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I write to voters of the 30th District to warn them about state representative candidate Martin Moore. I have been an active member of the 30th District Democrats for several years and during that time I came to know Martin well.

I write to voters of the 30th District to warn them about state representative candidate Martin Moore. I have been an active member of the 30th District Democrats for several years and during that time I came to know Martin well.

The entire organization recognized his intense ambition that, at the same time, came with essentially zero policy interest, but I personally was willing to support a young, enthusiastic Democrat who I hoped would become more knowledgeable as he matured. My husband and I even contributed to his City Council race in 2013.

I should not have had such hope in Martin. As others have noted in the pages of the Federal Way Mirror, he is still not at all interested in policy, but his overriding ambition remains.

One cannot identify a single achievement on the City Council that Martin can be credited with, but for some reason he feels he’s ready to represent us in the state Legislature.

As the Seattle Times has pointed out, Moore’s conversion to a pro-life stance, as well as his allegiance to the Republican Party, is extremely recent. In his 2013 King County Democratic questionnaire he stated he supports “women’s absolute right to reproductive freedom.”

Now he apparently opposes women having autonomy over their own bodies. One might be thinking, “Okay, so he flip-flopped on a single issue,” but that’s not the end of the story.

The same questionnaire asks if the candidate supports the King County Democratic platform. Martin Moore stated that, without qualification, he did. A quick analysis of the platform finds a mountain of policy positions that it’s hard to imagine any Republican supporting.

The platform calls for an income tax, aggressive governmental action to reverse climate change, a single-payer healthcare system, abolishment of the death penalty, a $12 state minimum wage, universal background checks on gun sales, a mandatory gun registry, real-estate developers to pay impact fees to mitigate the effects of growth, and comprehensive immigration reform, including greater legal immigration and amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

You might be able to find a Republican who supports one or two of those positions, but none that support all of them. Personally, I don’t know a single Republican that endorses a mandatory gun registry. But apparently Martin Moore does, or at least he did. The cynic in me thinks that he would tell Democrats anything to earn their support.

On the basis of his questionnaire, Democratic organizations gave him $1,000 in direct contributions, to say nothing of thousands mailers sent out on his behalf, newspaper ads and all of the Democratic individuals, like me, who contributed to his campaign.

I write to warn 30th District voters, including Republicans. Martin Moore will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear to get your support. The public is already weary of phony politicians; we don’t need another one in the form of Martin Moore.

Julie Turley, Federal Way


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