 6 points. On the course’s official website, there are videos in which the program’s creator can be seen teaching 2-year-olds how to read. The book included in this program shows the 3 most simple things to help children learn to develop great phonemic awareness. It’s claimed to teach kids how to read from a very young age, but it can be used for 6 to 9-year-olds who still haven’t managed to master reading yet. Many children are brilliant, even bright. The fact that they struggle with homework doesn’t have a thing to do with them not learning. It’s just the result of schools using the wrong methods to teach them how to read, says the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program creator. And as soon as they learn reading with this course, their self-confidence is sure to increase. Moreover, the program teaches spelling and helps develop vocabulary.

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The Content of the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program

Here’s what’s included in the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program explained in detail:

Children Learning Reading: Phonics Foundations Teaching Manual

This manual has more than 230 pages and includes 32 super easy to follow, step-by-step reading lessons proven to be incredibly useful. These Synthetic Phonics lessons cover the necessary letters and sounds, blending, and reading words and sentences, all the way to entire short stories. Aside from the 32 phonic lessons, the manual also covers how phonemic awareness needs to be taught. It further includes engaging and fun phonics games for the child to be entertained while learning. And there’s more good news! The lessons in this manual only require 10 to 15 minutes a day of the student’s time. It doesn’t matter if the little ones are 2, 3, or 4. If they are said to become exceptional readers and spellers in kindergarten or older, they stick with the manual’s reading lessons.

Reading Lesson Videos

These videos document a period of 12 weeks in which the children learn how to read. They star Ethan, who’s the program’s creator’s second child, and show exactly how the lessons have been taught to Ethan, who was a 2 and a half-year-old toddler when the videos have been filmed. Therefore, people who get this course to teach their children how to read will see firsthand how each lesson should be conducted.

Free Bonus #1 – Lesson Printouts & Flashcards

This is a book contains the printouts for the 32 phonics lessons discussed above.

Free Bonus #2 – FUN to Read Lesson Stories

These lesson stories are meant to make learning how to read more engaging and fun. They are essential for the entire learning program and come with colorful illustrations.

Free Bonus #3 – Letter Sound MP3 Audios

The Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program creator says that having taught for more than 10 years and hundreds of children to read, he’s aware of how important, in fact critical, learning how to pronounce phonics sounds correctly. In fact, not knowing how to pronounce words is one of the leading causes of children that struggle to read, so he has created a set consisting of 26 mp3 audio clips that teach pronunciation of each of the phonics sounds used in the course’s lessons.

Free Super Bonus #4 – Lifetime Program Upgrades

This is a lifetime subscription to the Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundation Program. With updated editions released, parents who have already have the previous version will receive the new release for free. They will be contacted via email and sent the download instructions for their brand-new materials. At the moment, the course is in its 3rd edition.

Purchase the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program

The Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program is a digital product that contains plenty of materials on teaching children how to read. Instead, access to the lessons and other materials that have just been mentioned above is granted to those people who decide to buy it from the program’s official website, at the price of only $39. Purchasing the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program for 39USD is a risk-free investment with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means unsatisfied customers will receive a 100% refund of the money spent on the course, with no questions asked. Customer support for the Children Reading Phonics Foundation Program can be contacted via the Contact form on the product’s official website at

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