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Tired of ‘hit-piece’ opinions

Persistent attempts discredit our city government’s leadership, especially the mayor’s office.

As long-time residents of Federal Way, we are tired of Bob Roegner’s persistent attempts in his opinion column to discredit our city government’s leadership, especially the mayor’s office. He did this to our previous Federal Way mayor, and now he is doing it to our current mayor.

Roegner’s political “hit-piece” opinions are often more about control and manipulation, and go too far from what a paid political writer should be writing. In our opinion, his constant attacks create a negative image of our city in the minds of his readers, and possibly in the minds of potential businesses and individuals who might want to consider Federal Way as their new base of operation or their new home.

What is interesting is that none of the five other South King County sister publications have an opinion writer who incessantly targets the city leadership of the municipality it serves. ​​ The Mirror wants to create derision to sell newspapers. This seems to be their primary purpose by having such a one track and divisive political writer.

We hope that the corporation will take another look at the Mirror’s editorial policy. We ask that they treat Federal Way like the other cities they serve.

Dave Berger, Lori DeVore, H. David Kaplan, Bob Kellogg, Margaret Nelson

Federal Way

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