Federal Way acupuncturist: Pain is worth gain

It does hurt a bit at times, but the pain from needles entering the skin is well worth it, many acupuncture patients say. Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine practiced as far back to 300 B.C., can relieve common ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, addiction, infertility, premenstrual syndrome, the common cold and other problems. Jeffrey Medina, a Federal Way acupuncturist, discussed some of the benefits of acupuncture at the Federal Way Regional Library last week.

  • Jun 13, 2008

Watch out for bogus vacation packages

Dear Mr. Vaughn,

  • Jun 13, 2008

Ensure healthy blooms for your roses

The second week of June is when your tulip bulb greens are at their ugliest — but resist the urge to purge.

  • Jun 13, 2008

Correct LGBT terms important — here are the big ones | Amy Johnson

June is LGBT Pride month. This acronym has numerous variations, like LGBTQ and LGBTQIA. Due to widespread confusion about these terms, here’s a vocabulary lesson.

  • Jun 11, 2008

European journey with daddy’s grown girl creates fine memories

Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you the experiences of traveling with grown children, in contrast to traveling with small children.

  • Jun 4, 2008

There’s more to Bavaria than beer and lederhosen

By Jerry Vaughn, Travel Talk

  • Apr 9, 2008

Iceland: Stunning beauty that’s closer than you think

By Jerry Vaughn, Travel Talk

  • Apr 1, 2008

Canada’s gems: Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise

By Jerry Vaughn, Travel Talk

  • Mar 4, 2008

‘Thugs’ puts a musical twist on the mob

Show opens Jan. 25 at Knutzen theater

  • Jan 21, 2008

Don’t miss ‘A Christmas Carol’

Show opens Nov. 9

  • Nov 9, 2007